Mom Allegedly Charged by Hospital for Holding Newborn

The co-hosts talk about the bizarre charges they've received at hospitals and restaurants.
3:14 | 10/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom Allegedly Charged by Hospital for Holding Newborn
And when we were talking about health care issues earlier. But how about this one a new mom looked at the bell for her label. As such she was charged 39 dollars and 35 cents for a holding her baby after deliberate. The bill called the skins is in contact. And I'm pretty say are you cannot blame this on Obama campaign. And that's not me. You have to get another nurse to comment. Try not to people all I'm yeah I'll be glad to be shipped to bring another nurse and wireless Knight had skin to skin with my first two. But I had those naturally but my third I had to assist Indian and I was so high on drugs I still to this -- have no idea what happened and then the next six hours whether or not. I did have skin to skin. With my little guy in Atlanta and if you're signing. They may have charge my need to go back yet but it's a play begins. You know you're still high and robbed she just had a bait you've had double incision you're signing all these papers I'm evenly to sign weavers of papers and dramatically reform what that. Yeah. Spaulding tell the you can't let a baby wants AMA be okay which ended may be that I. Have about baby spotter just in case the bigger roles. Don't tell you what you're getting charged partly in a restaurant if they offer you a refill on like are you tracking map like when you have a baby being literally don't tell you so they'll say would you like this a certain whether to service in the rumor and you're like okay you assume if they're offering its part of the patent and when the bill comes back. Charge and a bass. I'm I'm calling in for EP machines and they're like yes and I think I know we did but he doesn't pay his own bills yet. It's like. When you go to a restaurant they and that outside amex's specials about the idea. Why everything costs money this is my cramp mock. I used to make on a car because she used to ask all these questions everywhere we went should be liner with our apparent from like. There was a written because it seems like everything they if they can figure out a way to charge you for something in hot water from the tap and then like it's like what you drank from Mike cops at the he sent many people at CNN it's if it. For some reason. People have forgotten. That we'd the American people. Are not anyone's personal wallets we aren't taxed within an inch of our lives. We are our insurance can I mean insurance is in saint. It's insane how much you have to pay and I won't be bad. I happen to pay your taxes and start. I feel like I would be justified. Especially in New Jersey. Yeah where a child had seventy maybe 6070 million dollar bill that they tried to get him to pay because of its. Mailed casino down. And athletics for years they tried to get him the pay. And then Chris Christie came man and suddenly it was forgiven but nobody is forgiven my tax now. And my. If you only when any thing. You got bill collectors but you gotta know Chris Christie that's not yeah.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The co-hosts talk about the bizarre charges they've received at hospitals and restaurants. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42591772","title":"Mom Allegedly Charged by Hospital for Holding Newborn","url":"/Entertainment/video/mom-allegedly-charged-hospital-holding-newborn-42591772"}