The Motivations of George Clooney

How politics, family and friends drive the Hollywood star.
7:10 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for The Motivations of George Clooney
There's anything I believe in but I have to believe in the cause. Why did you take it right for our north and say I'm going to practice but I'm going to. Participate in writing screen play. And give myself or wrong not intimately wrote that himself and much that -- you know much you don't question didn't I don't trust yet so there. That you don't like directing yourself anyway so that you have to adjust to define but. This was a project that. Grant my my writing partner grant that -- -- for the morality tale. Placing it in -- financial district Wall Street. Version and then we read. The -- ides of march and we thought we -- combined the two. -- -- ways that we can sort talk about morality. And try to hose it into political thriller that was -- -- -- knew that. The only way I was gonna do it because I'm a Democrat from out of -- times. Was that I make human Democrats have that the flaws are. The Democrats. Get me. What -- you've -- the most about half. I'm angered it -- at the polarization. I'm angered that. Having grown up in. Round. Television news and angered at the ways things are presented I'm not so angry -- the delivery systems. I'm worried about the content. -- about whose minds store. And and I'm worried about the -- 24 hour news -- We get more news just these repetitive cycle. Things -- factually accurate and I find that. When I was growing up at three networks. With of those three networks and with -- Republican. Or Democrat you. -- basically the same news the same facts and and you digested them and you then came up with your own opinions which kept him somewhere in the same ball park the -- even if you disagreed. Ideologically -- -- still the -- days. Now we tend to go to the place that best represents what we believe it. And so you know if you're right Fox News left you can MSNBC. There it is they -- started for such. Polarized places in the -- they were unable to get. Together and talk about the things that are actually -- watching this thing that will. Confirm our own some sure prejudiced people like to do that -- that that's why there's a responsibility. You know it all comes down that -- -- He wrote it in 1975. Network and every little attention riveted. -- you're happy about what might be fit for it's -- good yet what's but. What is a date night in the life of George Clooney when -- not work. When George Clooney likes to talk amounts of -- person He. What's gonna bring that but I don't really -- go there He just as George -- up this morning that. If fragments kid. You -- council. Only refers to a clinic when He thought it was clearly -- -- Clinton could just call majority you don't have to go. You know the in my life has been in yeah I like the work. I have a lot of things at one point and so busy and -- and being busy is always best for me. -- that and other issues things of the world are paying attention to working -- I find that for the most part and my day to day life. I really enjoyed the be busy I also have. A tremendous sort of infrastructure. Family and friends -- for. Family for fifty years unfortunately. And friends for about thirty and did the same group of people -- I was broke with you and had no money in head and needed help. And so there's a great center core of very funny very fun people -- Spent time with and I'm very proud of that is. Well you're one of the few people that I get to talk to about -- that who aren't. Close to their parents even at -- -- I just summit -- an -- me now so are they. Did they tell you the truth ago when they see one of human life -- sure if you right that. Yet. -- been toughest thing. -- think usually it's. Wouldn't that attempt. To there -- movies that that He. Listen he's a tough on me -- not need my mom -- time. But you know two point one that you unkind and but I remember the premier Batman Robin and my dad said well it's. The biggest film ever -- the united that there are things you know it that you -- you'll find positive things to say. But they both will find positive things is but you -- tell when -- happy that they were very very very happy. -- -- Few times your life. If you're lucky that you did this kind of moment but that new York film festival opening your -- with good night good -- which -- -- film. I wrote in in many ways for my father. And to be sitting up -- that little balcony and did. Really nice long standing ovation ever written tuxedos. And put the spotlight -- you point on that put the spotlight that. There. That's that's that doesn't happen very often people's lives and that. Really was a very special moment. -- Usually. You marry -- and millions in Norway this -- Wouldn't. You know. I paid for a satellite over and so we're clearly what we're that's our. That is grave -- This -- -- -- -- -- And I also understand that in Las Vegas this matter to shows where people who wish they could be mrs. -- could stand next to your wax image. Now what they don't know is that there really is no wax and -- and I get twelve bucks an hour to stand. What -- like. -- that same build more satellites could it could be to -- help everywhere I. And --

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"How politics, family and friends drive the Hollywood star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14738793","title":"The Motivations of George Clooney","url":"/Entertainment/video/motivations-george-clooney-14738793"}