Movement to Ban 'God Bless America' at Baseball Games

Should "God Bless America" should be banned from MLB games?
3:23 | 07/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Movement to Ban 'God Bless America' at Baseball Games
I didn't meet all star game in baseball and that recent op Ed is calling the stadium's stop playing god bless America during the seventh inning stretch. And the majority of men agree. How hot you know what's coming. Healthy. Oh yeah I know ours not. Aren't adding that it was on the news and on the I would stay away from pigeon a bombing at the that didn't work out yet but. Listen I obviously disagree. Hey I haven't gotten everything. You. And a little patriotism and got busing American high. I think especially in times that were happening now they even. And it's you have to put religion on it that means I can so I can celebrate my country without celebrating. A type of religion that I'm not a part what I understand it isn't for people that don't believe and I'm white so authentic. Davidson. Don't even think I'm that theory tell my. Just got Peta tenure in fact my. I'm not a Christian to everyone's who's not a Christian or the current parent how it's not it's dot they're not you know I got your not in the universe you're not. You're not including the millions of other religions that are living in America went to speak that are winning in America I think it's very unfair that we have to leave to global adds we need. She just seeing that this. Have to leave you could just sit through an avenue and gentlemen allow us and there's I think the world like I don't go and they are. Advertisements and things on television our banners or posters mocking matter Benson to me and I'm not asking them to all be removed. Yeah yeah. I don't think anybody's saying or remove it all if we're talking about patriotism. That lets sing the national camp Matt yeah which what which. Is patriotic and says to everybody this is what we're talking about I understand what you are say. When this song was written it was written and news then put away and then Kate Smith want to to have it and we haven't and we use that we say net. But after 9/11 we started using it at the baseball games and so I think people are saying if we're going to do if we're doing patriotism. We'd rather make sure that everybody feels included and I understand what you're saying. Because isn't what about the zillions of atheist I get well about and it's a conversation that. Thank that we live in America are so we can have the conversation not it's up to god and it. Don't like this oncoming Irving Berlin wrote the song he didn't like this one that's why put it away yet so it's like it's sadly entrails after the a wide which is there than I am very beautiful mind. Blue ribbons like now to fox. Yeah yeah. ML BM. Al me. Strictly and they want to do the debris may.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Should \"God Bless America\" should be banned from MLB games?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40523315","title":"Movement to Ban 'God Bless America' at Baseball Games","url":"/Entertainment/video/movement-ban-god-bless-america-baseball-games-40523315"}