Musician Brett Dennen on Why He Prefers Live Music

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks musician Brett Dennen on why he prefers performing live.
9:36 | 06/14/16

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Transcript for Musician Brett Dennen on Why He Prefers Live Music
You are great lie here a lot of fun mighty do a lot of live performance is right done by a group of Martha what happens to run through this week he yeah well it. It's great high. Really hot and tragically you like that that that they let that you know like the heat you like the live energy. Yeah it's one of the main reasons and god is because it looked great song. When Esther touring all time god. Thing for people. It's instant energy. He from the crowd. And there is something really magical happens if everybody is paying attention. They are these listening Rahm following the song and myself and the audience. And we create something really special thing you can never gave. Without an on. An and I means cleaning Q. Somebody upon stories and watching it's it's different night to night it's different. It's pretty rare. Because. There's not a lack. I mean. People gathered together because he sports but here I guess that fans can help its team. Word. Athlete plea better. It's something there is it is an interaction and spontaneity. In Houston energy created with mean it please apart. You said that even though so if you look at the music online and extreme manner they share whatever you've said that right now. It's probably when the best times ever from a police. It's the truth. Yeah well I think. So. Various. Obviously streaming. And there's a lot of ways for bands and singers to keep him music just. Policing themselves. Can do followers. Were. Bet. The cousin that as soon musicians it winnings that now. Me the ones who really good lives are going to be the ones who writes. People. Can find those stands. So I think live music is. My music is thriving you know alive right now announces think with both streaming with is an easy when you go see something line. You can have your mind it's. Loan because you need seen music scene me you can hear music the way intended to be me not that this being on time. Ponder something isn't a great way it was music. Here's seen happen right on you. Hearing invasive here in terms here vocal. In it's just. It's ridiculously. Amazing experience. They now is even more important. Are you. Walt before we ask if they were last song the deadliest out just for anyone out there want to see you lie we need to have their mine plan and ten year touring right now we're hand the. Well. I'm on tour right now and I'll be back out in July. Means. All all of this fall and then if you that in the United States I'm from somewhere close to you. Again. Website yesterday and gotten it as mileage that it yet I'm guessing is on call capacity. Ohio. He's got the inspiration for this when I was in Hawaii. And my girlfriend and I went with some of their friends and everybody left and humanity only ones. Who stayed behind. We have oil ourselves out of our group we one slip. And if there is a feeling. Hi have often felt I felt fit and ice to work its summer camps and after the kids who go home for the summer and I'm still there cleaning up by thirty games he read. It's like this feeling that they hear it that party but he stayed too long. Such as we joke about lake. Some music festivals he stayed the next you're paying because I just feels weird if there's as a torn pants he's feeling. And this song has a lot to do with that feeling but it's just about and released a relationship you being in beautiful. Placed it. Having that nagging feeling like dean need to be somewhere else you know don't know we're here. But somewhere ounces of something polling. The best that I think I've ever heard it I don't see your. It's part of why aren't. If Brett and it. Cats. A. Man zeevi. And staying music. In. I mean much. When news Bernanke. And it is in animal awareness gas. Grandiose wish Tom mean the end of the evening news we have sad day. Game. Room and jazz scene. V.s and eat at times it is me. Good an hour he and you Mancuso are to be. He seeing you soon and dean and me. We see an Nahar that is blue van. Each in. And I at a news. Big daddy is here I'm Natalie me gas he. Is he or she needs me on hand ground Natalie me dead CD. Our own needs anger in. I mean give me a home town in tang. Crazy leaves. Now I'm. I lose. Cunanan's home. Run in the air however send the same thing. Yes it is chase that the only news is and then have. Don't see the game. Is that daddy she's been an act can't. You alien and it's easy to ask armed gin and juice. Didn't have that GE. Grandparents kids zone when soon beach in them and it's been my car that's moved in I had. Ichi. And I. And in snow. And he's and primarily is neat dad CAD. The other she's in the art and gone and me and dash CD. Around entertainer than June and that's tomorrow. And Abby and any. Eight. Fans. See an end sans are on my feet. Sounds out and asked each city should never will win close games he asked do. Newark. Community and you can't beat Baghdad sure wouldn't act is. She only shown me snowman. No I ask you and me he. Newly. I was they amounted music. East team to me do was it can mean. Police can now will coalesce. Loses in. VC NN. Then our. Then that is yeah I'm Natalie and me yeah hat CB. The regime and you are. I am me. So you are seeing India and Ghana and yeah. Then ocean you know being. Apparently need. And CD. Pounding seen mood Judy and bands and our. Abby is being the CIA.

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{"duration":"9:36","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks musician Brett Dennen on why he prefers performing live.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39857310","title":"Musician Brett Dennen on Why He Prefers Live Music ","url":"/Entertainment/video/musician-brett-dennen-prefers-live-music-39857310"}