Naomi Watts Faces 'The Impossible'

Actress on making a film about the 2004 tsunami
9:11 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for Naomi Watts Faces 'The Impossible'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie happening called the impossible. That puts its star mainly whites and blacks of predicaments. I'm not gonna sing anymore because Naomi Watts is here had to come and -- -- So this I would look at this movie which has a visceral effect but it's also has an emotional effect I would look at this is not the easiest job -- -- -- -- -- no definitely not physically in -- me. Yes it definitely was a big one it's it's it's based on the true story yet which always when I see dead animals react ha. Yeah yes. Based on the true story that -- that it is a case to the load by -- -- -- -- story. Everything that she and -- each member of her family went through. Was old the truth from her perspective -- your character Maria who is she she's on vacation with her husband and -- Yep and Cadillac in Thailand -- and we shot exactly went where they were staying. She says -- talk to her she's got three boys. And then just having missed some I mean -- vacation from the -- into. And done. It took place the -- took place and then suddenly they're old split a pot and trying to find -- -- McGregor playing. My husband's again and this remarkable. Come home to place. Yeah this -- I mean -- on tiny got. Incredible performances from. Each actor I think. And he did a lot extensive sexting -- for the axes. A for the little ones and some two of them had never acted before the -- boys Tom had had. The Billy Elliott's experience and he. Well he solar sunscreen -- even offscreen. Day. After day would blow me away with just this incredible. For lack of -- what instrument and he just went to every single place you can imagine. -- going to those places though and I want to ask you about how this was done. I mean because you think -- get battered around by this I know it wasn't real Saddam me that was happening but what -- you should mean an. Tank what was on imports tanks to six weeks five of the -- weeks with the -- foreseen and train trying to say about Orson. Now what -- with most that we know is difficult. But once you that you realize just how difficult citizen. And they -- -- shot and now account -- bank which is like they have it's lots. What -- and they had it all whacked out we were fixing to be some giant flower pots we would anchor ourselves. The current pushing us and other content coming against -- -- -- -- pumps. And then garbage and debris in all kinds of things and finance Tom -- he thought it was. Like going to the 1 o'clock every day and why am I sensing that. Feeling this. You are not yet being. We he's fourteen he's that brazen it you know I didn't -- it's unfair him that Fred me. Yeah I I didn't enjoy it and I also have fear of the war sent. Going back through it -- that experience in my teenage years but I'm I'm thankful that they make the decision and actually it was a decision. That was made for them because they didn't have the money to DC GI. And everything was done with models. But I'm thankful because had we -- been on at green backdrop and arms flailing about pulling each others names we it would have been -- different performance. I did have -- we did have a technical issue with the underwater stuff which completely freaked me out. And that was the -- stuff is always going to be more scary. We would. Be anchored in have waits on on lakes that we the united -- to the top. He had Joseph oxygen before you roll and then they say action and you let it. And it's -- the chest -- to -- -- And -- I am and then the cameras dying around you and then when you'll -- out of breath you have to release your belts that's -- human. And he comes to -- and of course you know you wanna be a good sports and and keep yourself going as long as possible. And in this case. I was stretched to my limits and then I had and then I want to get out but I couldn't get out. And then and then chair actually started -- the other way and I'm thinking oh my god is the -- to trying to get extra fear. Thing. Expert yet sure if he's definitely -- -- -- My dad card doesn't. It definitely -- Here's what I. So and I came to the top. And an -- states absolutely full of -- -- and rates. What are you doing it yet but -- that it was a technical problem they they were trying to shut it off but details. The technical problem. Now they did get the extra year on its -- You don't take the easy way -- I don't -- in many little tiny movies in which you just sit in the library. -- -- adding -- you you're doing King Kong and you're working on this massive scale. And yeah I -- IE. I'd like to be monetized -- which you we'll check back. And -- something -- -- slower. Easier -- been painted failure just like all over China you know that it's it's and it doesn't seem to be -- The -- would work better think -- -- in films that. Make people think of it and stay with them and -- -- Mulholland drive this one to this day. Even that wasn't nominated for an Oscar anything people still talk about that found that scene the -- -- that -- that really gets. It's your audition -- yet. Which you do with Chad Everett where we've seniority worked out the lines and I can't remember the specific I'm it's like -- -- year. -- kill you exactly. Exactly that something like you have to read in forty different variations. And that's why it -- so -- it set up with that. Bad rehearsal with her friend and then suddenly it's magic and went home. With bad bad bad dialogue and and it's what you every time you look at -- script for the first time you say. -- -- -- That's the whole pot right now and it's the reason and I -- it's made me. And it can just happen all in one teens and that was that -- -- -- You know literally was tending the pages and then let's move. What is the David Lynch experience like. It's for aliens exist want to look just laugh it up and I wish I had a second one. I did you did have a -- -- And to pay -- -- look. At the I don't Wear look around in a hot lights where the body handed up -- suit on. And that's not react promptly. At eight. -- that if you are someone you pay back. You definitely do it. But you know meeting him anybody that does I'm always I'm struck by east almost like Catholic country war against sports -- And it's it's so the Y what. You think he would be like -- you -- his material and see his films. -- sort of shocking it's like how how is this. Sort of -- twisted stuff coming out of that mines. Bets he's just a joy that man I love -- He'd just finished Princess Diana met with that story that is going to be told and I felt like this that she was fascinating woman I mean it's it's delicate because -- poison pill around.

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{"id":18133122,"title":"Naomi Watts Faces 'The Impossible'","duration":"9:11","description":"Actress on making a film about the 2004 tsunami","url":"/Entertainment/video/naomi-watts-talks-impossible-18133122","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}