NBA Great Takes on Diabetes

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe helps spread awareness for diabetes.
4:13 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for NBA Great Takes on Diabetes
-- -- pearl Monroe was known for his spectacular moves during his hall of fame NBA career. Now the basketball legend is out to score points for -- living for people with diabetes. We are thrilled to have Earl the -- Here with us today what an honor Earl Monroe great to have you -- thing. -- that. You're really nice to be here thank you much Intel -- little bit about this initiative. Restaurant diabetes restaurant -- -- -- that I've been working on a program for the last couple years with Merkel diabetes restaurant what program. And what we do as we go around the country we challenge restaurants to come up with diabetes friendly. Menu items and we -- we talked to the phones patience as we go about doing that. And what we're trying to do is get people to understand that when you go out to be. You know you have options you'll have to get exactly -- -- that anyway. So for instance if I'm going and I see this French Fries I -- -- -- -- it don't give me that. Give me steamed veggies give me salad instead write him make those substitutions. As well -- trying to educate people about the importance of doing that so that they can make those healthy choices when it well. Because you yourself are living with type two diabetes how long have you been successfully managing. -- BI. Found out I had attacked two he's back in 1998. And for me it was a really I thought was a death sentence but. You know my doctor told me that it you know it's something -- can live -- just take care of myself diet and exercise. Is you know is -- motor today. And what we're trying to do is educate people to know that you know if they make those healthy choices and whatnot you know they can live -- healthy life. Let doctor also -- to people with diabetes. You know have twice at risk factor of getting heart disease also raised to realize that you. -- -- -- -- -- Right well you look great thank you feel as great as you look at while hoping. I don't think it's. It's deputy processed and you know you take those small steps but. If they -- -- ourselves you know a lot of times people column there as well how can I help myself and I just tell them you know go to a -- that it worked these -- -- -- find out more information about. You know eating well recipes owners on that don't whip tonight as well. Fantastic now we just have to talk basketball program -- here obviously -- the -- is the NBA lockout what are your thoughts. On the. Well I think it's it's you know two guys on -- fighting over that splitting. Almost five billion dollars is so we're that you can meet the middle right and I don't quite like you almost feel the people I'm want to see basketball no question and the next couple weeks. With the moderated there with them I think through that there. We know we'll see basketball. They don't figure seasonally Kapalua together as there panel -- -- Fair to say thank you for myself and disappoint a lot of bad now obviously your old team the next tell us what you think about. Their chances -- that they got Carmelo Anthony you. What He -- gone on. Well I think that there and really good seeing I think one of the things that they have to do He also they need another player. So all we're those guys stop marketing agreement I don't know if you beginning the season bringing the team along Andrea because -- came in in the latter part of season. Our own -- Chauncey -- as as the as well let. You know I think now you know what's He played together this this past two years now they get together this year builds element -- More you think it's going to be think they're gonna take it -- away. I hope that the Goose Creek and a wave cut that they'll be very competitive. Represented us well. Now you were born in Philadelphia and I think played for the next you have divided loyalties there. Well no. Always He always follow with Philadelphia. And you know -- root for them dislike government would Phillies. Right fortunate. But you know my roots are -- -- -- -- them -- -- New -- --

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Earl \"The Pearl\" Monroe helps spread awareness for diabetes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14820745","title":"NBA Great Takes on Diabetes","url":"/Entertainment/video/nba-great-takes-diabetes-earl-the-pearl-monroe-spread-awareness-diabetes-health-entertainment-14820745"}