'The Neighbors' Star Answers Critics

Lenny Venito says show is changing viewers' minds.
4:10 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for 'The Neighbors' Star Answers Critics
-- you've got strange neighbors how about living in the middle of an alien community because that is the premise behind ABC sitcom the neighbors. And let me Menino is one of the stars of the show he joins us -- -- -- a way out of this crazy neighborhood you live and it's not the record at the and to put it bluntly when this show first got pitched do you did you look at it that this is way too -- I don't like India. -- -- exactly what I did I was doing a play. -- he can -- play here in town and we are intact we can anyone knows -- -- -- -- basically you know he's in -- for twelve hours and have -- what you gonna be here in the late stage. Some innocent -- I was exhausted I was getting my car broke down and I live in Staten islands was taken ferry back and forth and may be getting four hours and then I get this script and twelve pages and then after addition of and I skim the -- -- -- -- fists in means you move into wood it's Larry Bird and this is silly and and I hear of -- a card the cardinals and I went and completely I'm prepared. And -- a horrible job and I didn't hear back from them -- Not horrible enough. Well you know I was lucky that they get a second chance -- the -- of people powers -- -- like we know anything about -- job would you I don't get that opportunity normally and and had me back in and I gave it its -- deserve and I read the script hello. And die after reading the script I realize this is something funny and I want to be involved with this guy and now former it's amazing -- -- has. His mind is is it's a horrible -- We can't -- you get when -- -- Europe Germany's you know pay every kind of think -- -- you know the pull us off convincingly I mean obviously to get some last but also have a little bit of -- story line behind because. The TV critics association called -- goofy. All about the family is that how you describe it well at first that's what. I like it now it is about the family and I think -- has -- issues it tackles a lot of from a brutal first came out I think people thought we were gonna land that is a gimmick it was going to be about these aliens all the time. And it's it's much more than that the show I think the critics. How are the beginning -- you know this is a terrible idea and 11 face the same critics who now watch the show will rise since it tackles it's a family show it's about them. And neighborhood. But realize that you know what we -- we need to look into this a little more kind of like what I did on the foundation and down. And they did some great reviews now in -- able watching which has. -- -- admit you take your little satisfaction some of these critics or even a little bit. Bigger than actor. I mean obviously you're dedicated to the craft but at the same time it's very difficult to shut up those kinds of -- and I want to have representation -- kind of -- me from itself and -- I never knew how to really look for that. I -- you couldn't. I think in theater and in films people will look at reviews before they go grant spending a lot of money -- I went and he spent -- 150000 -- C. If -- if Idaho but -- critics telling me that this show stinks. Maybe I look look elsewhere as into the -- -- -- all the reviews this move is terrible just released her with uncles who won't you don't pay you fifteen dollars. With television it's free rent you know and is I don't let this -- Investment though and that is valuable this little that is true enlightenment ultimately yes you do want to read reviews and I'm taking a little bit of it's it's kindness it's -- satisfaction in seeing are doing good one may rising at a doing here which is obviously well aware that the that the great show it's incredibly funny -- -- thank you so much I. Who have known -- might worry I mean you look like you're having -- often argue you look at act as you say. That looks like that might have been a force -- looks like that person is clearly just saying all right you know where's my check was in mind with you know that it's been it's been a few times where I'm doing Michelle -- -- -- golly it's half and I'll let me aren't dropping my age you may hear you calling -- -- and I'm gonna do -- -- aren't crazy about this moment do this and -- it goes through -- this is not one of those cases you know high. I love I love my cast I love the crew I love during the we just wrapped recently -- season finale. Last week and that's why I'm back here in New York. And our economist and a woman that he I don't know if they show is called the neighbors on ABC let David NATO continued success to use -- so much. Appreciate it.

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{"id":18495761,"title":"'The Neighbors' Star Answers Critics","duration":"4:10","description":"Lenny Venito says show is changing viewers' minds.","url":"/Entertainment/video/neighbors-star-answers-critics-18495761","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}