Is Nene Leakes Throwing Shade at Meryl Davis on Dancing With the Stars?

Leakes' professional dance partner Tony Dovolani sets the record straight!
8:35 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Is Nene Leakes Throwing Shade at Meryl Davis on Dancing With the Stars?
There are so many twists and turns in this season's dancing with the stars -- it is tough to keep up including this moment with real housewife -- leaks. And instructor Tony Dovolani -- Can't sit down. And as I. About all right sit -- -- -- -- -- quite explain yourself on this. You submit future done by the you said that it was the first time. But that's happened. In what seventeen seasons it's a question why what what it takes seventeen seasons which is all it all the audiences Watson it was funny is that everybody always was taken their -- drag you know but I turned forty this year and then they'll work cannot and I was doing some some -- all the young couldn't keep up with. And a ball popped in my head and -- show people what -- wheels wheels. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jolie is is that the secret though is that the secret -- plane of the judges you play into the audience what is the key then gave -- high -- I think the key to the getting high scores is simply to it to have a combination of both Q1 and then the audience withdrawals since then that is not the judges could. Really hope you catapult yourself to the final threat or they can hinder -- have to always mentioned that you think that's attempts to. Put the that the -- -- Absolutely. That -- you know be working with -- leaks who has a character that is. Bigger than life that is there a bigger than what network television can handle which is why reality television and can -- -- such. She basically. Had a bit of a reaction. To one of the judge's response that I -- I -- it got kind of caught a bit of a mean that she was not exactly happy with her escort what does she say afterwards. It's actually believe it a lot of the times what happens -- the -- is that she is so overwhelmed by completing the routine she has no idea with the -- -- Really you can't even here I mean basically they hope -- government that's happened. -- -- -- bells bands yet you have to. A bit of this you can lap she's clearly not -- and of the dozens of your Merrill. Brazen. You know him as fantastic dancer and I think Max about diamond grades with so far and I guess he was on what that spotlight. -- you know -- -- do you -- much real housewives of Atlanta it's -- you -- be -- -- -- before this my wife wants and that's -- guilty pleasure so who you -- he had had a -- of -- -- -- what you're itself and he's a big personality and I expect that all of that but what's been nice is that she's actually -- -- been a lot of fun we've only had like one situation where. Got an awkward but other than that it's been great this diocese and I've got to ask about the awkward situation was it -- what what -- -- this whole class that we had on this that was -- was switching partners brought them -- -- -- it's almost like -- who -- -- you know -- -- -- -- you know -- she took her ethnicity it's hard not to I don't -- -- -- I was -- -- was that YW ordinance that would. Look at the thing is it. -- spent so much time together -- spending hours hours practicing. And yeah I would imagine that when you're doing that and yes we always get the behind the scenes of the rehearsals -- that the Arab got to be moments very probably tender moments. That we don't get to -- I think for us this entire -- has been fun. There's been laughed and didn't we -- that one little awkward moment when we got back together it was literally like almost like when people breakup Brad had that wild weekend. Rather high oil the next day Tony I have no idea what your time. And you look and it's although I'm going we should -- back together. Don't ask you about this weekend. That's -- idealism that was that was had to do the apologizing persons that maybe there's no one but she won -- -- me -- women are a little bit more sensitive about that than men metal like whatever a couple of them. You mean she's she's she's not forgive and forget -- shy about telling you read that. At that the thought well that's bridge so I -- other then then then me and yourself who else do you think it's a serious top contender walking here. -- as -- like Charlie like like Merrill obviously their goal. Gold -- -- -- you know United States pride -- you know coming back with you know from solitude gives -- an incredible job -- liking me. Yes. I think. Between those three years probably going to be very tight race and I honestly I'm not Conning -- the Alvin and any. Shape or form because -- really do believe we have the surprise factor. And unexpected and you know her to make it to the final so it's going to be -- in Zambia for couple fun I think and if it is is probably going to be those four. -- and a short period of time that you guys are working together at have you seen that -- you've obviously done this a couple of -- -- four on the dance floor. Did does that -- surprise you about how quickly someone can become not only proficient -- become an excellent dancer. I mean now that I've been there for seventeen seasons it doesn't surprise me as the months -- It does have that wow factor yet like when you see somebody come on -- -- -- what Merrill did last week about that -- was insane or the previously with Max. And yes he's a nice university is really good. And the same thing when -- authority that a great -- Americans -- -- -- great job the previous week -- with -- and the -- and all that. To see somebody go leg like meaning that doesn't have any dance experience and actually accomplish that. It's pretty impressive even as a teacher even though alarmed continued to -- I'm gone behind can believe she's doing this. Right -- there's there's while moments all along. And as an Asher when the swept from this -- from your -- and you're taking breaks I'm talking about real housewives of Atlanta are absolutely just this last night. -- are actually I don't I don't. That's of that because that it's not -- tapes that particular thing but when there's big fights always wanna know how it got started how did -- to win god because to me. It is the way they show they show a little moment -- old -- -- big fight happening Rex always wonder how it escalates does it go immediately to that level. And I think would that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you worry about that I'm working with her as -- answered absolutely -- -- worry about during the public courtside to watch what I say. Because edited moments ago it's are mainly on me. -- although sometimes that aggression that energy that fury it's channeled in the right way right all of that's why it's I -- save all that energy for the dance -- -- at the courage and character you know driven like this week we -- -- weeks so we haven't cared to driven dance pop star but. She's gonna play a very be carried them from Disney's -- -- can't necessarily reveal but. Is it fitting if I absolutely had a shutout into English and he's ready for her -- -- yes it is on and one different ways of okay. We're. -- if you -- you're a master at that. We're obviously we're here we're we're we're watching with bated breath on this because it really is fun to watch the transformation. That's and they -- that even in in the age that -- doing at forty a half -- Let let let the the US -- it was gonna come out with a shirt on but I'm glad that you decided we were -- -- how to do this whole thing that yes as good as. I got -- we got a break. -- that facility to its success to you thank you consolation it's almost robbed banks.

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{"id":23262073,"title":"Is Nene Leakes Throwing Shade at Meryl Davis on Dancing With the Stars?","duration":"8:35","description":"Leakes' professional dance partner Tony Dovolani sets the record straight!","url":"/Entertainment/video/nene-leakes-throwing-shade-meryl-davis-dancing-stars-23262073","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}