NFL Teams Start Reorganizing Coaching Staffs

Non-playoff teams start planning for next year with some head coaches the first to go.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for NFL Teams Start Reorganizing Coaching Staffs
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- New York where this ABC news digital special report it's an old joke inside pro football what does NFL -- for. The answer. Not for long two -- thirteen regular season ended last night and six coaches have been fired since the final whistle seven says the season began. So joining us now the pros view on the coaching carousel who's out. Who -- -- -- and former -- general manager ESPN's Billy debate Billy thanks for being with us today we appreciate it. So not a big surprise as he Washington's Mike Shanahan shown the door what went what went wrong. Got -- -- goes back hallway to the -- RG three injury last year and in the playoff game. It was obvious to everyone right from the outset -- starting the season that he wasn't himself he wasn't close to being 100%. And this case so gifted and meant so much that offense with -- not proforma -- and it peak ability -- affected the rest of the team and it's unfortunate the way things article went downhill. There was a lot of finger pointing Shanahan one super balls. It you know he's had a heck of a career so. It it's it's unfortunate because. You know this if this is legacy I don't know if he's gonna get a chance to coach -- head coach. For a third time and on people remember you know the final year in Washington is not being very good -- even despite the fact of the season before was obviously great. Really wasn't -- got this thing going it in a good direction and I hit a spell last year remember -- They halfway through the season last year they thought they -- pretty much out of the playoffs and might get a great job -- -- -- team together. The other cornerback caught fire that made the playoffs and everything look great going into that playoff game. And please all RG three. Really really -- pain on on on the field with that horrific knee injury. Aren't public NFC north Green Bay -- in Chicago for the division title but the other two teams. They're going to be looking for new coaches -- right. And they are head and you know what to kind of different -- and in different situations I think. Detroit is viewed rightly so -- -- talent in it and talent and -- where they should've won that division this year. Especially given the injuries in Chicago and Green Bay quarterback if ever you're Detroit was -- -- Take it to the next level they should have been hit and they didn't so we can understand why the Ford family made this move. Minnesota was different story here's a -- lets you for -- -- that once the playoffs last year. Had quarterback. Problems throughout this year -- -- role in different guys in during the season three different quarterbacks. But it just got to -- point I'm sure they thought let's say it's taken the team is far. That he's capable and at this point they're looking that they have to solve the quarterback -- problem I'm sure they're looking for an offensive minded head coach at this point. And -- a little bit about the browns because another coach let go they're surprised by eruptions and -- and after well here. Somewhat surprised but to be honest I was more surprised last year when they -- Kaczynski because. He's viewed -- -- really good offensive coordinator. There weren't very many teams beaten down the doors that trying to -- two since he as a head coach so I was more taken aback last year when they when they named him. -- -- I can't give how Solomon and the people in Cleveland credit they they came to the conclusion and and they know better they -- say they are viewing this guy every day at practice and on game day. They came to the conclusion that they made a mistake and they -- they wanted to rather than continue that mistake. They decide to move on at at a great at -- great expense the Cleveland Browns knew that let me ask you about -- well what went into that decision about letting Greg Chicago. Yeah that was kind of one as you know early on I think their own when eight people it was kind of forward on that they're gonna make change. As a head coach in Tampa. And another one -- -- showed something where he held that held that came together change quarterbacks. You know they lost last two games. I think just got a point there -- so many negative things going on with off the field. That the team had to deal with organizationally. And I think the -- -- -- this conclusion that he wasn't the right fit and it was time to move on what I want to ask about that how much of this decision gets. Placed either on the GM or the -- Well it -- each situation is different to depends on how active and involve the onerous there are some places. That how people in place whether to keep president -- the general manager to advise -- and make those recommendations. There's there's other places that the head coach is completely hands on has a good field. And more times than not he'll -- -- general manager and head coach together. As it as -- -- -- have been in Tampa Bay so kind of -- signed. What type of ownership you have whether he's involved where there's not involved. -- speed of owners and GMs pretty wild scene in the jets' locker room yesterday Woody Johnson owner. Telling the team that Rex Ryan would be staying on as coach so what does that say. No I think it speaks volumes and. What a great job by Rex Ryan first of all everybody had given -- up for dead at the start of the season that. Jet for a can be very competitive. Wasn't the general managers hire. You always almost five hours talk about being fired last year so. He overcame all those odds and managed to survive it also -- general manager John is it a great deal of credit because. He -- heard -- wrecks but he -- Woody Johnson came to the conclusion that Rex was the best guy for the job to lead them. Going forward so. I'm glad for the players you can tell by the reaction what they think of the guys that cut as a coach. Yes you know I've this is certainly evident there pay a lot going on in Texas today -- -- the cowboys head coach there Jason Garrett he say. After another disappointing season. Yeah I think he's safe. You know as safe as can -- Jerry Jerry Jones came out today -- he's my coach nothing has changed. -- I would hope for you to leave himself any wiggle room on that I think it's a right move on the Jason Garrett believer. He's in a tough situation I put himself in there he did he know. He knew what he was getting into when he signed up with that -- that job. But I think -- best -- below what Jerry Jones and all the dynamic different dynamics that go on within the cowboy organization. It's a little speculation -- when asked you about this looking ahead there is an opening in Houston two high draft pick to go with that. So -- do you think the Texans are targeting right now. Well I think there wide open. I think they're going to be in a market for quarterback they need invaded their quarterback next year's not on the roster as we speak so. They have to get a young quarterback whether it's the first pick or whether it's in the second round. And ideally you'd like to have an offensive minded head coach that has dealt with quarterback is develop quarterbacks. But at the end of the day. Still look at the whole list and hire the best guys the -- if he can do. It's say we have to hire an offensive minded culture we have to hire a -- -- you may pass on a lot of good candidates. At the end of the day you want to hire the best coach that fits the organization. And so we shall what to see how that will -- -- black Monday explaining the history and Billy debating Billy thanks so much we appreciate it thank you. Of course the latest on the NFL coaching carousel still spinning this afternoon spirit here on But on down Cutler in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21372715,"title":"NFL Teams Start Reorganizing Coaching Staffs","duration":"3:00","description":"Non-playoff teams start planning for next year with some head coaches the first to go.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nfl-teams-start-reorganizing-coaching-staffs-21372715","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}