NFL's Growing Scandals Overshadow Week 2 Play

Defensive end Greg Hardy deactivated as concerns mount over the league's discipline enforcement.
6:53 | 09/14/14

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Transcript for NFL's Growing Scandals Overshadow Week 2 Play
Good afternoon I'm Ron Claiborne ABC news world headquarters in New York -- -- digital report. On the scandals hanging over the NFL a National Football League as millions of football fans. Are -- to watch their favorite team is on this game based on games already underway now and the star players involved vikings player Adrian Peterson arguably. One of the most talented players in the entire league a former MVP. Charged with child abuse involving his own four year old son and then there -- -- -- Ray Rice released by the Baltimore Ravens seen on video punching. His now wife making his first public appearance since the scandal. At a high school game and new Rochelle new York and now defensive end Greg -- in trouble with his team the Carolina Panthers ABC's Ryan Smith. Joins us now live from MetLife stadium in New Jersey Brian what is the atmosphere there among. Banned -- all of these controversies these scandals swirling around the game. Good afternoon run it's the kind of day where fans are usually focused on wins and losses on the field but a lot of people here that I've spoken to. Are talking about the league in its handling of domestic violence a lot of people saying it's not necessarily that good -- must go. But that the NFL must change the way it looks a domestic violence. At three different stadiums across the NFL today we're expecting to see banners flown by a women's advocacy group that same hash tag -- Dell must go. They're trying to make their voices heard in those stadiums and today -- sat inside of MetLife stadium while the game is going on -- still controversy around some of the players you mentioned. First let's talk about Greg Hardy. He was supposed to play today but he was deactivated. Essentially what that means is the team's sidelines him but he still gets paid. Maybe part of the idea being take him off the field because of the controversy the -- saying this was a team decision. Then talk about Ray Rice we hadn't seen it all this week but he showed about as high school's football game yesterday a lot of encouragement a lot of support from fans there. And he still isn't speaking to the media he has been suspended indefinitely. But Adrian Peterson he has also been again deactivated. So does it not at the game at the moment but at this point. Who knows when he might be back he has been tweeting we understand. Different verses from the Bible he is known to be. Known to be someone who tweets those kinds of verses but at this point knotted the game not on the field and when he comes back is anybody's guess. What if -- deactivated. Ryan out of the factors to getting paid and it continues week after week has -- effectively. A suspension and might not be the union the players association at some point -- so you can't do that. That's a great point -- that very well may happen I think what you're seeing right now with some of the teams is kind of a wait and see approach this is what we can do right now way to try to figure out what we can do going ahead. And when you talk about the activation it is a little bit of an end around around the disciplinary procedures the disciplinary rules in the NFL. Are based on what's called due process the NFL. Likes a lot of times to wait until a case -- on its way through the courts before they -- -- -- punishment. So in this way you're taking people off the field but the move around the activation are unclear for example. Every game certain players are deactivated so teens in some ways are just saying we just don't wanna play -- the -- and they have that right. But the players association as you say -- comment at some point. If it goes on to 34 games -- that you can't do that and then you'll see players file what's called a grievance just to get back on the field. So right now it's a little bit of a wait and see game and the rules are unclear about what happens when your. But because there might be some sort of arrest or some sort of criminal allegation going forward. Ryan I talk a little bit if you can about the balance or conflict the best right word between the teams trying to do. The right thing as far as public relations morally legally. And the business decisions their -- the vikings for example they need Adrian Peterson on that field without him they are not as good a team. At a good point he is their star he is the one guy they won on the -- more than anybody else but they feel like the backlash is too much. Perhaps that's what they want their thinking and pulling him off the field. But then you have a team like the San Francisco 49ers. They're player Ray McDonald has been suspected of domestic abuse it is not made its way to the courts -- charges had not been filed by prosecutors. They are taking the perspective of -- we don't even know if this guy's going to be in a trial. So -- -- putting them on the field just like we would want to have afforded to us they're trying to say we're giving him due process. But the problem is due process and all of this is murky. Ray Rice could argue I was already suspended you already gave me my penalty. And -- penalizing me again Adrian Peterson would argue hey I've just been charged with something and nothing has happened in the courtroom yet. And you're already trying to take me off the field so I think it's a balance for each team. But I think what you're seeing with the 49ers this we haven't even gotten to the level. Of a trial or conviction and that's why we're keeping our guy on the field until he can have his day in court. Look at one last question whenever -- -- one if you will do you think these scandals this controversy. Yet is hurting the game I mean obviously some very negative publicity but I understand the Thursday night game between the Baltimore Ravens ray -- former team. And Pittsburgh had very high television ratings is it hurting them as a business. I think it is and I think you've -- look at the ratings right now and -- -- the games are doing okay I think the games -- -- rate. I look at the parking lot behind me in the -- that I talked to -- fired up to be here that the stadium everyone's in the air it's. As crowded as it always it here's the problem for the NFL. The NFL is all about growth they are trying to roll their female fan base. They're trying to grow their worldwide fan base but this controversy has the potential of stunting that growth so even though you're getting the typical folks to turn out to -- football games. In the stands cheering ready to go are you growing that audience are you alienating people by saying what we've got fans -- -- hand right now. At but we're not gonna change our policies that's why I think eventually the NFL have to change something to address that large sector of the public. That says if -- don't change I don't think we like the product you're putting on the field we may turn away because of the NFL is not growing they're not succeed okay. Thanks -- ABC's Ryan Smith outside a MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. And ABC news this monitoring this story around the clock to get updates on these top stories stardom on the ABC news phone apps. -- C a bagel have a complete wrap up later on world news I'm Ron Claiborne in New York. Have a great day.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Defensive end Greg Hardy deactivated as concerns mount over the league's discipline enforcement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"25495094","title":"NFL's Growing Scandals Overshadow Week 2 Play","url":"/Entertainment/video/nfls-growing-scandals-overshadow-week-play-25495094"}