Nick Cannon Kidney Failure 'Is Not Easy'

Mariah Carey posts photo of bedridden husband, says he's "in a lot of pain."
2:11 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Nick Cannon Kidney Failure 'Is Not Easy'
My Carrey is asking for prayers for her husband and -- he sought. Failure while on vacation Aspen with Kerry and their twins. -- -- Spencer has the latest. It started out as a family holiday getaway on Tuesday -- -- and posted these photos on his website. Out with Mariah Carey and -- eight month old twins dressed in winter white happily vacationing in Aspen. But the very next day he was rushed to the hospital the dramatic vote on the -- -- today her husband being hospitalized. The new -- in the hospital early Wednesday Carrey tweeted please -- her -- as he's fighting to recover from mild kidney failure. Along with this photo of him in -- hospital she later told People Magazine quote the situation is not easy he's in a lot of pain but he's stable. Still it's not clear exactly what's wrong with cannons kidney. This can be very simple like dehydration which should correct itself quickly with treatment. Or can be something very complicated that's going to take a lot of time to diagnose properly treat. Cat and later took to Twitter himself saying currently being transferred to a hospital in LA thank you all -- your loved prayers and concern. His many whirlwind year for the 31 year old actor and comedian. Between hosting America's Got Talent and his own radio show. He's also chairman eighteen neck but the biggest change -- -- came last spring when Kerry gave birth to their twins Moroccan and Maryland. The couple gave our Barbara Walters an exclusive first look into their new lives and what does this. Marriage and this baby's skin. My family gives me everything unconditional love means. The world to me it's complete. It's just -- -- -- beautiful -- to -- this morning -- is recovering back home in Los Angeles with his doting wife undoubtedly by his side. It happened again passed through me -- That was ABC's Lara Spencer reporting at this point there is strong -- word on why -- kidneys failed. But.

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{"id":15297813,"title":"Nick Cannon Kidney Failure 'Is Not Easy'","duration":"2:11","description":"Mariah Carey posts photo of bedridden husband, says he's \"in a lot of pain.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/nick-cannon-kidney-failure-easy-15297813","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}