'American Idol' Diva Drama

Rob Shuter breaks down the latest celebrity headlines.
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Transcript for 'American Idol' Diva Drama
Leopard got you know it you love it you know you wanna hear -- that's why half post's celebrity dot com's rob shooter is here in particular without -- -- yeah. I I'm great let's -- writing. And start with Jessica. Jessica Simpson's a Jessica Simpson has a magazine cover this week it's hitting newsstands right not. -- -- claims that boyfriend. Has been pitched to -- So really -- cover she's very very upset about it I spoke to many people in account and that actually gonna take legal action against misconduct. Normally Jessica ignores this stuff. But this time she's decided to put a foot down and -- legal action and you're saying they're -- they're not -- to actually if you read the story itself it's a very clever headline. What they claim is when he met Jessica he was in the process of gets -- -- bulls there was a little overlap -- -- good -- A little messy -- it's not. As they claim on the cover which is that he's cheating -- absolute nonsense is a great guy the very unfortunately these things are rarely -- Right the right let me not that I'm hearing that Julianne Moore was robbed -- gas -- home. Absolutely shocking and it's breaking right now -- more -- that she had a 100000. Over a 100000 dollars worth of jewelry stolen from. I think with the 120 sent them. Thousand dollars of jewelry it's -- a jewelry very expensive a couple of watches and bracelets she -- some construction done. On -- Bryant's and I'm when she came the jewelry was missing so that's a big investigation. Hopefully she gets -- the ultimate message of the story. When you have -- -- develop -- that you like our police interviewing -- and they are considering it quite serious and I think -- them. -- -- -- at the ultimate if she knows who was at the house so he shouldn't be that they -- her parents. And. -- She kept those global right -- -- -- regular heavy it will earn more I'm art art. Let's talk about -- human eyes American Idol. He knows -- and that that was seen on -- sort of a little bit of American art and now I cannot wait. To watch idol again. They -- from a -- definitely went through what -- -- about the story. Is this is not friends this is not of the apple discussion that we what about we've actually videotape and audiotape of the two of them actually now day three state. Ryan -- to be very upset. Not necessarily about the fights but upset that it was leaked so there's a lot of investigations. A lot of rumors how to -- -- that -- I think on the -- and vital. You -- and removed from -- you're not allowed cameras so a lot of people suspecting. That maybe this was a -- from Bible Hartsock I was gonna say just sent you a little -- over. To -- out -- I don't respect. -- -- -- It will take let's everybody just barrels of the canal but it certainly will it's and apparently all going to be tuning it. Now what. He let me hear that there is that how all book out there that she wants taken away she's she's -- -- to take it away a reporter who followed her around during the peak. All of which was pregnant with John has bought a book he's penned the book the payments on Amazon itself published. And then -- ugly symbol and the book has been removed from Imus on it has been removed until they find out whether or not he had the rights to include access and information in this book what is the claim is that he stole. Will he got a whole. Ball some hard drives that -- at this daunted. And some information on -- Hawkeyes then private emails back and -- between John between and discovery and LC. -- reprinted in this book and you if you have a copy of the don't accompanied -- You -- come back next week the next -- -- -- You are white and black and I think it's or ethnicity it.

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{"id":17399149,"title":"'American Idol' Diva Drama ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter breaks down the latest celebrity headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nicki-minaj-mariah-carey-american-idol-diva-drama-17399149","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}