Nightmare Over for Amanda Knox

Part 8 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
5:22 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Nightmare Over for Amanda Knox
This is sister I have what a mother and father will do. To fight -- justice for their -- -- -- about Amanda Knox an attractive young woman who wanted to experience in Italy. -- got from -- Than she bargained for. It was every parents nightmare. -- twenty -- -- has gone to a foreign country. She's a little -- -- The -- or in the cure a little adventurous. Her friends call her very book Smart but not very street Smart she really doesn't -- always has a sense of what's happening around her. In the final ingredient in that recipe for disaster. She's very pretty. And really looking forward to. Actually getting -- -- the limits of the big fans all Atlanta out. Amanda Knox did find a place to live. The roommates who included an English exchange student Meredith -- She found an Italian boyfriend. And laughing yeah so -- to -- She was attracted to him because he -- my details Harry Potter. Then -- world of time to. Her roommate Meredith was -- yeah -- got the executions. The police thought she didn't seem that upset after I'm my understood -- rapidly -- they. Just yards away from where police who says -- is a crime scene. Her parents courage and ended courage to. To come home to Seattle when Amanda wanted to helped the police. -- was. At least the most -- prison that I now she got everybody in the world was it was good. And interrogated harshly and she signed what police interpreted as a confession. Then she took it back -- but it was too late. The police -- invested in -- along with his life. For -- and took him to prison. Police said they found a kitchen -- with Amanda's DNA on. I'm not families DNA under the victim's clothes. Zealous prosecutor speculated it was a satanic sex killing. Six satanic I mean come up. -- In jail the police falsely claimed she had HIV. Well said she slept with they passed it one need to be helpful -- supplied a list. That's list and then she's slept -- it was linked to the Italian public she was now sex crazed killer. She would be put on trial and face life in prison. Good parents -- and flew back and -- to help. No -- -- -- innocent child in a foreign -- Then their hopes this to the court convicted another man of the and my parents were shoes she DC. Instead she went on trial for years. She was found guilty -- Intentions to 26 years in prison. But her parents fought. They mounted a campaign to help their daughter. Cashed in -- savings borrowed money from family web sites and FaceBook pages were organized gives moms. They towed into ditches and in -- and that they supported her. And a -- to build back. And thinking about how much I love -- then how much you being that nice -- I'm proud to have you -- mother I admire you. Eyewitness News people feel like -- falling short in strength and bravery and that's why and still stuck in here. Prevention experience needs time. And the evidence. The DNA in the night lessons from the Dick jump. It was found a pocket phone advantage. And so many people handled the DNA and the victim's clothing it was useless. The court really hurt her case. I am being punished for something I didn't do Amanda told the judge and jury -- Italian. And AB feature. -- -- -- Yeah. After forty isn't -- she was home at last with the -- Think -- -- every one. -- do you eat. Who is defending me it was supported my family's. My family's the most important thing you hang out I just want to -- it keeping them so. And one family's nightmare. Was over. A happy ending.

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{"id":15159135,"title":"Nightmare Over for Amanda Knox","duration":"5:22","description":"Part 8 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/nightmare-amanda-knox-15159135","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}