Norman Reedus Is 'The Walking Dead's' Lone Wolf

The actor gives a few hints on what's coming up for Daryl Dixon on the hit show.
5:24 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Norman Reedus Is 'The Walking Dead's' Lone Wolf
Anyone watching AMC's hit cable drama the walking dead -- is that the aero. Is one of the most complex characters on the show Darryl. Remains the outsider of this small group of survivors trying to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse. Happy to have Norman Regis here who plays -- -- Norman thanks for joining us today. -- -- -- was so what we're halfway through season to your character really isolated himself. From the group again seems like -- sort of a defense mechanism. More than anything else is there are afraid of getting too close to people what's going on with the -- Think he's he's led -- isolated life and now that he's out of the shadows big brother and and you know -- his his nasty ways historians. Learned develop relationships for the first time I think he's sort of sort of like a little. -- animal in the woods announced its interest in -- lives. You talk lecture you talk about Big Brother -- as he can make a comeback are we waiting to see if there's going to be recurring. You might see that Big Brother reminds him. All right -- -- -- he's there. Now that the death that. Go ahead. -- and -- I really like this job some of my getting -- -- But at that. Job security dollars I understand completely now the death of the little -- -- -- That it really had an impact on the group a really specifically to your character Darrow. -- Widow of what could have an impact -- that happen. Well I mean he's. He was an abused child and he if you noticed that one scene where Melissa McBride tell leans over and causes them on the -- he's -- -- like this it's. He is you know he's afraid -- hit all the time but. But he was left left alone as a child whose views and he's covered in scars and so -- and so. I think finding Sophia today oh would have cleaned up some of those some of the skeletons in his -- -- Entry into any contentment that -- -- and the interaction. And academic records given having your character very complex bit bit -- a hillbilly survivalist. If you want to call it racist. How do you manage the complexities and from all of this. Well I mean you know from day one he was he was written. In a very angry weigh them every other line was basically. You know some sort of slurs something so. You know I tried to tear up in between thrown -- of people in trying to -- people and you know make it seem like they did lose my Big Brother you know so. You know here's the his young brother to someone he does still have family zone I'm trying to do you know give them a few different layers and you know with with movies and such you he goes you know -- from here to here but with television. You you kind of try to plant is little seeds and hope to those seeds and entities and their fruit so. I'm closet trying to find little ways make my story line. Branch jobs in government -- every single time making that kill shot I mean some of the most amazing marksmanship. I think. You can find on television -- you get to -- a necklace of zombie years I mean. Does it get any cooler than that. Now it doesn't mean I -- -- -- -- -- zombies in the brain for letting him nine years old it's the Supreme Court house and your your son as well he's a big fan of the show. You know he he started watching the show sort of like this a little bit and he couldn't really take it but I -- I picked him up from school and he had this big smile on his face Wellesley you know what's up with a smile and -- said some of the older kids in his class. He came out in imminently -- your dad Gerald Dixon and his -- is getting some. Nobody his beloved schools he started to watch -- and actually -- the -- -- in his room. Corporate it. While back in the ER yeah he it's absurd popular at the and the lunch crowd Israel is speaking of things brewing for -- for your character what about this coming week for him. What can we expect where's your show up as this season to sort of wrap up. You're gonna find him with some bloody knuckles and I mean this the whole rest of the next three episodes is it's all fireworks so everyone's. You know super -- -- angry and ready to -- sort of you know revenge on. On the lockers so you know find him sort of take leadership -- and start to -- a lot of blood. I mean in your fan base is so incredibly devoted that I think a lot of times people blur that line between reality. And fiction regardless though they think that you're basically to go to guy if zombies ever takeover. You're gonna take a little stock country chest -- -- little -- knowing that you've -- job security in the event something like that happens. You know I -- such a -- they realized I was asked Ali Korolev and little -- and cry like a baby. But on the -- you know it's those fans or keep me alive on the shows. You know much respect he gets the outlook contains -- view walking -- -- Sunday nights and enhancing our greatest thanks so much and continued success you. -- --

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{"id":15820008,"title":"Norman Reedus Is 'The Walking Dead's' Lone Wolf","duration":"5:24","description":"The actor gives a few hints on what's coming up for Daryl Dixon on the hit show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/norman-reedus-walking-deads-lone-wolf-15820008","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}