Obama Wants America To 'Go To The Movies'

President Weighs In On Threats From Sony Corp. Hackers
2:11 | 12/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Wants America To 'Go To The Movies'
Let me ask you while -- have you about the other breaking headline I know you met with your national security team in the last 24 hours as you often do heading into the holiday. About this hone Sony hacking scandal Hollywood hacking scandal. Now comes word the FBI just consider this a national security threat. All reporting shows us that perhaps there are North Korean hackers behind this. And what do you say to the American people lot of people had in the movies over the holiday. Do you consider this a legitimate threat and how concerned are you. Well. The cyber attack has verses and you know I stood up when I came in office. A an entire. Interagency effort to make sure that we're going after. Hackers both state sponsors and non state. Actors who. There are trying to. In some cases advance an ideological goal in some cases are destruct steal from the American people. There are a lot of vulnerabilities as we become more interconnected and we haven't done everything we need to do to to Harden and strengthened. Both our commercial sites. Private sector and public sector. We're getting better we've made progress but. What we just saw with Sony shows a lot more progress needs to be done that means by the way the congress. Also needs to take up. Cyber security legislation that's been languishing for several years now because there's a bunch of stuff we can due to. Improve information sure. And make sure that besides a park. With respect to this specific case were investigating and we're taking it seriously. The FBI should. We'll have more information or the next several days about. The suspected identity of the hackers and whether there was a state sponsor of that are. We see no credible evidence though. Any serious threat to theaters or some sort of terrorist attack against theaters that are screaming. Optical will be a at issue. Your will be vigilant. If we see something that we think is serious and credible. A more public but for now my recommendation would be that people who smokes.

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{"id":27677727,"title":"Obama Wants America To 'Go To The Movies'","duration":"2:11","description":"President Weighs In On Threats From Sony Corp. Hackers","url":"/Entertainment/video/obama-america-movies-27677727","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}