Oct. 17, 2007: Casey Affleck talks about acting in 'Gone Baby Gone'

He talks about what it was like to be directed in a film by his brother, Ben Affleck.
2:57 | 10/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oct. 17, 2007: Casey Affleck talks about acting in 'Gone Baby Gone'
And now an actor who's generating awards season buzz already Casey Affleck delivers with some say is his breakout role in the movie it's not merely entertaining but a rare mix of an important issue. A near impossible moral dilemma and an impressive cast the movie is gone baby gone and after mr. Affleck. Joins us now. Good description of the movie. Interesting issue moral dilemma internal struggle also have describing your relationship with the director here. Yup that's that's ended up but if that actually is but it gives based on the growth and how did it work you work with your brother. The actor director very intimate relationship Attica. You know I would like to say something bad about them but he did agree it's you know it was. I mean look after 32 years of you know brotherhood if you guys can make a movie the other than you probably should just soon filled the curtain on the relationship I mean it's but not that hard to make the movie you know he's the director isn't there a dozen action and cut back and do my thing. But you know it's true pick out of the debt communicate well in delegates short answer we could kind of talk and we can collect fight real comfortably you know and any punches exchanges on one. Young and. Got SPD's double size here the only and that my size diamond. There are no prizes broad but there's a lot of times have we despite a still my hands in the movie yes and she's. At one point a couple weeks into the movie and and that and I are arsonists and goaded them to do something and that's terrible and they'll think we're doing their violent side and it and we're like yelling at each other and and so these other. I looked over Michelle discussing and its shares but this is the look at her face is like what have I got myself incidents like this functional. What there was probably the best atmosphere for making a movie and the movie let's get the movie. Very impressive the issue at hand is child abduction it's set in a very authentic Boston you play young private investigator take me through the little bit. Yeah well there's this. And fictional case is based on those slain but the government to river that a little girl who kind of just disappears from other lives alone and in the house the little and no one has any idea where she went in finder. I'm a kind of small. Time private investigator in Boston and it's not the kind of glamorous like smoking the shadows falling around beautiful women. You know PI were you might imagine seeing lose stuff so. This kind of big case suddenly lands in my lap it's nothing like anything I've ever gotten before you find this missing girl pretty high profile case and and as you might imagine the police don't want me to be involved with the bears Morgan Freeman and but I very ambitious and a proud guy and I sort of power through and the budget twists and bunch it's west's I mean this movie's got some twits I will give in ways very impressed.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"He talks about what it was like to be directed in a film by his brother, Ben Affleck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50546102","title":"Oct. 17, 2007: Casey Affleck talks about acting in 'Gone Baby Gone'","url":"/Entertainment/video/oct-17-2007-casey-affleck-talks-acting-baby-50546102"}