Oct. 18, 2007: Ben Affleck talks about directing 'Gone Baby Gone'

Affleck says he wanted the scenes on location to be as authentic as possible.
4:59 | 10/16/17

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Transcript for Oct. 18, 2007: Ben Affleck talks about directing 'Gone Baby Gone'
There's a new movie out called gone baby gone. And it is a kind of thriller kind of detective story no one what they seem no one doing what you think they're going to do. And the new discover not to give the ending a way that it is of about. Everything. And guess what. It's a first time feature film director it's Ben Affleck joining the ranks of Clint Eastwood the Robert Redford's but just said. That's the best you can prepare for an acting role in a few weeks directing. Is an obsession. He it's. It's a whole different. Whole different things took. Me years and years I don't know maybe some directors can do it who are much more proficient or talented but this was. You know completely all consuming every day all day going to sleep thinking about it till you you falsely right the minute you even gotten. A migraine that mature in the hospital did I got. Hospitalized and migrant once I figured out got the medications I was able to get them again the controller yeah I was hospitalized and a little embarrassing but it was. Completely all consuming for me and them. You know my you know fifth west ethics but it was finished him really celebrated. Should that celebrates his very supportive but it was but it was definitely the kind of thing where you know was it was very now as I say complete the well a lot of the critics are saying you have found another calling is to fit your youth director but it's definitely something that I that I hope to be able to do you know. Forever as long as I have the opportunity and and you know there's all manner of opportunities because you know nowadays you can do all kinds of and you go back and forth acting directing that paper yet he can. To do both are ranked Elena talk about your brother the star. A little bit but Morgan Freeman has also been some we have a clip of him he's the captain. Right police forests and I think you'll never guessed everything. About this film so what did you do when you had to tell Morgan Freeman that she wanted to know that take you didn't like that. Oh and don't think expression is well bet there was sort of along the lives of you know if there was definitely a sort of humble. You know shuffle over to amendment if you know fortunately when you have Morgan Freeman you don't need very many takes you know directing a great performance at a Morgan Freeman mostly involves saying action. You know. And Casey. Affleck. Not your first choice you're gonna do the world yes and actually I was. Into the role the now when I was gonna direct goodness I was going to develop an us as a vehicle for me to star in and then as I. Got more interested in a the idea of directing in B idea you know the script itself became cat academy marching I thought. Well maybe. Directly myself and I won't act in it and then I I change the part to be a younger role just for the sake of story became. I thought it made the movie better for it hit the Boston accent down he had the accent he was he would best actor for the part Diddy play hard to get dizzy hijacking for a huge supplement. You know I I knew his days are very well since we have the same agent so it. Put an end around on a care where you know he was here. I battered who said that to review could handle your disputes he had a lifetime of fighting in resolving crises here it. I mean look after 32 years of the you know brotherhood if you guys can make a movie the other than you probably should just so you know drove the cardinal and the relationship I mean it's but it's not that hard to make a movie you know he's the director isn't there until some action and cut back and do my thing. But you know it you think out of we've got to communicate well and delegates short answer we could kind of talk and we could like fight real comfortably you know and any punches exchanged saw want to know and. Got SPD's double size of the year and isn't in that lets us government. Not Batman nut that goes there I've heard him. You also use real people. That use the face as you just saw in crowds as you were found yet the idea for me was to make this as authentic. A feeling movie as possible you not want people feel as they really word in this neighborhood in these parts in these people's houses and one of the things I felt like I understood it was what it was like to be in this city and in order to kind of communicate that authenticity I want it to find real people and so. Rather than using. I when he uses few kind of actors and sense that current terms of extras and small. Sirte players and even smaller role. And so we we cast a lot of not professional actors and and we also used as extras kind of we go announced that the cameras and just. Hope the people kind of showed up to see what was going on when they did we said. You Granby of the movie hit an academic. Failure and bitter moment pictures even go so far the kind of go into bars and say you know. Those of you who are here don't go anywhere. Your you can be in the movie was gonna set up and shoot the scenes program.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Affleck says he wanted the scenes on location to be as authentic as possible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50513429","title":"Oct. 18, 2007: Ben Affleck talks about directing 'Gone Baby Gone'","url":"/Entertainment/video/oct-18-2007-ben-affleck-talks-directing-baby-50513429"}