Oct. 7, 2004: R. Kelly speaks out amid allegations of child pornography

ABC's "Primetime" profiled the R&B singer in 2004.
19:37 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Oct. 7, 2004: R. Kelly speaks out amid allegations of child pornography
He's a phenomenon in the music industry. His famous to his generation as The Beatles were today Ayers. The man who sold thirty million records earned three grammys and topped the music charts all summer is shadowed by the most shameful criminal charges. Fourteen counts of child pornography stemming from that infamous sex tape. And which prosecutors say he stars. But is there something more to the story. Here's Jewish Adolor. With an exclusive interview. Mark Kelly is a one man odd couple. Selling both love and and lost to a catchy group. He's a brilliant musician and self proclaimed Christian man hand one of the great anthems of his generation. Welcome. I NN and and but he's also the author of ball been grind and a defendant in a criminal case charging him with child pornography. Kelly is denied the charges and is awaiting truck. Menace is simple man. You know. I'm among I'm a good person. How low people. People need to understand. But it's who I know. You know I'm not perfect. I'm not some Jesus that people should worship but I am not no demons that would dabble on the criminal. Do you consider yourself conflict of that all about these two personas this incredibly sexual presence on stage. This desire to be an upright and Christian. That's quite a cavern you're trying to distract. Will be in a Christian doesn't necessarily mean. Give this up right person. You know Christian is someone who's we can replace some instances. Got forgive teacher and you say it today doesn't mean you can't see you tomorrow. And that's why guys who use but that can give to be an easy way out after lac has always say in his eight forgive me. Well that's not argue saying it continuing to Craig continued to gang's trip is like walking into a health club and you you'd like 600 pounds you know as you've got a long way to go. Kelly's mix of gospel and were down. Has deep roots in rhythm and blues him but he's given it his own urban street. She's getting ticketed immediate mission silk any day. He was really one of the first R&B artists to be able to compete in the world of hip hop. To be able to be as cool as the rappers as tough as the rappers is interesting is the rappers Khalifa son Nate is a music critic with the New York Times. I think when you listen to. And this idea of I know I shouldn't be doing this but I kind of really want to you know as he sings my mind's telling me no but my body my body's telling me yeah. Robert Kelly was born on the south side of Chicago. Abandoned by his father and raised by a single mom. JoAnne Kelley died in 1993. Just after his son's first record charts. But she is undeniably alive in his memory. We go to McDonald's almost every morning. She picks the couple coffers she witnessed cheap lipstick she believes is realistic going well markup not turn that around and drink from that part. Taste lipstick and coffee to saint because if I could I would marry my mom it's enough she turned me down when you know what happened so. Accepted that but that those are the things that my mother and that we share. When Kelly was a young boy he loved basketball and music. By the time he was eight he and his mom were singing songs for a loose change on the old town Chicago's famed. Commuter routes what are some of your first musical memories are slowing up the record. Couldn't in the on the corner needle. And my mom missed things Stevie Wonder you know. But risky put you couldn't nickel on the on the needle to slow down the rack so the Ross took over the slow and then you can Arnold. And in Ireland indicated that pat. His mom's help he used that old nickel trick to learn Stevie wonders Jan. She said when she learned this. Jim this little riff by here you know you can learn anything and it's a particles and has sunk. The peak of the song in the gulf. All that's also an apology at the data to you that she would DeVon you would not be needed because you never thought that you will be examined. And is really fast the waste the B doesn't sell. Once I got that I was like may. In 1984. Kelly won his first talent contest but perhaps more importantly got his first intoxicating doses of adulation. And then over my mom also alone for there's not enough praying. So was arrested that crowd when you know how school key is is like (%expletive) you've got a little bit of talent they have is like. Goes to screaming. Out he's move move move. And I was and you know and right there was like Peter Pan being bit bad spider you know we can Spider-Man so I was like wow. I don't get this cantaloupe and best quarter got to be honest with myself so. By the early nineties word of Kelly's remarkable talents had reached music executives in New York. And his career took off. Pass yeah. Thank him and. Not only was he winning awards and writing his own kids. What mainstream artists like Celine Dion. Vying for his golden touch has a record producer. John. In 1994. He fell in love with an aspiring singer named a lenient. He has got his. KN. There was a problem. Kelly was 27 and Aaliyah was fifteen their marriage certificate falsely shows a rage as AT. I feel comfortable talking about her. From not really out culpable but just very respectful that part of the story is of interest because. First indication. That Robert Kelly might be interested in very young men and that's why residents don't holds interest and in this story. Of course a lot of people are interested in that story especially when word broke that the two had secretly married he tried to hide that at some point that you didn't. The children. How about that I would not even discuss any of the past any negative. Things about it via sold my memories of that but that's a negative thing though that you rub yours that operates. In 2001. A Leo was killed in a plane crash. Her funeral procession included a horse drawn carriage and a light cost. Even though a Leah and Kelly's marriage had been annulled years earlier by her parents her death rekindle. Questions about Kelly's possible relationships with the teenage girls. Do you think that it is immoral. Four and older men to have sex with an underage. Could rephrase the post. For an older man beaten to have sex. With an underage girls some 170. Me. Do you view that as an immoral thing if their law. There and I really I really can't be the judge of it. Gather my pants. But judging. When this controversy started people who have been following. I've never would've expected. And crime and again and he some people chose to believe that some people chose to ignore but the rumors could no longer be ignored after this videotape surfaced. Videotape allegedly shows Kelly having sex with a fourteen year old girl. And is considered to be the centerpiece in a criminal case in which Kelly is charged with fourteen counts of child pornography old. Last count I had I think this will be six or seven lawsuits. Filed by various women unions. One is good and order it comes to stocks. It's a concert hall can be acoustic. Six. And eighty some bullet train. US UV. Our engineers don't just ask questions. It's no more than they need just more than you used to help. Now the natural barbecued chicken boneless pork for his mashed potatoes. Give. Persecution Branson's side so it. Okay. Quiche. Are hungry man XXL an extra large portion of the food men love hungry man XXL it's good to be full. Sunday Desperate Housewives is TV's best new series the season's must see. Guilty pleasure. It's wonderful. Spectacular. Our late Desperate Housewives is TV bless this could well be ABC's new water cooler. Yeah. Dirty laundry just keeps getting dirty here how much do we really want to know about our name responding to. Something I need central only BC. Music superstar. Him to prison for 51 years his lines and his defense in his own words. Timeline returns after this from our ABC stations. It's the story of two best friends and the came between grew on you want some point and for that. The stakes are high what you want from me the grill brought to mind dorm and the temperatures even hire and fire. I'm bigger man. According to Jane. Day at 9:8 central only on ABC. There's cartridge and he. But isn't. Your assignment. The rescue it's been four days Unscom the struggle for survival BQE ends there is no food. This guy. Now's the time to get lost. Drama on TV. So money dine out. Lost Wednesday 8:7 central only on ABC. And Primetime Live returns with the Chris Cuomo. We continue our look at. The only ones since he was charged with crimes that could send him to prison for 51 years. I was in a cab and the whale. And the cab drivers have been doing and do it. Liked enemies and pause. He and then he said. It's something about child pornography neck and we are got to look at. That lack a look at everything else people say things about you when people. Downed U which I've been down for my lyrics in this business. Oh man. OK. Yeah. Sexual movements almost they are down for a lot of stuff in when you become famous unfortunately life becomes a state. He knowing so you have to be just perfect person which. I'm not. I can't do. Of course the issues shadowing mr. Kelly are not about perfection but criminality and in February of 2000 to a report from Chicago sun times received an anonymous phone. Directing him to go to was mailbox and unit was a 27 minute videotape allegedly showing Kelly having sex with a fourteen year old girl. Building actual identities of the man and girl on the tape and are still a matter of dispute. The state of Illinois it was confident enough in this piece of evidence to charge Kelly in the spring of 2000 too with child pornography. Campbell county judge Carla linebacker that he be good enough health. At the time of the indictment. Kelly was at his second home in Davenport Florida near Orlando. Where he was arrested spent a night in a Florida jail and was then returned to Illinois. Arriving back in Chicago Kelly went straight to the Cook County criminal court to turn himself being. Even before he got to the front door he was abruptly pulled aside arrested again and read his rights. Doesn't stand a good decent candidate make music she knows that his neck million dollars. Anderson it is a great start from turning four we're doing reports. There's then. Within hours the three time Grammy Award went ahead 21 counts of child pornography charges on his resident. Pled not guilty to all. I'm just looking four to my being court. Significantly he could not be charged with statutory rape because the young girl the police believe it is in the video has repeatedly denied that it's her. What's more although the state of Florida also filed child pornography charges against Kelly those charges have been dismissed. Illinois it's since been narrowed to fourteen counts. Still a conviction on any one count could put our Kelly in prison for at least six years. He's convicted on all the maximum would be 51. In addition there's been a handful of civil lawsuits by women. Against Cali. You've settled some of these lawsuits out of court can't talk about even the ones that are not in trial are more now the united game. Pertaining to. The in lawsuits and things like that let me ask a question just more broadly than. It'll last count I had I think was maybe six or seven lawsuits. Filed by. Various women enhanced. A shred of truth in any of wounds were injured and some. And even allegations the only thing I can say about. Can use the stocks. Ones in the war whether it comes to stocks. Kelly says the loss to her about money and finance. Who wants his money and people who believe his music fans. This whole. West of people know about Robert they don't know Robert K. They see his dad. Popping Chris found in the video in its loan and that means that you. That women around who think wow that thing but when you do it or video. In this winter when he million times a day. All data well. People that forced to have this impression. Hinge can blame. Do you feel like you're paying a price for. This persona that you created this image that you create yes. Hell yes was obedience and there was. While trying to contain myself I know you are are created my music. And I do video us in the video has the make sense. If there's a Barbara Graham video. It is going to live company where self interest and I believe Martin Frost's own. Gone and he's somewhere in the court. Cream beautiful Eagles and things like that I think people should think the same thing when they go to the movies and they see. Arnold Schwarzenegger cut somebody he at all what shops and buy you know for shoot somebody Tony's haven't checked that some movie it's entertainment. Opt in to take that doesn't mean he's gonna come out of a movie and gold to get to some. This all into tent will vote all respect and Arnold Schwarzenegger is not. Not charged with child pornography could beat it could be chop wood anything it still doesn't matter. Mets. Then mountains east. News. Where news. Curiously all of the allegations and losses have not dented mr. Kelly's popularity. He's still making songs still selling millions of records. But even. Would be the first to admit that he is is a cautionary tale about success that arrives too early. And wisdom a little too late. We ended the interview I played in a song he had written about the old days back in his Chicago neighborhood. Before his mom's death. Before his image was believed we. Also missing yeah.

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{"id":48711241,"title":"Oct. 7, 2004: R. Kelly speaks out amid allegations of child pornography","duration":"19:37","description":"ABC's \"Primetime\" profiled the R&B singer in 2004.","url":"/Entertainment/video/oct-2004-kelly-speaks-amid-allegations-child-pornography-48711241","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}