Omarosa Manigault on Voter Fraud, Women's March and More

Manigault spoke to "The View" co-hosts about the president's recent comments.
5:50 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Omarosa Manigault on Voter Fraud, Women's March and More
It's gonna say yeah I was saying that although some of these policies and school choice want not. Have a positive outreach I think there are some who feel that because of the statements he's made. That a divisive but want not that we're doomed and they have this philosophy of we're doing how can you reach those people to say holds on second. Listen to what we're actually trying to do and give us a chance I think. That once people see the results of me he's about. Delivering at being productive and we've already seen from this first week. That he is going to do exactly what he said he's going to do and we can't trust that it Donald Trump says he's going to get jobs he's gonna bring. Back it manufacturing. That he's about America first then that's what he means we've seen that at five days and people who even disagree with them have to agree that this first week. Has been probably one the most productive weeks of any of ministry has but it seems that sometimes he gets a little off track as well he goes back to the crowd size at the inauguration now a voter fraud. Investigation with three to five million people voting you know a legally. And now you have Jason statements from Utah member of congress who says I'm gonna start an investigation into this because I don't see any evidence of it. Is this a distraction for a precedent that there's a time of adjustment you know he's not a politician he's never held office and he's moving from. Private sector to governing and it takes an adjustment time I think in the first five days he's done a spectacular job of dealing with the most important high pressure. Job in the world and so we have to give him time to make that shift and I believe that you will see. That this president is going to be incredible for this country and I am excited about what's happening with this demonstration I'm very honored to be a part of what would they find out in the voted for an investigation. Hillary won the election will be doing over can't find out that because she didn't do it. Doesn't want to fight. Anything is possible but I think what's more port right now I think about the families who lost. Loved ones in the tornadoes I think about. The families that the president talk about this week who became victims of violence because of illegal immigrant at. I'd like to continue talk about the election it amuses me but the truth is we had a real and tells. We've real issues that and there are real America and not let. Problems that we have to address OK you are considered the table continue to talk about those things in the media but we haven't stopped stimulus grant at night out with a crowded to make sure the American -- quiet -- exactly what lady jumping here real quickly. Video could be an operation mill eat millions of women marched around the world to protest president trump. Many were offended some the things he said along the way but how did you how did you remedy this as a woman did you did any of this resonate with you. Americans and a very proud Americans let's start with that and I know people like to put labels. Grosses black she's a woman she says I'm an American first and singles when it marks last week in May be very proud. It's one of the most important fundamental rights of we have in this country from the right to assemble the freedom of speech and the right to protest I love sending them MRSA mark. I. Now the march for life. That I hope that you all will give the same type of coverage that you did yeah yeah covered yesterday and today it's going on right now and sold that same freedoms should be afforded to all American at that I'm so glad that the vice president. It's probably of preparing to speak. At the march for life right now my sense is this it's sort of this event our society right politics you know politics is a tough game. It's this my second time in the White House so I'm not really new to the tension that comes with it. What's new to me is since this. This the desire to paint Donald Trump with his negative breast without giving them a chance to do it and it just in this. We've been talking about how divisive this collection is Ann and Greg since we've been talking about how divisive this election is. We often say that it comes from the top he he did lead this -- divisive campaign. Will we hear him apologize. Immediately clear diplomat and apologized and apple or course are not getting you eat that stood by everything that he set and now and outlook stable reporter didn't meet a lot of it again able recorder. You think do you say that if you see an of people late may start to believe that grabbed let me just say they entered Mexico and a math. Don't think keeps throwing things at a much but it really offer that what I rebels say is the American people to listen to me right now and right here. We are committed to making this country the best it's going to be we're not going to look. In the past. We're gonna look for it and put this country first and that's what's not been happening in the last eight years we're trying to put America first went up put people back to work but to make sure people are safe and that's what we wanted to have that same this year under a table for you all the negotiate things that you do you want to talk about for the past. But I now work for this country. And I take my job very seriously isn't I had every dares I think the still I. Yeah right as I CBO we have one minute last. My handsome fiance travel all we hear from Jackson Ville Florida and he has learned the body experts are on talk about my maiden. I'm I thought I am we're getting married I'm so glad that he's here he's a Democrat or Republican we get a lot of time exits are. So he's my spirit that he's going to be my husband Ed Abrams and it's so happy event here with me and even though he's such joy and I hope that. You want big sign that kind of joy joy umbrella all. Now please they absolutely no that's right. It can get high right now I'm things over us and we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Manigault spoke to \"The View\" co-hosts about the president's recent comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45094219","title":"Omarosa Manigault on Voter Fraud, Women's March and More","url":"/Entertainment/video/omarosa-manigault-voter-fraud-womens-march-45094219"}