Oprah Shows Dark Side on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Talk show host steals and gets into fist fights on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".
7:23 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oprah Shows Dark Side on 'Jimmy Kimmel'
Sandy. The startled me. -- -- you nice to meet you call it's nice to meet you know I'm looking forward to hearing your -- instead. The animal that was OK thank you. -- -- -- -- So your network the Oprah Winfrey network AKA own. -- I have to show ideas for it and I think you know life group takes that you remember on year old show when you give away your favorite things will move to. Just -- those were your favorite things right. Yeah it now you don't have them anymore because you gave them away. And they show. -- take them back. Jumped up and down and screamed and cried when gave them all that stuff. I'm -- and how much still cry when you take it back. -- -- -- it's not stealing in your favorite your Oprah's favorite things you're Oprah. You're just taking your things back. -- -- -- So doubts know -- know. All right let us. -- celebrity interviews. You done those Wright who. On this show though you -- nine would interview people together. It's called Jimmy and Oprah interview Jimmy. And Oprah interview we -- -- with the title but here's another thing. Welcome back to -- -- you know in an interview. Jennifer Aniston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You think I think. And yes it is it's difficult it can be difficult. I guess the movie's called wonder -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- movie was also among gay horror -- around the time. You know. He's already when you really saying about his friend and -- -- -- -- I have no idea that's what's happening. When we come back into rooms up about -- -- your house wedding -- -- -- slightly ahead -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks to host asking questions is the same time and -- -- too confusing. Quote on view they have like eight people actually -- That works. Just come back now. Okay this is for the woman wants more romance in her life women want that right -- It is okay now imagine. The most romantic place possible. This show is called. Among -- his -- sex sells. I happen to have a little something they call it. It -- -- -- -- live online three. So McClellan back. You can take out our but only if he's not really on the phone. She just says she doesn't want to wrap things up. Anything else. Eight. Your book club. That was great right it was big success -- -- but let's be honest reading is like the most boring thing in the world so. The show. Picture book club and gives it a twist. Salient point. -- have you thought about this. Which character had the most to lose. Clearly the hero of this book -- skelter Atticus. Tom Robinson. Not -- -- Did you -- who -- with -- if that's funny. -- Bradley is not a hero Oprah is a peripheral character if anything. I beg to differ. Plan. -- -- send you actually read this book Oprah. No you didn't do you actually read the British that the winner club read the US Jamie -- -- -- I read to -- -- lot of aren't exactly. Pounding. Thank you so much for coming -- I don't know I have one -- -- I think it's it's the best -- -- OK I just one more. Things just better be good -- Doctors. You love them right doctor -- Dr. Phil and they're both great but let's be honest neither one of them is a real doctor actually -- so get ready. For an appointment. With the best Oprah doctor yet. Hi ladies and -- -- I was thinking I want it to -- an -- -- you. -- more years it's called by Jimmy. I generally. Like. I can no not by Ginny it's. Hey -- He. I'm not following presidents. Okay.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Talk show host steals and gets into fist fights on \"Jimmy Kimmel Live!\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15798365","title":"Oprah Shows Dark Side on 'Jimmy Kimmel'","url":"/Entertainment/video/oprah-winfrey-shows-dark-side-on-jimmy-kimmel-live-15798365"}