'Orange is the New Black' actress talks newest season

ABC News' Michael Rothman sits down with Amanda Stephen from "Orange is the New Black."
14:32 | 06/12/17

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Transcript for 'Orange is the New Black' actress talks newest season
I'm Michael Roth and ABC news and like millions other this week and Iowa is I didn't leave my apartment the entire weakened because I was busy binge watching. Oranges the new black and to joining me today is a special member of the cast Amanda Stephen who plays Alison of Dele. One of the new faces in Richfield. And I have to say you guys have got to the end. With one of the most emotional. Craze the roller coaster rides. Season five. Think use some for joining us gas the president you federal let's write yourself here is talking of a newborn daughter so do. Do those eggs in. About six weeks all that just amaze me everything you hear. Me wonderful. Life changing the army. Expression while all of this one a whole. For years coming out of season high time this wonderful. He's taking in doing. So. It's at away Anderson kill me isn't the rock it's. On the university photograph. You see half. If there's little. Aggression by. Your Conn that's fine. I am who we onboard with the use the path. And entities here. I majored in the year and communicate. Well he can't keep marked as well communications. Day did. Did. Going in the world it is. Just possible. It's sir I. Did on the sidelines for me. It was very. It's day it was intense mean you've hurt EC. US. Like it did and I would never. All me XP in. Miles. Per. I have no pomp of that. It's not Iraq rightly. Or embezzle I will explain exactly how outcry and he went mountain. So we audience unified care. A crazy roller coaster ride also. We call bottle neck at this guess whose shot and three if it's considered three days in that timeline it was that like to be and I mean. Probably one of the more thrilling seasons we've seen just up and down his roller coaster for the entire. Season what was that like them. Intents. Three days everything takes place to meet gays in the field. I was in season four. Season and it was just completely different feel. It. Everybody got into because where we left off. You start feeling that's gonna eat at ten the next season so real when it. It was exhilarating. I hats remind myself that well it's still the same today. Picnic topics and usually Wear and act exactly. And. And its will or for people out there. Quickly as your last chance to click off over to touch on a few things outs in a season four we lost beloved who say it was also smear Wylie just right. Part of the Stanley part of the cast. And ads can imagine stepping at that time with an exciting at this that's as well. It was. And I came in and she we all I was pregnant again oh dorm how slowly becoming a part of that group and then the Los hit every one. In that parents and every one. But it hits it hits her closest friends harnessed and you'll see in this season how people are dealing with the loss. The human experience. And how people cope with loss but some people a proactive. Some people. Aren't. So I'm not to do any spoiler alerts but she she's still very strong presence in the season and she's actually the driving force for a lot of the change. Couldn't. Through a few degrees separations that means we up the season four ended where a cliffhanger. I you know holding on guards that we can say that it yeah you getting any a year is enough time. I yeah you need to get we will do anything five you know crazy. Obviously at a joke out people and seeing them like. It's crazy that hyper carries out our simple you know people die in prison explodes it's not that they did pats did the daring thing to do planes and six. This interfere athletes and fitness water completely that's been cleaned it up I don't. But on. Well but your caregivers on your cactus arms and Muslim. With a jab and pronouncing that correctly. It's that some people say it's he'd. And that's obviously. Very angry she is as a person but she's which which is brilliant she's more than just a religion. And so how is that the kind of go win that gotten character that's rich background. And it really is important have representation. Of all these diverse cultures and backgrounds and religions. That's what warrants does. It takes away the stereotype. And spit takes away being. Different and misunderstood and shows a universe Valentin everyone's. And shows that everybody has a family everybody has personal issues every lion has. Characteristics. That have nothing to do with the color of their skin. Their political views. Their religious backgrounds. And it's out of strips away. All of that and and you seen this season. You learn more about Alison you learn more about a lot of the other. That was one of my biggest disappointment. We teen's background at least hundred where. You learn seasons patents. Also Tony. Well ever now. But you learn. More about her and need you learn a lot of then you're in means that come in. And but that's the beauty Lawrence breaks down superiors. And personifies people in the end and he. Highways every went together am what's more in common. Than what's different about everybody but they celebrate the differences as well in a positive way via the. And use you mentioned obviously that the grieving. On camera with the cast and and and your your crow and a lot of mingling with his which is grave play how off camera how to deal with this scenario leaving and obviously. That was a tough thing to to adjust they they are such a family. It is a love I love seeing that we were at the Mir on Friday we're talking about that. And it's just the feeling across the board actors and acts and should was yes. It's such a family atmosphere and it was so excited and delighted it's just like such a great thing. It honestly to me feels like she still apart you know you just because he's no longer. As the characters in the liner there she still very much a part of life in the spirit of Lawrence you know. And as far as friends wise she's still very much connected with reference you know. As she's an actress and their other opportunities and things that are and it also excited for her. Theories and yes this is to really wow and I think everybody has such a positive outlook and all the other actors. Oh majority of us aren't so we now about. You know collaboration. And support each of it is rough year now as far as when he first time. You know she came from julliard and and so and she has a lot of connections here in the market. And she's friends with so many people it's honestly second analysts. There is it's not like we'll never hear or see her again she was not some excellent news for exactly those teens. She's she's warrants. YC's she's. Truly I. They're very good at the stone phase of the spoilers but I do want to touch and cared little bit more. You can talk around it. Show I'll give you that freedom. We said obviously we learned all I care to apple would you expect hope for her board she really is in my mind I think I called her. It's more in the Ginny cricket she's very the voice of reason very composed. Very Smart again I'm talking around. When things get crazy she does take its very calm balanced land of doing things who would you like to seen. For her four. I'd like to seat. She's. Right. As we can think he'd gotten yeah. All that's OK. Now I my feeling is that. Maybe what ever did happened. The way she's composing herself could the vote last. That's what an app personally. Melts and its name from last season then why she does she does say you know. In the rest of specs like you know people who don't allow. Others to voice their Keenan. And have there say. You know stuff gets really accurately quickly. Right so that's kind of to me sounding that maybe I'm may have been where she did. And like you shields of the dawn. I urge you shown that she's very that's isn't force again I'm not there yet for environmentalists who did try and tread very good in my head to keep things separate. Pat and so it's it's great that so many layers to her and we haven't really gotten her fully. Also what's the reaction been to playing such a positive Muslim character which we need more. Again I eased early on I can't say enough. Some of his more than their religion and I more than just one thing the multifaceted. Person care. It's been very positive. Not a large fans are amazing and their so support and they're so excited about. Albany teen ages like you that you inmates coming in and all the news stories and and and just think it's really exciting. Then you. The evil acts I'm holding him back though he just came out of Friday citing people like cats. And then heading into the season six. Would expect from actively again without. Opera is that you look at it like it did there lake we came about five. What's the question. Would you like to see we're actually things to go there aside from possibly get more back story bank dying to know Morton. You know do you actually know he's. I know I think we're talking with some of the the actresses on Friday and they said they did know. They rose to Santo. Came out so is he became a threat situation Rio de. Acts that's it that's it's it's a blessing and a curse I really don't know. Now that's okay. Reader I thank you don't lie I would not YTI just won't share everything. He did not pan of the shaft so. Sometimes. A paid purposely. Jones read into every scene and I'll just like just get a good glimpse of it I want to who everybody every cast member is. Fan of the show I came in season or. Diehard fan season when two and 3 and this evening coming and I was like okay. The system Reno but this is life and everyone's so warm and welcoming but it's still a big fan of the show so I don't know. You favorites in thus far that year involved in Armenian that you're not one then. The spartans pre count favorite scene for this new season this season last season could be anyone I'll give you that openings that way you're not. Into the corner there is seen this season nightly news spoiler where. It. And changes. In. In which. A lot of when. As you know. Aging here near lax in me. For loan currently acts. Which also you know at first their differences separated and there there comment brings together. There's changes you know some. Some changes and we'll see you at entertaining. Frank those are fine it is getting its. Full scenes Apache. The power her. And changing the exit. It I you can relax. I'll let it rest there pop idling. The city's with the joining mean I can't stand. Cameron steers. Oranges it's better and better. Every season and and he said the birds it's a beautiful show when everyone has the zone here here at home if you're not a home. We T get off work against all weekend lots of the fantastic she oh. Firm and you so much for joining. Michael and you can watch it.

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{"id":47986268,"title":"'Orange is the New Black' actress talks newest season","duration":"14:32","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman sits down with Amanda Stephen from \"Orange is the New Black.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/orange-black-actress-talks-newest-season-47986268","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}