Oreo Lover's Cookie Contraption

David Neevel invents a machine that separates the cookie from the cream.
3:56 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oreo Lover's Cookie Contraption
Maybe Steve is evil and I'm physicist and cover your letter written frigid but interesting. -- Or. My Oreo some -- machine is an entirely based on news that dislike -- And preference for -- because by OSM it's just an Akron. Here's -- on all sorts that amid -- of some scraps of aluminum one of the hardest things to. Overcome was to. Learn how to build robots and make him work but it is also difficult to. -- my hands war. And the back for an hour. Did not only makes me -- to sit here and work on it all day and night but it makes the cookies cold and that makes the cream more difficult to separate from the this is where the Oreo actually starts on the machine -- -- one here. This arm grabs the Oreo and it places that over here. I don't have a country is -- I guess if it did have won it could be something like. Let's get that cream out of there were like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And these two -- -- I think they're ready for the first real important process. He decision process. I've been working on my machines. Now -- Point four. -- point 04 years. -- used. Tools wires and -- and a lot of aluminum. The division process is carried out by this hat -- which lowers down. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I've got this loss to kind of keep creamy Oreo -- from sticking to the hatchet boy ha. -- That -- it was a big time commitment to build a machine -- -- to. Works long hours and gets in my girlfriend my dogs for hours of times and times and I had to trying to find. Like a good sandwich in this part of the city -- there are a lot of sacrifices against him. And then these firms will come down to receive the two -- house and then bring them over here. Two this little trade. And then that trade clamps the Orioles down and -- them and -- -- ready for the next step which is the CMC. Router table it's gonna take -- cream off the -- -- -- courage knowing your time. -- in the to -- delicious and Orioles. --

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{"id":18610324,"title":"Oreo Lover's Cookie Contraption","duration":"3:56","description":"David Neevel invents a machine that separates the cookie from the cream.","url":"/Entertainment/video/oreo-lovers-cookie-contraption-18610324","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}