Oscar Breakdown: Best Actor

Peter Travers on George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Jean Dujardin.
3:06 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Oscar Breakdown: Best Actor
Let's start with -- back. The nominees Howard Dean in this year in a better life now to vehicle -- nominated it also that's -- -- you know being mean nobody thought. George Clooney in the descendants and George when he was on the show and you know a lot to say about the distance so let's let George -- speak for a second. The journey from them which is an interest in ones that. Of -- come to terms with the fact that he was never. That he was he had lost any of the the things that he thought he had. While formal way and and having to to look himself and the Mir and thousands of really wonderful writer really wonderful filmmaker he -- very subtle -- Thank you just at great it was great to hear that again and again I'm usual path he -- -- artist -- bill. Who is a big competitor of police who was also -- -- -- and spoke. So let's hear John speak. Just on time in his movie star -- nineteen twins. Is. It the big night you six -- Sometimes -- fees from them. -- He has no instinct for the future. -- we have Gary Oldman and tinker -- soldiers. Now if I had my way I would wish that a guy like Gary on The Who has never been nominated for an Academy Award this is his first time. And he's brilliant in this movie as the masters by -- Never been nominated I would love a surprise because I think it would mean something there. -- -- -- talk about what Oscar means. It's nice when people like that were coming. From right. A nice -- nice things could occur of course is -- And this -- this perhaps feels like the time to. Let the wife. And on mobile there for awhile and what the white -- Meehan and -- and see what happened to you that happened. All right and then Brad Pitt in money Brad -- you know the beautiful Brad being nominated as a serious actor for money. Everybody we'll tell you in this context that it's between George Clooney and Brad Pitt to the sexiest -- alive there fighting for this award. And I think that George Clooney will pull it off and win. But I think there could be a surprise and it's the surprise happened. I'm saying it's Johnson -- in the -- I think this guy is a personal charm assault. I think they love this movie and I think they love him so George and John. The two charm boys fighting it out but I'm still gonna say Clooney wins. But the spoiler could be on to.

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{"id":15760215,"title":"Oscar Breakdown: Best Actor ","duration":"3:06","description":"Peter Travers on George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Jean Dujardin.","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-breakdown-best-actor-15760215","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}