Oscar Breakdown: Best Actress

Can fresh faces unseat Hollywood heavyweights?
2:45 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Oscar Breakdown: Best Actress
All right. Best actress what -- the nominees year blend called than Albert Viola Davis in the hill Rooney Mara and girl with the dragon. To Meryl Streep in the iron lady Michelle Williams. It's a contest. Between Meryl Streep who everybody says hasn't won an Oscar since the price the scene there. Which means 1982. And selfish choice he has to but he hasn't won it. In so long she needs it what would Glenn Close to -- out there who's been nominated five or six times. And has never won but anyway we're supposed to feel sorry that Merrill hasn't had gold for awhile. And then Viola Davis by Evelyn Davis in the -- the movie that is the only movie. In these major Oscar nominees in the bond between -- 170 million dollar nothing else -- 800. This is the movie the public life. Viola Davis was on the show and she talked a little bit about what to help make her so let's hear that. I just think it's a story of hope cartridge. It's something about. The -- reached in the ordinary. Person. That resonates with people the underdog story now I'd love what Viola Davis saying all my heart. Goes to -- this I think if you route with the young actresses Rooney Mara -- only 27 would be the youngest in this category. She was on the show and she seemed a little tentative about stuff which he loved playing the growth objectives of -- You know I think I have a lot of hurt me to Begin a lesson and maybe it was brought out a little more -- you know I'm not I also -- and -- very introverted sort of quiet person and tell me. I can be quite non verbal times. Very slow to warm he is and -- trustee Alan. I definitely have to sort of investigate every every -- facts that have something in and I have to understand things fully before am willing to engage with them and I think he definitely. Let me be -- come down to what's gonna happen so I am saying it goes to Viola Davis I don't think the academy -- That Meryl Streep is hasn't won in so long I think they care about Viola Davis the civil rights movement. A woman who was in made in Mississippi in the sixties. I think they -- to stand up to this movie. And taken -- stand up for. -- while picking come and get if you haven't for a.

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{"id":15760253,"title":"Oscar Breakdown: Best Actress","duration":"2:45","description":"Can fresh faces unseat Hollywood heavyweights?","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-breakdown-best-actress-15760253","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}