Oscar Nominations

Yahoo! Movies' Thelma Adams on the surprise nominees and snubs.
5:05 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Oscar Nominations
Few topics spark as much water cooler debate -- the Academy Award nominations this year will be no different than today's nominations are already sparking major debate on Twitter and FaceBook. We've gotten not who movies contributing editor Thelma Adams into the path -- -- found 150. Let's. That's Victor Hugo Martin's -- he's still. So huge yeah. Nominee and right I mean and you have to -- perspective first it's. -- -- teacher -- it has a very broad appeal and it also is a movie that. You know is about old Hollywood and making this movie -- him you know it's -- loved movies about how to put -- big mirror. It's 3-D and it Scorsese but it's interesting because. Normally you'd say eleven nominations it's the front runner but it didn't hit any of the acting Venetian. And a lot of that is -- call so you think that the artists we're talking early and ardent -- I think the artist has had to -- shot I think it's the front -- I think the descendants has a trip terrific shot. I think that helped still has the terrific shy. Although I was a little concerned it didn't yet have asked adapted screenplay nominee. That we just might not so much to worry about -- in or any big surprises for you best picture category. I think extremely loud and incredibly close to getting. With a surprise girl with the dragon tattoo not getting it was a surprise right. So those things you know -- to -- -- didn't -- it -- it seemed like it was going to -- that there -- few things that -- -- dropped and dropped out. War horse -- Alba Steven Spielberg the director did not. Get a best director nominations. -- -- On Andrea or is there let's talk about best actor because there again there were some surprise. This was where there were the biggest surprises. You know you have the basics. Toward planning George Clooney -- -- George. Brad Pitt John -- they're there and you know we thought it could be Michael Fox -- -- here Leonardo DiCaprio for. Edgar totally shut out and yet we had -- -- and and Gary Oldman steps in which I'm very happy about tinker -- soldiers -- Yeah it -- talking -- -- -- soldiers drive it's prize. I'm right and not an end -- this year. For a better life now. I don't have a lot of people of Phoenix. I mean it he got a few of the critics' awards early. But he hasn't made -- really -- strong play. And here is that this -- really big on an air temperature for his career also this is completely -- that's not happened yet now let's talk about -- actress Merrill Streep gave an amazing turn and iron lady -- as her hair this is her year let's remind people. -- -- she's been nominated this is her seventy nomination. She has gotten the award Weis once best supporting for Kramer vs Kramer once best actress first -- choice. But she got in 1983. It has -- -- -- now nine years -- AG behind and that dry spell I think it -- and she is you know. You see your -- Margaret Thatcher. And it's not Merrill street. Margaret Thatcher I think it's brilliant but a lot of up against south of the -- payment a lot of people think and how he would be the and they're both great and also it's interesting is they were both in doubt together and they're good friends other kind of walking down a red carpet together supporting each -- right it's not what can I I -- -- -- -- -- -- That nomination William I -- island show I think I've ever as an actress I think the -- a little small thing you know but she is so. As Marilyn Monroe and yes that's. It's not an impersonation from -- When I am your biggest surprises. I was really surprised that Albert Brooks did not get -- nomination best supporting actor. I thought he was terrific and -- I thought it was going to be -- verses Christopher Plummer. Was. -- -- that's where I was hoping things that all. That -- for Harry Potter. And or Andy Serkis who was terrific and a rise of the apes and is a pioneer of performance capture those -- did. Another surprise I would say is. The six extremely loud and incredibly close. With a best supporting actor nomination for next month. That picture right. Well we'll certainly be an exciting -- Area exciting also black hammer out -- Any history it has its. -- Thelma thank you -- --

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{"id":15432360,"title":"Oscar Nominations","duration":"5:05","description":"Yahoo! Movies' Thelma Adams on the surprise nominees and snubs.","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-nominations-15432360","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}