The Oscar Nominees Are...

"Gravity" and "American Hustle" lead the 2014 Academy Award nominations.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for The Oscar Nominees Are...
The Oscar nominations are out and so of course the waiting begins Hollywood getting an early morning call with the question now who will win who will get snubbed and will there be any big surprise -- this year itself to break down the lowdown on all things Oscar. Peter Travers from Rolling Stone in our own -- -- thanks for being with us this morning. I was what -- what it's like when you get that early morning call -- Hollywood because for here in the East Coast it's like you know midmorning Varity had a cup of coffee with celebrities out there -- adage that all pretend that there. -- -- -- And there are people called them later in the debt. Matthew McConaughey Kate told ABC news this morning that actually has a light that the alarm and panic at the call she shrieked in something that -- -- -- -- exclusive. Some of what banana Kelly he's admitting -- I can -- -- so let's get right to the nominees and I was predict pictured are for best picture American -- captain phillips' Dallas buyers gravity. Her Nebraska and -- in -- the wolf of Wall Street and twelve years a -- Any big surprise. I think that -- mean as a surprise it's a movie that everybody likes but it didn't seem that would have that kind of heat. Do it right and a lot of people love inside -- Davis because it's the Coen Brothers and they're saying. Why isn't that getting something but it did not you were surprised that it wasn't a swap on that -- less well. I haven't actually agree with you because also especially than that limited you have Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan and he's big names anchoring it -- The same time funny and as such sweet baby and there's Judy and Judy the exits show you don't miss it. -- not certain nominee and an epic. Nine nominees as opposed to the I mean it really -- at this point as it -- even mean anything when you've got nine out nobody could survive look. And help accumulated only the -- at the -- that's a -- in the little town like say ten nominations war gravity in American hustle right -- for twelve years later. And the story. They're better there's -- and they -- that didn't -- a -- I will let into the individuals and best actress Amy Adams for American pop both. She's -- Box and I thought -- -- -- -- -- jasmine Sandra Bullock for gravity Judi Dench for it would mean and Merrill street for August Osage county. I I would dare I ask who are you supporting up or not surprised by. We talked about this before Peter and I both love Amy Adams she's nominated every single year personal talents and -- ever want and -- -- her. Her moment and I really hope that this here -- that it won't but analysts. -- Will be the winner but what happened to Emma Thompson -- she was supposed to be had in the bed receive statements she won some -- -- the ones that keep Atlantic didn't. And suddenly she's got a good but where's Merrill fallen all of us did you know that she's the perennial favorite she's. There -- had a relative a -- in the discussion though all Obama it's Easton. -- that's -- I don't Republicans. -- for the guys best actor Christian Bale for American -- Brewster and for Nebraska Leonardo DiCaprio will Wall Street. Chew it tell edge of part twelve years a slave Matthew McConaughey Kate for Dallas buyers club. Big snubs on this one -- don't -- yeah Tom Hanks is mr. Hollywood. He'll be nominated twice supporting for statements to banks. The captain phillips' best actor good -- Robert Redford today opening the Sundance film -- fortieth anniversary of that. -- press conference celebration of the academy did. Then again nothing on. -- -- Should talent here we liked and well it wouldn't we like -- -- that was not a big surprise if not at all not at all but I think those are the TO. You know all that ever expect taking. Redford and Hanks yeah -- Signs that someone's gonna someone's gonna have some explaining. Best supporting actor bark cut Abdi captain Phillips Bradley Cooper American -- Michael -- -- your slave -- it will Wall Street -- -- Dallas buyers club. Who's coming up -- -- on this one. It's always been there always been there well it especially with that kind of make up that he was able to -- -- rock star yet -- actor wearing heels. At this in the eighties say more for the planet that's that's that's that's it it's -- apparently beautiful woman he -- on top. Oh my god gave I was really excited for John -- how I think it's nice to see him sort. Doing bigger and better things -- Hollywood his second big Oscar nomination -- years and I think. It's -- for -- who would have thought that when he was starting that. He beat two time. Knopf and looking -- and clearly owning a part in this one level I wish I could be in -- went after and makes the congratulatory call because you know it's going to. But it will be right. Our best supporting actress Sally Hawkins for blue jasmine Jennifer Lawrence American hustle. But Peter young goat for twelve years of slave Julia Roberts August Osage county and -- -- For Nebraska. -- my favorite is -- -- they out of this one. Really why I think it through the other is a slate for me I think -- this -- everything that isn't just an amazing however idol is known -- not only eight intelligent and handsome man. All you could actually predict. Academy that check is in the mail. -- great sound awfully talented there has yet he has not he's not standing up. For the biggest moment of the entire Oscar nominee I know Oprah Winfrey. How could -- a -- witnessed and out of three. Temperature relationship. -- it. I'll just being shut it -- Good behind it there's it wasn't. What does remain is it because of the was that the release of the film what was that was it too much star power that went into -- biggest really -- -- it's like. Wait a minute the -- wasn't that lashed does that even in the. Cost a lot of momentum whereas American -- coming out in December yet I think -- you know again. To do for David O. Russell the director -- American -- to get not he's all four of his actors right nominations which he did last year. When he did silver linings playbook all four of them hasn't happened thirty years yet he does it twice in a row while I don't want to work for this guy. I get he had his -- -- up a blood getting to the directors that the nominees for best director. Upon Zocor on gravity Alexander Payne Nebraska Steve McQueen twelve -- a slave and -- -- -- -- For the wolf of Wall Street. What are we thinking that's a pretty diverse group it's great after all -- -- a -- rough equivalent to talk about. Well that's been drilled and -- -- moment but you know -- Is amazingly actors but the fact is gravity -- this visual spectacle. Coming from this man who had done that before. At its. I don't know I just think they'd love that last year the director winner wasn't Steven Spielberg for Lincoln as it was supposed to -- -- but angling for electoral pie in love. That kind back. Big surprise. I agree with Peter schacknow hitters and that's why all alcohol I always -- -- I think I think he's pretty people thought gravity for the acting obviously Sandra Bullock got -- -- here but. People really wanted to see it so that they could just be transported. -- and watch this beautiful master. So the excitement was building up from the golden gloves and now of course there was any waiting to see -- who'll win but how the entire show will go off hosted by Ellen DeGeneres what are -- looking for expectations from Alan. There's going to be dancing -- have a -- nobody out dance I think she's so great she's such a great choice for that -- great a lot but for her. It's totally -- she's funny issues -- and the actors love her they left head and they can sort of relax around her you know I they're not going to be afraid. -- this is not -- for days this is not set McFarland. Where they always think am I going to be good but it's not even -- name -- which kind of -- yes I want them to host. War. I just -- hands down they were made about her ouster -- -- -- -- it but -- that is Healey -- he's gonna make a cameo any -- -- -- I don't think you -- and now comes back and does it again which may be every five years and that it expects -- you can't. Does make people do -- you're seeing a new change youth. In Hollywood -- Heidi we'll -- There's no Robert Redford there's no Tom Hanks but there is Christian Bale there is Leonardo DiCaprio there is Jennifer Lawrence. All of this is change and if they invite him. Younger members to be voters yet paid it. Well. But there Judi Dench -- is indeed -- return threat so than the average age is a hundred. They may go I don't at this point -- -- and then of course they Meryl -- sitting sitting atop the entire empire but the real moral of these Oscar nominations is for actors don't be on the war. You know there was Tom Hanks on the water Robert Redford on the water there's -- they don't. Yeah that's. Earlier so a 188 miles above the bigger you may have a chayet Peter Leslie thank you guys so much we will look and see how close we can come to a recap. -- Clippings -- thank you thank you.

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