What you need to know about the Oscar nominations

ABC News talks Academy Award nominations surprises, snubs and top stories.
21:23 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for What you need to know about the Oscar nominations
Oh my gosh you guys if you could have heard the yelling and its roof those. Aren't even at the end of an annual Academy Award nominees first of all the entire rooms is creating. Of the day. Both both it was twenty. The nation's most dental striving guys. That are angry with you of it at the that would admit a out of an eight years ago that now negatively when it. Got an affair with then they'll get at it let's talk about it are we supporting act here. Yellow we think we got Sam Rockwell and that's now Woody Harrelson Christopher Plummer and Richard Jenkins whose time had come as a surprise for me. Up to surprise you don't of the bubble in Hamburg and it seemed to be going into that it's not it was present while other army with a guided but it stands a year shamrock way everybody has free billboard think. He's had cabinet that's not step did. Right and this is the old Kevin Spacey at least he served as plumbers Acton hecla mining in the world obviously no I think that back I want to the Oscars gives them type lenient or like app back there like X-Factor for alike. Stepping hand last minute rice paddy and delivering a great wins solidly and that they really consider the conditions of the few to be and of your campaigns. Even as. And I hated narrative today supporting actress. Crazy category level lot of these it is that's a got it to be had a two obvious is not to did not missed the two bits of your hometown from downsizing Holly Hunter from the knicks but the big wide mayor stabilized. By god nightmare. Oscar's. You might go what Robert what the war. Yeah. Unless the enemy hand and leg of the and Mary can be nominated she should be nominated and they know what Powell and I don't one of them will make question her nomination but yeah about it married by the artist and isn't your music she's very theatrical she's very vulnerable in our music and the widely that transfer over into the big screen you know I'm really happy for her she's wonderful Hilary may have its a really good deserved nomination and Allison Danny and is that the top of the army out of that the favored. She did as a national. National treasure let's talk about the other acting categories now best act war. Frank go. Yet yet I think deal to be that many thought he was he was gonna get on it and hit. This month of Britain in the oddsmakers giving him of winning as being a Day-Lewis. That seem at odds that the visit W as Daniel Day-Lewis he's in the mix and and I mean. It's its operatives its of its. Category as you'll remember that the people who nominee the categories are the people and the it corporate citizen photographers like cinematographer in companies actors like acting nominees and I think that we saw over the past couple weeks. There when I must. Female branches of the entire academy via and so as a result the the allegations that have been in the news about James Franco may have had a pretty significant innings and it's all. How to present that Pakistan. And hopefully set aside the personal dynamics with him he is when the fantastic method care to actors like of our time yeah he's right up there to become the next candidate Louis and that silent acting category. So no question that definitely hurt him along the way that X going to be every degree category of actors that opportunity Salomon I think he's fantastic and let's give it up for a Daniel Cooley yeah. All excited ran like. His character when he did it is is almost anywhere like it was bear all they can't have these subtleties of their acting right that the new ones is right is right how he picked up his camera and get out right insanely how America different classes rights are observed a piece of paper sort of subtlety of this nuances they're really nail those type of what could be going part was this a fantastic for a. And DEL engineering of Day-Lewis yeah. Being an Alaska nominee and you don't think and why is that not retiring not I. There are retiring and that he gets the nomination just fine. I. Herbal body at it actually was relief. We didn't doubt may have caught I was nervous right now really because I believe that a lot of wood didn't see Rome and Israel again and now my concern was they don't see it and it would sees reformists. The movie wasn't that amazing but his performance Wright was speck that's we've heard again and again I agree leave it to great perform yes no not. Category yeah but that was very interesting too as well I got out of that Watson oppose I wasn't that impressed that pounding performance of that may be blasphemy. Philip you can take to Twitter he. That may. Yeah. But you know and I you might not I'm not afraid of the I love it out and US. Actor is now. Crowd around and air this surge Ronan Frances McDormand Margo rock. Yeah president Saddam Merrill like she was on the bubble yeah and she got inside the bubble yeah gets is on the other side of the bubble yet as is just attesting to the degree from Ali's game. Yeah but I would say that's it that's not a surprise that Africa is coming out once again I'm excited for France in the not and for military to a head to head. Because we didn't Santa gets into cedar in the sag award again we saw in Golden Globe they were for two different categories for the Golden Globes. So we had had a chance to go head to head and so I think it's anyone's Oscar Mecca. OK so we were all taking serious notes during the original screenplay. Audience. Still category like a good mix of people stories represented there we had the big thank. Get out lady bird the shape of water and read billboard yes. Is good casual they're all great categorically it all time category that he want the most competitive. It categories it and how about need to be released earlier in the program now surprise and it's an activist is nominated. Prevented screenplay. Gonzales is any better chance now and I'm really excited for that was shout out also today the that the category these men who that nominee for low. The under the deal that little surprise that what do really well. What exactly that what I don't think that that's our Bible tonight yeah but you repeat that method up arms are done that a great dobbs that it is I had really messing up your work rate the the but what is it that he had of the things with who I got a -- that curtain no lie I had at the watch this on my airplanes traveling backwards LA about all the talk of the sun came out quite necessary next plus an airplane. I regret saying that they go six hours plus it is likely to break up over time. Ultimately that's what really hurt and I did I just didn't limits. Our eyes. The estate of Robert Ryan and the type of movies are. Actually the darkest hour A day coverage Doug Kirk you know for like five. It is not good but I hit it could see two hours let Doug the genetic mutation is something about their private Ryan having by good Ole miss dug out where I get to Tucker's. Why do you even arrogant you did I did. And it is. That an ethereal and coming away with that then. But yet as this category I'm excited about how to use or to be nominated again but Gary Oldman who. Who loses himself in Winston church but I could even separate anymore between. Winter to began and win Gary ended so it was really really fantastic best picture. Great category now we like who surprised you know that's not surprises were found credit darkest hour surprise. Yes those that may be were again. They had had a tunnel love at least on the pitch they're gay and if we because that's her words. Other movies that kind of missed out I mean there's a final adding mud down. An accent blade runner when he forty nines because the time of the technical awards but did not seem to get any love and in above above the line. The big sick Molly's game and I Tonya were the ones and I have on here as being on the other side of the bubble that didn't make it but me. Nine RS solid nine. Is here. Either way guys because caught me by saying he wouldn't expect moonlight. Right right there going against lava man and car buyer's name is that at saint art house. Very artistic. This is well as get out is very art house artistic rights as well as lady bird is our house artistic most anything about these quotable our house artistic film. There also is a commercial viability with it right again had commercial blockbuster success. But it still is zero and not being that the general public. Can latch on to the story alive so I think this is a toss that I don't know these huge overlap between best director and best picture and I and that's not with comic by turning to. I didn't get nominated on not a good thing catches up Lucas right at look at that fantastic job with but they are they are so that's that president biography too as well yeah. Directors have their movies nominated for best picture this one got a fair rate to an appeal Christopher Nolan Paul comes Anderson and deputies of the Torres who is an early favorite gas. But you never go thorough than it is by god. Thank you talk about what over the room that is an elevator room anymore if how their birds. This Oscar classes absolutely and I think that Oscar that was trending diverts the LA and I think like that is what excites us for all that diversity just look at the directing category. Only grass yet right yet today. Though as yet nobody's going votes yet in that's they don't tour over the aids epic there was a thirty LA absolutely is that like screaming get here. It's freaking out right now and audio in their life like now it might just it companies covet I've got. It is war results are I mean we have cotton Andrea Day for standout yeah ourselves that the agency cotton and get a second avenue exit for an Oscar I mean what a ride he's having. But vowed also to marry Dave lives with mighty river that it does lag unbelievable the diversity has been my really spread it yeah throughout this entire league really interest even in the even in the enemy category code goes on. That's an American and I looked at representation has been awful in Hollywood longest time. I have to ask you that animated feature yet there I mean you're happy this morning I was lock and smiling on Oscar nom say that like the animated feature category comes on. You light up. I do you love has anything to analysts hilarious he's always like like a Pixar movie like a couple of yet movies but I'm really content of this flooding into the really utility like Arty kind of movie and I just like along with the bread winner this year has done some of its critics awards related as a critic the darling but nobody at this kind of scene I think it's foreign and made it felt but I am I love cocoa cocoa and also got a nomination for that song it's I don't know I think that the events and saying look I didn't it's a darker and amazing moment. Seated into the dark it's black critics bad as cool about the heavy enemy. Okay joining us on the phone right now is it we have no idea what it's like to be nominated at one man who dies joining us live on the phone right now is supporting actor nominee. Willem Dafoe for its performance in the Florida project mr. dispel congratulations. Thank you remarks when you tell me what it feels like to hear the news. We can't feel good. And I yeah had a restful sleep last night I was aware that they were announcing this morning. I got up early and often do but it's good news I'm very happy. Now tell me where you are right now how you took in the news are eating your pajamas in bed just watching obvious Carlisle scream. But. How did you hear. And mindless woke up early and did some things had just gotten to New York from my Los Angeles last night. Late so. Got a short sleep restless sleep you know it's just a good morning. What attracted you to a film like the Florida project. Many reasons Sean baker is is a great filmmaker. I like how he's going to shoot the movie. Shooting him they have not actual mock tunnel they're really reflects this story you know that we were telling a good mix of fiction and using the real. Location. He it's. It was a beautiful script and revealed that world that really can now. William 1 congratulations I am one event to work they had this film it's fantastic and so deserving of it. The question I have for you is dagger cats with a very young cast and you enter activist then so seamlessly. You actually gave them the respect as an actor I felt. What did it take for you to get into character to enter act with the title on that type of level. I you know what. Six. You know I enjoyed them they were good kids and yeah the director also set them up to make it not work make its way. I'm yeah you know set them not to play for their strong soups and I just that it could grow my job was basically take care of them. And what my goal was in the movie. Paralleled what my role on this as an actor you've backed company I'd really have to Sudan I have to make things go smoke. Your it was a real pleasure I learned a lot from those kids. Well obviously you are incredibly deserving of this nomination a lot of people are also talking about your costar at this lovely little lady steals a lot of their thirteenth do you think she got an. I'm no I listened to actually go by have a long career. She'll be around she's natural performer she's Smart she's talented. So we'll see more of our yes it would have been nice there for her to be nominated. But. You know if it didn't happen it will happen another day on the knob and movie. The fifth will be for that to go out this carries in terms of what do you hope is that take away from this down. Well I think. You know it's just the basic wake up. How we are connected and we have to take care of each because. The world that show was real they. Like a micro chops into like live society really seek. Opera's particularly. From my point of view from my character's point do you. That is happiness and his well being is dependent on their well being divisive person to Perry. I'm kind of armed sentimental. Top practical. Way to wanna recognize that. And will last question again now you know over the last years it's been an incredible push for a Hollywood. To increase the diversity when he comes to the kind of films and the kind of talent that the recognizing. This year slipped by all accounts so far looks to be among the most diverse I just wonder how your processing that was your take on that movement has been. Com well I'm laden is going on a lot of change a lot of trial. Talking about looking at things differently I think it's good and you must feel when I'm reading scripts and one arm approach it approaching product projects. I have cited different mindset you know I'm starting to questions things that I took for granted before so. Changes. Good changes painful changes interest and so on I think their lives on. There are some important discussions going on and and I think. Film will be better for. Thank you so much for your time congratulations again on the nomination and we'll all be watching the awards will and about all right Greg thank you so much. Your graduate who. The Florida project one of those films again not a lot of people heard about the distant beautiful warm heart breaking kind of story. It really is an act to humanize is the characters and it right into his mother. You know she's under resource by all accounts he lives on the fringe is she's one out liars by one individual is about Americans who walk by and we'll blame her for her circumstance and blame her for being just a bad mother. But when you see her interact with her child you see that how much love that is there and the you think about how love is unconditional in spite of your circumstances and you may be bad and other areas. But you can still doesn't take away you being a great. Parent I will. Point out that that the Florida project is from a 24 the same studio that brought us moonlight from last year and films that the state beat had a really good run lately has a she kind of telling the stories that that don't necessarily get told. If you brought that up because now with saying that out and about Naomi. And the character and moonlight. Naomi avenue revised she won is because she brought so much that cared Terry we have seen so often this crack head mother betrayed on in the film but we never see the new ones the second mother and so we see Naomi jealousy we saw in security but we saw love it we saw a house in a reply. Is the exact same character of this mother in this in this on the Florida project street you see that. Human nature of what it is in spite you may want to cards are protective services on our but does take away the love that he has or her time. The nuance it's going in their rent a QB out of talk about fifty because you mentioned in my last year Nolan has forgotten where they where in the moment he hit and aren't. Was announced they put into place a whole host of new steps I've tried so hard against that but my god. Today is thing that an embassy just like I was up there bloody. The that. Happening it is what we're really unprecedented that that make the correction that happened. It still like shocking news and I don't think there were ever going to have not ceremony were read only look at packet that is one of the crazies from please everybody is biting their nails records of last and it they'll get elected and Rolex me into Italy. It's like a comeback. What do we do without actually carry out I was actually shocked that Oscar stuck with price Waterhouse who I was apparently. I know they've been with them from eighty years I was shocked by that it was in using it I thought they actually bringing back legitimately used to be with them who's on passes for fourteen years previously he wasn't part of lasted debacle that was those soccer is still let them handle that. But to be fair about Oscars nominating process and going prize is a very complicated to formulate things and so may be they may onboard someone down liberal and have more time to systematically. System either the thing I'm available I'm just aren't. I had an end available lightly. Agassi. What you believe this Austin now let's listen to grant gavel he. I wouldn't worry I have to take county could not dictators they. On another admit I was there yeah. But he got talk about this two week we've seen the affected me to movement had pat on Hollywood on any awards ceremonies and we can see that represented at the Oscars at. Absolutely asked in a way it's especially you look at the the women who have been nominated many of them have been very outspoken against pick for quite well look I'm in her career as a terrific example down. Again these surveys from women have been nominated did you finally see behind the camera recognition. I think whether it meets you or whether it's tightens up which I think as a as a lot more like that organized structured here specifically within the industry. Bomb I think that there is absolutely going to be happens here I think. The Winter Olympics is really messed up the schedule for the Oscars a little bit as it does every four years we have a lot of for awards early and and we have Yost is quite late so. I think that the momentum is going to be continuing whether continues over the next couple weeks I don't know how visible it will be but it will be very visible on the red carpet thing. I think the same thing I think uneasily on the red carpet bought that stake in terms of the presenters and I'm curious to see who the prisoners were being I think it's going to be very female dominant and I think that it should be I believe that this issue needs to be continually pressed. And I think what better time when you have to to captivated audience sitting at one time in about a viral moments lot of social media moments beckon live on afterwards obviously important but will be as important to Vas is to have diverse presenters as well to be reflected. To keep. That Oscars so why reminder Friday that we don't want to go back to that we wanna be up to consider other people and its existing selection they had Tiffany had issued a presentation that it was talks is yet been nominated but that it went into it what is it what is comedian what is an actor in a more particular with the black bean now comedian right we've seen other white female comedians denominator be considered and talked. But Tiffany was in into I think having her there do that nomination that this morning is reminder of that in terms. The still work to be done right in to keep looking and and also to. And that these lazy you actually watch the screeners when your part of the academy your job is to watch the screeners right. This that there are some respect out of the validity of it or not but some are saying the Golden Globes the foreign how repressive even see. Growth strip right and so I think this reminds we'll Martha screeners and so. These important. Both are pressed on the printed product of those briefly linked. What what that affirmative was very courageous right before announcing that director at a break point down at that it is all now and I think that. That was exactly the point that the present there's are going to be on top of this the thoughts and recovered are going to be on top of the people I cannot pay disparity on the red carpet. And that's the kind of itchy but we're really move the ball forward. That's been visited a school people who you Lang yeah we'll be paid female co pay. Yeah but I only modest. Wrote a pop culture though right it's at to take conversation right to push to come up on social issues and social construct. I was six and policies yeah this movie was determined by box on his every year you wouldn't have the opportunity to have these kind of reception. Andrew that you can't ignore the world around you right now you can artists can't we can't we hope you don't either miners used while picking thanks for being here. You can watch the Oscars right here on ABC on March 4. The ninetieth annual Academy Awards coming up very fair and thanks for joining us skies for now I'm on an. And a few back hears them they got out.

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