Oscar Pre-Show with Peter Travers

The Popcorn host gives his predictions of the night's big winners.
15:46 | 02/20/13

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Transcript for Oscar Pre-Show with Peter Travers
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to a special pre Oscar show. We're -- preview the Oscars I'm gonna tell you. Who's gonna win. Should win. -- a big upsets. May be anything we all go crazy don't mean the Oscars are on ABC on Sunday. -- -- are gonna sit at home and -- at the screen and say why. How could that person that why that's ridiculous that can happen you know and that's what you need help who need help with your pools I don't -- -- encourage gambling. But this is the way it is. First category is going to be best supporting actress Amy Adams in the master. Sally Field in Lincoln and Hathaway and name is rob Helen Hunt in the sessions and Jacki Weaver and so -- they. You know in these categories every season comes down to a two person race. We spoke to Sally Field here popcorn and -- hold. About pulling Mary Todd Lincoln in linked. And she had a lot to say about what went into this park and the fact that. She and Daniel Day-Lewis were the kind of actors that just. Please -- live it 24. Eileen character so I wouldn't known whether he was in character not -- I'm completely. Molly -- -- and that's how I work I it's how I've always worked I studied with Lee Strasburg I am of that ilk. As -- I can. Hypnotize myself or forced myself and -- some temporary insanity. It -- is who I am both by the research that -- able to do and every sort of tool in trick that I know of two. Convince yourself that these -- in this close in this body because I gained 25 pounds. Is yours. That's how I work but you know one thing about. The of being in this movie and being great and having the possibility of winning her third Oscar and they'll like current -- really like they do that. Is this other nominee and her name is Anne Hathaway and she's -- name isn't rob. And ever since the trailer name is about him now and Anne Hathaway saying I dreamed a dream done about if you think they gave -- the Oscar. I mean this is the one award that you can take to the bank. She's only in the movie for like ten or fifteen minutes whom she sings the song once seen boom. Take your hair off lost a hundred pounds I'm exaggerating it was more like fifteen pounds. He everything the academy loves to get an award to when you have that ballot at home you -- off and -- -- mister -- and you go home. All right next category best supporting actor and here are the nominees Alan Arkin in -- Robert De Niro and silver linings playbook. Philip Seymour Hoffman in the master Tom Jones in Lincoln and Christoph Waltz entanglement change. This is the category where anybody could win each one of these guys authority won enough -- They're all amazing everybody is kind of on equal footing I mean what's going nobody understands this. Philip Seymour Hoffman who's my personal papers -- as the one I think should win this award. Did he play in the mask -- a supporting role that's the question he's playing this guy a lot of people believe -- based -- L. Ron Hubbard. And Scientology's. Philip Seymour Hoffman has its own feelings about this stuff. I think he'll be pretty clear if you'll see is -- a funeral is seen over. Over footage really that I'm not even trying to plan on how brutal fact. I'm thinking about many other. People are actually in my mind federal want to Orson Wells and two hours of wells little -- -- go just certain kinds of people though you have that kind of growth through you know. Personality and economic kind of war you know. And because the film isn't you know it's and it's influenced or inspired by polish so events around sorry intelligent but ultimately it is wonderful about it. And so I didn't want to Wear them outside because -- -- -- -- -- Philip Seymour Hoffman is indeed playing a -- so how is that a supporting -- That's why I believe that the -- will go to Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln. His abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens does not -- and you know we know Daniel day lewis' playing that and yet he feels -- He needs he -- if he comes -- people all the time and he's really great the upset in this category. Be upset could be Christoph Waltz and -- going to say -- -- also believe is playing a lead role he's not jango. But this guy is true rhetoric -- -- he's a bounty hunter who won an all over the place. Shooting people being hilarious. So I'm no help feeling that I'm saying if Tommy Lee Jones but -- it -- be any. Here we go to the category of best actress. Jessica chest -- in zero dark thirty Jennifer Lawrence and silver linings playbook. Emanuel leave -- more. The -- today Wallace in the southern wild and Naomi Watts in the impossible. Now this is always come down to -- -- Jennifer Lawrence whose 42 years old and already -- nominee two years ago I mean. This is amazing since the start the Hunger Games she's terrific in this movie. And Jessica chest -- pulling in zero dark thirty a very controversial movie I've got -- a CIA agent. Did -- exists -- based on the real thing if this movie pro torture he's got all that going for us. But oddly enough I am really curious when I read these about people saying. Why should controversy get into this why could Jessica chest pain. Being penalized for something like that I don't understand why I mean her feelings about -- -- dark thirty and the characters and later. The toughest part about playing my head is -- -- -- at character who's trained to be unemotional. An analytically for sites that doesn't mean she is unemotional because if you have moments where no matter how hard she tries to cover it it just comes out. But -- more interest did in that potential upset. I believe the -- it happens in the oldest nominee to ever be nominated as best actress and that's Emanuel Riva. The great French legend who is no more. And the youngest 12 -- Watson -- system while with five went to make this news. Oldest youngest. I'm going to go out on a limb and say. You risk takers out there and get the Jennifer Lawrence Jessica testing -- -- from manual read it will be her birthday he'll be 86. On Oscar night Buchanan denied her that not. You do you. Best actor Bradley Cooper in silver linings playbook Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. Hugh Jackman in Ole miss her Joaquin Phoenix in the -- and Denzel Washington and flight. Everybody will tell you that Daniel Day-Lewis. Is the winner of this. Because he's been famous he's -- want to should be given three why not he's playing Lincoln. No actor has ever won an Oscar for playing a president before. He became -- and he was inside of Lincoln's head he did everything and yet these other actors are incredible. I especially like Joaquin Phoenix and that there I think he went really deep into that -- there. And played somebody who's confused and crazy. And there was something happening there that I hadn't seen on screen before. -- you know despite the fact that Daniel Day-Lewis has won every award possible there's always a chance for an upset. And a lot of people had taken silver linings playbook home with them and -- They just said on -- I love this -- Bradley Cooper playing -- guy who suffers from a bipolar disorder. He's doing the best work of his career I mean this is -- guy in hangover movies and wedding crashes. Doing serious work which has affected him as well. I was nervous here and I was definitely trepidation about doing this as I've never been asked to do something like this on film and I knew that David Russell as the kind of director where he can't think it. You have to do it and -- to do it now. Right now. -- -- and you're gonna -- -- -- and I think this went in the back. Best direct dark. Michael honig K more. Indictment beasts of the southern why Ang Lee's life of hi Stephen field. And David O. Russell were still trying to -- I can hear you and you're saying wait a minute but wait a minute that's it those -- the five what happened to Ben Affleck. For aren't. Isn't that supposed to be a big shot movie. What happened to Quentin Tarantino for -- -- change. Wasn't he supposed to be nominated. And what happened to of -- people Kathryn Bigelow for zero dark thirty. The first woman in the eighty plus years the academy is -- to ever win an Oscar for directing which she did in 2009. For her -- Why are they not there. What happened who win these idiots that actually came up with -- evening and said we're leaving those three you know. They'll figure -- out we can't write in a vote you can't write in vote. I would love to write in vote but I can't I think Kathryn Bigelow was completely. -- By this fake controversy that said the movie advocated torture. There -- a lot of politicians out there a lot of senators think. We don't torture program what you know this is all part two they saw the movie they would realize it doesn't advocate torture all. But they don't -- movies they just decide they gonna get into the politics it. Kathryn Bigelow is very clear about what she was trying to do in Europe docked there. Certainly based on -- research. That's part of this story and to have eliminated it -- would have meant we would have been. Whitewashing that -- have. That's part of the story as our research showed it was also not. The most significant part nor was a pivotal pivotal. Could we have found we could you know. The investigators have found that compound in about a -- without it no one will know I mean or perhaps that'll be debated for quite a long time. But when it comes down to things in the end when it when it's that real clocks set things. And Ben Affleck -- not get a write in vote from you or the academy. Even though they should start the campaign right now the contest comes down to Steven Spielberg for Lincoln. Can he win and the movie not win best picture and Ang Lee for life of -- and movie that. It's kind of under the radar out there but that everybody it's needs lights and when you see -- the -- you realize it's a director's movie this is. Somebody -- division there so it's Spielberg and Ang Lee for your pool. And I'm going to say that the winner is going to be Steven Spielberg is there way to honor Lincoln. Besides giving it to Daniel Day-Lewis and they will go with Spielberg for this but if there's an upset. That upset is going to be annually. That means you've got to do something can be so awful to hear that I think he's. Gotten it. Here we go for best picture of the year that nominee I'm more are he's the defendant wild -- -- change. -- mr. like high Lincoln silver linings playbook. And you -- -- there. I would say when these nominations came out a few months ago everybody said -- was it Lincoln got the most nominations twelve the movie with the most nominations usually wins. And it's something really strange happens these other movies started pocono. I mean. -- don't. Came in the fall people liked it -- sort of went away for awhile. But what happen. Ben Affleck got snubbed for best director. Ever since then -- hands stop winning awards Golden Globes producers -- Sag ensemble acting awards. I think he could probably win -- -- from your neighborhood candy store. Because everybody wants to -- him they want to say this is it. And then there's that little tiny human beasts of the -- while the one that everybody wonders how this -- here. I mean it's good news me for two cents in Louisiana. With a little girl who had never acted before -- combined Wallace and it director -- side and who has just turned third. Who -- these people what were they doing I mean. They've explained it they tried to tell you what beasts of the southern wild is and they do it quite -- And we -- -- -- to tell the story like it was a fairy tale when I'm telling her. I would say you know once upon a time there's this little girl and hush -- who lived with her dad on this island called the -- That was cut off from the world by -- giant wall and at the moment. Bad guys he he got sick suddenly the entire world started to come apart and everything -- knew an accountant. It's the end of the world started happening she bottoms off her -- And then she set out to try to fix it -- sort of tell it like it was almost a fairy tale the -- In a movie like beasts of the southern while so tiny go up against these. Giant studio legend I don't think stuff. So at home you -- nine you can take them -- -- -- Lincoln. The possibility. Of silver linings playbook sneaking in and that's it. Nobody else has a chance did it and I think yet. -- is the big winner -- -- ballot. I can scream. There's no question about it by not being nominated for best director Ben Affleck has become the hero. -- to death and thirteen. He's the man that they gonna carry on their shoulders like a football field and say we love you ban. It's his movie better to me than any of these other movies don't think so thought it was quite good. Didn't think it was that kind of -- movie but -- movie everybody is behind and since it's the movie in which Hollywood. It's self. Gets in the game of helping to save these hostages who -- captive in Iran. Hollywood comes they make a fake movie out called Largo area Hollywood loves to congratulate itself. It once this thing. We did it. We affected history we -- the people. Who are heroes to ourselves. And now. The only thing we can do is give it our greatest toward the so here I am giving my own rolled -- ballot -- Two Fargo and not only produced and directed by benefit but -- -- -- George Clooney who would get to be out there to do that to how. --

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