Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

Peter Travers discusses his picks for this year's Academy Awards.
6:35 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Oscar Predictions: Best Actor
Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to our special Oscar edition of popcorn this is where I'm gonna run through the categories to -- -- category that are out here. I'm gonna -- -- some -- because we have a lot this year's Oscar -- on our show and then connect value who's gonna win this thing. And who really should win because Oscar gets it wrong more times than it gets it right you know that -- and he -- let's start with best actor. The nominees Howard Dean in here in a better life now to -- written -- it also. That's the reward you know I mean nobody -- -- George Clooney in the descendants and George Clooney was on the show. And you know a lot to say about the distance so let's let George -- speak for -- The journey for him which is an interest in -- that. Of coming to terms with the fact that he was never. That he was he had lost any of those the things that he thought he had you know -- formal way. And -- -- to book himself and the mere. Thousands of really wonderful writer really wonderful film -- mixtures subtle turns. Thank you George that was great it was great to hear that again and again on -- job. The French the test the sat down. Who is a big competitor of -- who was also on the show and spoke. So -- years John jock speak. Just on time in his movie star and nineteen twins. Is. -- The big night -- six doctor. Sometimes -- them have problems. He has no instinct for the future. And then we have Gary Oldman in tinker tailor soldier spy. Now if I had my way -- I would wish that -- guy like Gary on The Who has never been nominated for an Academy Award this is his first time. And he's brilliant in this movie as the masters by out. Never been nominated I would love a surprise because I think it would mean something there. Anyway -- Gary talk about what Oscar means to him. It's nice when people like the world combined and right. A nice -- nice things. Could of course is some. And this -- this perhaps feels like the time to. Let the wife. And on mobile their for a while and let the white -- Meehan -- -- and see what happened to you what happened. All right and then Brad Pitt in -- -- -- you know the beautiful Brad. Being nominated this year is actor from money. Everybody we'll tell you in this contest that it's between George Clooney Brad Pitt. Two of the sexiest men alive there fighting for this award. And I think that George -- will pull it off and win. But I think there could be a surprise and -- the surprise happens on saying -- -- -- In the artist I think this guy is a personal charm assault. I think they love this movie and I think they love him so. George and -- the two charm boys fighting it out but I'm still gonna say Clooney wins. But this -- could be. We'll. Yeah are okay. All right. Best actress what -- the nominees here. Glenn Close and Albert -- Viola Davis in the help. Rooney Mara and girl with the dragon tattoo. Merrill street in the iron lady and Michelle Williams in -- week with marrow okay. This is a contest. Between Meryl Streep who everybody says it hasn't won an Oscar since the price the scene there. Which means 1988. And so -- -- what he has to but she hasn't won it. In so long she needs it what would -- close leasing out there who's been nominated five or 65. And has never won but anyway we're supposed to -- -- that Merrill hasn't had gold for awhile. And then Viola Davis by -- Davis in the -- the movie that he's the only movie. In these major Oscar nominees -- not -- 170 million dollars nothing else even -- 800. This is the movie the public but. Viola Davis was on the show and she talked a little bit about what the help meant to her so let's hear that. I just think it's a story of -- cartridge. It's something about. The car reached in the ordinary. Person. That resonates with people the underdog story now I've loved what Viola Davis -- saying all my heart. Goes to her in this I think if you roof with the young actresses Rooney Mara whose only 27 would be the youngest in this category. She was on the show and she seemed a little tentative about them but she loved playing in the girl with the -- -- -- -- I think had a lot of hurt me to Begin a lesson and maybe was brought out a little more of that you know I'm not I also very introverted sort of quiet person and tell me I can be quite non -- times. Very slow to warm she is -- -- trust people and I definitely have to sort of investigate every every -- facts that have -- -- in and I have to understand things fully before I'm willing to engage with them and I think she definitely has. Let me -- -- come down to what's gonna happen yes I am saying it goes to Viola Davis I don't think the academy -- That Merrill Streep is hasn't won in so long I think they care about Viola Davis the civil rights movement. A woman who was made in Mississippi in the sixties I think they want to stand up to this movie and they can stand up for bio. -- picking come and get if you happen. My personal house hopefuls. -- But if people want. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15733300,"title":"Oscar Predictions: Best Actor","duration":"6:35","description":"Peter Travers discusses his picks for this year's Academy Awards.","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-predictions-best-actor-15733300","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}