Oscars Best & Worst On The Red Carpet

Bazaar's Joyann King And Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi Gives You Red Carpet Lowdown.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Oscars Best & Worst On The Red Carpet
Oscars are only days away and most who will be -- -- to see who will take home Oscar gold but a lot of folks going to be having their eyes. Peeled -- very tightly. On of the red carpet to see what Hollywood's -- listeners everywhere joining -- -- to go over the best in the we're stressed -- Oscar red carpet past. Is digital director from Harper's bazaar -- king along with slippery stylists and fashion expert Robert Byrd. Thank you guys so much for being with us today. Because a -- pleasure and let cool -- -- best actor who's going to be even everywhere as. They're looking to see you whether they get a lock and fashion people watch the Oscars -- -- the -- But nobody really want to hear we got -- don't watch the Oscars till 8:30 PM when the show you -- -- -- anyway and -- and that's and then at that well we'll find out the awards later on exactly are some of us up with the best dressed -- this -- from years past we'll start on the positive side of things -- we have. You know I -- five it was very hard we actually just a story briefly on the Sar of the hundred best of all time so it -- it felt like picking children but. I think one of the most memorable moments was in the late nineties -- Sharon Stone arrived on the red carpet on on the arm of her then husband Phil bronze dean. Wearing his shirt -- -- button down -- there and paired with this beautiful -- weighing evening -- I think this is just such a styling -- for for the red carpet and I just it just showed -- how differently Sharon Stone -- -- It isn't it it's his shirt. So there's -- there's that I write this so there's like. Something old something new something borrowed something well and and a husband and apparently not -- looked -- -- but she just looks completely African and I kind of look it's become a favorite among. People bashing and few women can carry this off. You know it's a classic look a lot of women can do this I don't think I think that maybe not only can -- have low that -- is open but I think women can do the look of like. A fancy evening skirt I love the lord antsy and a great casualties with the -- let's get some -- What red Islamic favorite -- on the red carpet always but the best stressed that I've ever seen and read was when Nicole Kidman wore this amazing Balenciaga number. Nicole Kidman is obviously very regal and -- you ask but what really was so beautiful about that stresses that the -- started at the nape of her neck in this beautiful big -- And I honestly think this is just one of the most beautiful gowns and -- -- America. It's exactly party she's a beautiful beautiful and that's 2007 -- that pre or post Tom Cruise I just -- I think. That would be post Tom Cruise so maybe that was a liberation -- red. I am woman hear me -- yes you read -- the other black it's the color is another color that looks good on every woman no matter what her hair color skin color it looks great and everybody that you also -- Penelope Cruz has when he. It's just LB Christina what's ironic about the -- I think this is Versace is that. You know this was sort of during a time when. All of the fashion houses were going very rock and roll what I love about this moment is that she's still managed to take that -- moment and action. And have a Cinderella man and -- a -- blushing bride. Is that is never actually from -- What do you think Robert and I love it I mean I think it's a dramatic and I think that's what we like to see at the Oscars are really important and magnificent gallons. Not just a fabulous dress but really -- -- extraordinary and then in 2011 you had a favorite as well. Yes this is the planet and this is the -- and chat moment so. He -- -- is the off on guard of the red carpet she's always surprising us she's always taking risks and the -- -- she's always their favorite. And this is one of my this is one of my personal -- it's by -- she. This sort of candy colored warrior -- -- by Colin with this sort of -- -- breast plate and I just love how how cool she looks. Risk taking not always an easy thing to do on and it's also based on the level of confidence that I think woman hasn't addressed and she really knows her body knows fashion understands. I think what the -- that any. Any moment in fashion is -- she always looks extraordinary and then into. I'm sorry go ahead -- -- -- -- -- relationships with the designers that are sort of hot right now some are always leaning on her to sort of I can't bring what's happening in fashion to the red carpet. What and that's going to be an -- relationship right because I mean they want to obviously be on the edge -- the same time not everyone can pull that off either because of their personality -- the films they've been and -- how to -- in public yet and I think that we still fantasize. In use our through our celebrities the -- -- -- we don't have -- we -- -- -- we wouldn't Wear. Brad and I think that when a lot of the celebrities coming up looking like Miss America contestants and kind of an ordinary -- it's a little bit of a let down. But she does always steps -- it -- -- -- and lastly you also chose Plymouth house for. Which is very much what Robert was talking about so Gwyneth Paltrow really turn the red carpet on its head when she showed up in this sort of caped crusader down by Tom Ford. He really hadn't seen any dresses like this on the red carpet and what's interesting is that now. We're seeing Kate dresses on the high street and I really believe that this moment with Gwyneth Paltrow sort of -- that trend in motion. That was 2012. And Robert you have some of the other side. And it -- -- to the precursor to a new a new red carpet darling the heat and young -- That's the precursor to the Ralph Lauren dress. Just kind of that she shut up and read yet. If she -- -- she's a beautiful woman as it isn't quite frankly I mean she could probably show up and -- and I think actually backstage yet to would you put anything -- -- -- -- hard to -- beautiful woman but there have been some. I think. Fails that dry -- that marks a lot of misses and of course the most iconic -- that that York made in -- -- if we all remember this line -- from 2001 it was a moment that was left that and is still used to this day but it may have to give someone of a -- it's -- York for heaven's -- I mean there's the you know when -- -- like that I mean a lot of what you -- about Newark public. Yeah persona and you're either your performance in your questioning and that's what she put forward for sure -- Julian pointed out that one of the designers this season. Actually actually at the -- fashion show they paid homage to -- -- by basically re creating. A swan dress on the runway -- sort of out of Iraq -- -- about it -- now we're the city's wealthiest city. This version that says officers -- 2000 -- now what we're of thirteen years later. Everybody's Psycho we still talk about that moment Whoopi Goldberg in 1993 what -- the girl who doesn't really looked ashen. And she's joining clearly likes that -- she struggled to find her fashion voice. But this is this just feels like a costume she feels like he's working in Disneyland it doesn't work because not authentic she's an -- she -- it she's an easy -- woman she should have really worn something that. Was more reflective of -- personality in this. Was not not at least apple between now and and those are pretty aggressive colors as -- -- -- purple and green yet great complementary colors yet. It could it could have been great but she bought an -- apparently in Hollywood quote unquote boutique and really -- -- silent -- -- let it get him basing it Kim Basinger who designed and made her -- -- lake this is this is another one of those moments this is from nine leaving -- -- expert threat yet if there's a lot happening here but again you know when these dresses lean into the -- spaces I think when they get recorded as like. Being on the worst and this is certainly something. That another evil Disney princess -- -- That -- on the side. Yeah. Remember. Seeing an ice looks like a CD at the top maybe it was -- who -- Full disclosure ABC news is owned by -- everything that we get paid the full you know that the illegals off -- our back there yeah I mean I can see that's a little. Confuse it that it -- a lot of things happening it's not one law and is also anytime anywhere where again it hearkens. Back to the idea of getting married there's something about white downs and in our culture indicates marriage citizens kinda weird moment for her. What -- -- -- you had also designed her own dress anymore Demi Moore yes there's -- there's a lot of this hybrid thing where it we don't know like. And in what these cases it -- it addressed in this case. Is it -- is it addressed. She designed it I think she took a lot of elements that she liked and put them together and this is an example of how good you have to be to be designer and how bad to me it -- Actually love the dress over pants and the we solve the Golden Globes that was it and not Emma Roberts and the Watson yeah I wore that beautiful rafts and then yes or which was incredible but that's what that's how you do it right yes I think it can be done. Yet and I think this is just done wrong you know we also are looking back -- that -- -- money we also look back at that moment there might have been like -- that's cool but now looking back we -- with the disaster this was 1989. Decades. Got into -- for a successor sometimes it -- have here but often times might not work in execution now we -- it is gushing over Gwinnett County for -- you also have hurt you can't have you can't have a start like that without having her -- once -- -- this particular look. I think was was iconic in certain ways but was a disaster. Via the iconic piece is that. It is an influence that sportswear has had in red car on the red carpet the disasters pieces she doesn't know her body well enough to -- that she should she need a little support there. The grooming is not. My favorite I don't let her hair part I don't like the thing around her neck it feels like she's -- to something like a party at Woodstock like not. On -- and trying to interpret what was happening and I got. Ashland there was that whole moment this was in 2002 and it was a resurgence of -- at that moment. The but after an energy that Hollywood right -- sometimes they steer in the wrong direction did this to me is like the whole structure that should not -- where you're going usually it's the Oscars went at. But it's not doing you you any service that addresses and making public but there are so that was years passable what are we looking at trends and it's going to be -- we expect this Sunday. Well we know that all eyes are going to be on the I really am voting for her wearing red again I think that it looked so stunning on her and a lot of people might disagree. But I saw this one problem Karen drafts during York Fashion Week that it was sort of cut out kind of a -- traffic I think -- -- -- really amazing on her. We know that ever all eyes will also be on Jennifer Lawrence excellent assure shall definitely Wear Dior -- -- Amy Adams yes I think it's just been looking amazing on the red carpet with a plunging neckline she clearly channeling her American -- character -- I hope she keeps on yet. Which is interesting because I think there has -- sending going on in her life that really fits with that character because she's never looked. Sexy she's never looked better and I agree with you -- that you were saying and instructed that she's going to be would -- -- will be in. And in the matter is will it be something that we're gonna see on the runway at the show tomorrow. We'll be something from detour will it be something you know that he that -- -- especially for her. She has had some hits and misses you know she wore the white. Do you or address to the Golden -- that's on the whole -- about the in their own ways everybody is that -- in the morning when they get out. The separatists veggie wrap wrapped him right here right -- she did black sort of Disco a column -- from -- for the sag awards which is a little bit -- -- -- -- but in general so. I'm really hoping for sort of a princess moment for -- Our -- feel this -- that I have in my mind for this -- the you guys are gonna be dressed to the nines. Watching with champagne rights you most -- I actually leaving for Paris tonight I will be in Europe during the Oscars I'm going to try to stay awake for them because -- do not watching them but I love in my talent -- -- With my eyes like that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you could hear it in Paris I mean frankly you -- Wear it whenever. He stylish amending the second best players which is my bedroom. Watching -- sweeting in the Grammy with my dog and I'm going to be doing -- interviews from the comfort of my dad what a dichotomy of images right now I. They -- the irony I'm hoping to fall somewhere in between both the joy and a Robin thank you guys that might think it.

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