Now Hear This: Headphones Are Hot!'s Amy Palmer with the latest headphones to jam to.
4:51 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Now Hear This: Headphones Are Hot!
Listen up folks the hottest fashion accessory of these days are headphones that you don't believe -- we'll take a look outside. Everywhere you -- you see people sporting stylish headbands Wallace -- to their favorite music. Amy Palmer from pure allowed dot com is here to show it to -- top shelf and -- to help you -- and style hi Jamie great that they have. I think even have to be living under a rock to not notice that the day of the year but has long passed it's it's -- -- And now we have all of these fashionable choices to listen to our music and the way that it was meant to listen. The person we have here is. Beats by Dr. Dre and this is really the pioneer had immediately -- are rightly and the price points -- it's 199 a little pricey to -- 1990. But he teamed up with lady -- -- LeBron James. And tons of other cultural figures to create these had what makes it the high and one point 99 lots of special better sound that -- different stylized. Headphones but there's a great price range for anyone -- interested -- nice -- and now this next one here it looks -- And it is fancy this is skull candy and this is for the X games generation. The -- -- and this is actually better it's around 149. And it's a little bit for that rebellious culture -- kind of his -- you know. Screw authority that is this is for them and I think that this is really stylized and this is -- -- the more popular. Had an up down polity does sound quality is grade and it's again it's ethnic and that's Keating called yard noise canceling happens in other words if you walked -- you wearing magazine by truck filled up. We have them actually which leads me to the next -- inspiration -- monster and he's -- agreed -- it does have that noise cancellation aspect to Manhattan this is for the commuter this is if you working media on the Baxter communion -- you're saying I just wanna get into my own world. This is agreed headphone it was unveiled its at the Consumer Electronics Show in the yes and this is an exclusive look -- we have it right now not in stores yet to 79 and the other cool factor is. Is that you can teens. Out that had been. -- you want to change it according to your mood. You're out that you have these choices and they had ban pencils that look I had any of those nicely with -- and they're really thinking that now being that look like you're up these are so fancy I don't know their head -- -- up there yes he's actually are Oscar dealer and -- and -- -- with Dr. -- and -- -- for the ultimate fast he said this is all relax -- on the -- he cited 695. So this is only if you really are looking for that -- fashion statement along with the scenes -- music are these winter only you can remove the current summer and Winter Olympics and he -- and that's that's -- -- the -- had that I wanted to show -- is -- diamond tears and it hadn't gone now -- looking at these. OK -- but he -- time to say it is style. These remotely be worn by anybody and they have that diamond look to it and these were created. By -- park who is the music the way that I created in the studios not only getting -- stylized look. You're also getting that incredible. And how much of these these are little pricey they're 279. But well worth it because -- -- you walk out on the street trust me everybody is going to -- -- important that -- body from my advice that I had. You're a -- they aren't there really anything and I hear them coming. -- -- diesel back yes he's old actor we know diesel as the clothing line right now they're going into the technology aspect and if you look at the head. They are designed in very differently there really cool they're cutting edge -- 249 -- available soon. And they have a sharp angles that fashion -- -- -- very very close now aren't there any sort of on the lower end of the -- -- -- where yes we have so republic right there only 99 dollars. To integrate them affordable and accessible for everybody. The average grade technology. Features and it's called. Flax tax which means that they are seeing -- is durable that if anything happens to it it's not going to break. Isn't isn't good present for your kids if there interested in absolutely and don't worry about that that traffic and exactly and then the next when there is and -- which is nick cannon's. Foray into the headphones. It's -- headphones around and this is great also in 99 dollars definitely geared towards the younger consumers you have all different price ranges. Different styles to get in on this trend let me tell you this is here to stay -- it was good to his -- ignore -- it's gonna go way I mean an end up on -- -- -- at ending aren't thinking I think --

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{"id":15552313,"title":"Now Hear This: Headphones Are Hot!","duration":"4:51","description":"'s Amy Palmer with the latest headphones to jam to.","url":"/Entertainment/video/palmer-purewow-purewow-com-headphones-music-hollywood-15552313","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}