Paris Hilton Sings a 'Drunk Text'

The socialite's new song involves dialing while intoxicated.
0:39 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Paris Hilton Sings a 'Drunk Text'
Arizona apparently has already found this so many ads released a new video for her solve the drug -- -- companies have been released -- trying to find out who did it. And one of the great lyrics here he asked me if he can actually at the club he hits me another shot above that I say sure I'm too lazy at times I sent a photo I took of -- dancer's skirt. Here -- Harrison all her glory. And her new video --

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{"id":15782606,"title":"Paris Hilton Sings a 'Drunk Text'","duration":"0:39","description":"The socialite's new song involves dialing while intoxicated.","url":"/Entertainment/video/paris-hilton-sings-drunk-text-15782606","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}