Patrick Duffy on 'Dallas'

'Bobby' Talks About the Differences in "Dallas," then and now.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for Patrick Duffy on 'Dallas'
The back stabbing two timing double crossing drama Dallas just kicked off its third season on TNT and has already been welcomed with rave reviews. Here to talk to us about all that backstabbing. And two timing Patrick Duffy of course who else better to talk to us about it. How does it feel to be back in the saddle so to speak out -- Feels normal which is kinda freaky because there was a twenty some year hiatus between first -- the second one. But we all had thirteen years a rehearsal on the first one. So when Larry and -- knives stabbed to literally step back on the ranch set in Dallas Texas it. It felt to us as a threesome because we've been so close all those years that nothing had changed nothing had changed. -- waist size has a larger I'm in a different sized bird genes but. There's this sense of Dallas and coming back as those -- characters' -- Michael's pad -- Which is fun for -- away but give us an idea over these -- -- Bobby -- changed his -- well what it. The changes we have a young cast now that does what Bobby did. Thirty years ago I turned thirty. Pilot of Dallas. And in the pilot of this incarnation of Dallas Bobby turned 64. So you know the difference in Bobbie is that he's the patriarch of the family. And what's nice about that is your wise here -- combat. Troops you don't take your shirt off anymore. And you hold this central sort of calming role in terms of the cast members and at my age that's what I should play and I feel very comfortable. Even though the decades have passed having give us an idea when you're out on the streets or wherever you passed Reese still referred to as body people call -- Bobby which is very -- -- because Bobby is he's never been called Robert. His name is not -- his name is Bobby. And so it's it's very strange when you're younger you think of -- the right kind of name and then when you're in your mid sixties and you're still called -- -- -- Isn't there a time when I should be Robert Ewing but now and everybody industry -- bombing and has good means we did the right thing -- -- -- years. Police did not much has changed in terms of the atmosphere but -- season three on Dallas given us an idea of what. Fans can expect from all these characters well what changes is what they can expect is that -- that way of making television so different. It's a good when we that you do called session of Dallas it was the most home kind of thing and now. There isn't an unspoken rule that you make an edit cut every four seconds. Every four seconds there's a shift in rhythm and so are -- reflect that they you know we've put more -- one hour of Dallas now than we did in six hours in the eighties. Those -- the things that are different so the pacing is different. We made famous the cliff hangers are going to be the same you know except there's more of them there's almost one every episode. And none -- this it's fun family television it's not dark. It doesn't make you cringe. You should smile at the end of an episode of Dallas because it's done right. And you know done right you know you worked with a lot of legends during that time what is it like moving on with the franchise of course without Larry Hagman. Well there's -- the icon of all icons was that character the interesting thing is we're going on with the show and the character JR continues to go on. Plots of the show -- -- involving things that that character. Theoretically had done before he died so his influence is always there. The interesting thing is I have a feeling that the young cast members on our show will end up being iconic and their own way. For having inherited the mantle of our show. Hopefully not as iconic as the three of us you have to have something that's ours. That it's fun to watch them one of our cast members turned thirty when we were doing the pilot of this show -- -- said and I'm I'm projecting all of their careers over the next thirty years and if they have. Half of the great fortune teller -- and and I there. Be very lucky people wonderful I would ask you about Josh Henderson of course he plays JR junior. Character of Larry Hagman son on there and an idea that's that's -- aides who sort of thing to take on the actions to -- house nobody to instantly. He's doing well it is it and it's a process. Larry didn't become that character the first time out of the box either. And Josh has the added. Benefit obstacle being compared to Larry all the time you know how will he stack up is that kind of character. What we have to remember is Dallas is full of characters that -- -- part of that until we don't have just one villain of the show. And Josh does amazingly well he is one of our great talents. And like Larry I think -- careers can just continue on forever as will all of the other cast members Jesse and turned down we have the jays Jesse -- -- a Julian Josh. You know so the -- jays -- they do just -- You say you enjoy going back to this franchise salon the writing and the the characters. What else do you think it takes for Dallas to keep going. I'm not sure I've never been in charge of that end of it and it seems to have a life of its own it has its own genetic. Mythology and our writer producers and Kissinger who wrote the pilot script that influence Larry in -- myself to actually do this show. Seems to get it. And it's one of those things that I'm not a writer so I don't know how that works. But I can tell when I get a script. -- they get it they get the voice they understand who those characters are and we also know when they don't get. And this group of riders gets it so I think -- it's gonna take is inventive plot. And then let the characters be who they were intended to be here. You know you've obviously has been acting for quite awhile -- on the Hollywood scene in announced. You've been married also for 41 years that's that's not always the case went over and Hollywood's search your question -- you know when you thought yeah. I'm on the -- -- -- -- so what's your secrets. You have. People think that it's it's some sort of record that most of my friends. Been -- a long time Larry and his wife were married 55 years. Before he died. And the people I respect in that I know have generally have long term relationships. I don't know what it takes it takes effort obviously takes over but not just because you're in television or -- or -- it takes effort. If you're -- carpenter takes effort to. To acquiesce a certain amount of your. -- individualism. That you think. Is so precious when you're in your teens and in college and realize that you don't really give up anything if you you know. If you can acquiesce or without thinking you're giving up -- something I think you're in for a long relationship. And then this long relationship. With the Dallas what's next for Patrick Duffy also what do you want to do. That haven't done yet I don't live -- I've never made a plan. I've been very lucky and out of the blue Lego -- from Atlantis and then followed with Dallas that -- the step by step and I'm back on Dallas. I'm a very fortunate actor. And part of that fortune now is just that I've been around long enough that people consider you for things. So. I don't have any goals in mind you know. I would like to continue Dallas as long as it will go I think we have implement all of that yet and plus I like playing the obvious the 65 -- -- to take Bobby in different directions that you didn't before. I just think because television has changed a bit that the reality of who. Real people are they're given. A wider latitude we were in the black and white days that negotiates a great Bobby had to -- a good guy JR was the bad guy now. There's a a bit of flex in there. Last season Bobby had to do a few things. That were justifiable. Not within his -- house says 1980s -- Dallas. Those are kind of interesting things but I'll always be the moral compass of the show us character. Patrick Duffy thank you so much for stopping by and we wish you much success with Dallas and beyond thank you and I hope you -- -- -- I think you very much.

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{"id":22807334,"title":"Patrick Duffy on 'Dallas'","duration":"3:00","description":"'Bobby' Talks About the Differences in \"Dallas,\" then and now.","url":"/Entertainment/video/patrick-duffy-dallas-22807334","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}