Paul Rudd has 'Wanderlust'

The actor talks free love on film with co-star Jennifer Aniston.
4:55 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Paul Rudd has 'Wanderlust'
And you know -- we didn't mind so badly we -- -- It's a member of money buys nothing. An important. No money blue -- -- nothing. But the human mean metaphorically they'll literally but that. Literally money buys most -- -- nothing and you saying -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Money money pays -- -- -- -- About -- -- people you have just seen a scene of Paul Rudd in wanderlust and we have Paul Rudd right here. Hello everybody. Plot. And who you plan in one. It's George George. George I've played any Georgian. Who's been priced out of New York City I'm married to Jennifer Aniston plays Linda and we're finding -- Funny difficult to keep our head above water I don't understand -- that come on the idea that people that struggles struggles and and struggles with work and paying -- mortgage and if they've completely fabricated story that -- never heard it before but then -- went on online and I did some research found that he apparently will apparently millions of people are going through a similar thing. So. We -- this New York City and moved to moved to Atlanta where I'm going to be working with my brother. What don't like. On the way to Atlanta stop at breakfast. That's tonight and it's it's bad practices run by com. And we kind of in this night rediscover. Who we are what's great about our marriage that's great about. Life and we meet its collection of crazy people and and are inspired to maybe think about living our lives. Different way in the way and we have been. The -- -- and even asked in of course what. Yeah. -- That was when I was gonna tell you apparently at least you may practice free don't think. That it the idea of free love probably came from the main guy. And the main guy at the time you know he just said -- -- -- and yes kind of a good idea he's probably an easily walks -- fifty with a harem girls and that's just creepy you can call it street but it's actually it is groups. -- It. I don't like. I don't -- him. It has seen some people waltzing on -- when -- -- That is so. And it's just as growth and disgusting if anything -- ever seen and yet. Oh that's so good climbing I think it is good let's remember that -- the scene from night. -- you starting I think with the work which we -- we can say. Right it's -- you can take it like we can think tank I think that we can -- lot of other things but your friend the director and writer David -- did this did he just. Known so well. That he knows this is what you do when you get up in the morning if you look in the -- -- start with the word. And then -- -- from. It's a little bit like Roy Schneider and now all that jazz very much I would instead of -- time I just talk about my. And it's and it's and -- It's -- weird did did spend time capsule sequence of -- come. You know that -- was our first day of shooting and -- PMs the second scene that we shot. And -- to to analyze it just kind of go live. What's going -- Seen in -- trying to. Filter. But it -- impossible. I mean it's even in after. Credit Torre did -- one point interest groups and because it's. It -- to top elected. And there is I think where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He gets -- kind of -- in the past and I kind of very deliberate and I would they get scared at which was also shot in the same town by the way there's. But I think maybe -- I -- after the fact something might have been. Come from the YouTube clip of that guy that was auditioning for the Stanley Kubrick movie and did -- thing from outsiders. What did you receive that I didn't -- eighteen to remember his name whoa yeah it's a guy auditioning for full metal jacket. And he's amazing. He's amazing and he -- the scene. From outsiders and he puts everything into it and it starts off with -- you know. There -- babies but it's really easy -- -- -- And I've watched it in that house. When it hurts drawing inspiration no this isn't years I don't think it was it be -- -- conscious thing but I I go to. I know that could stop the movie -- -- the it sounds like -- compartment if it. House.

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{"id":15786268,"title":"Paul Rudd has 'Wanderlust'","duration":"4:55","description":"The actor talks free love on film with co-star Jennifer Aniston.","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-rudd-wanderlust-15786268","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}