Paul Rudd's Reveals Dirty Little Secret

Find out what the "Wanderlust" star does in hotel rooms.
4:55 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Paul Rudd's Reveals Dirty Little Secret
-- -- -- I just got -- time. -- -- -- -- You have to tell whether this is true -- not that you and David Wayne and and the cast of whip Americans are we I think it's a continent. To those of us. Well -- -- and cherishes its it's a -- it's a small group but -- have devoted group I think we've all found. Summit BK what we are divorced I think I heard that it was going to be a prequel that you were all continues to hold when you deal -- -- Americans aren't -- -- And now -- a prequel played by all right who now be twenty years ago yeah. I agree I think it makes total sense. I think it makes absolutely is -- really going to happen while I don't know exactly. What. What the story really is or how if it really is a prequel it would make sense to me that -- -- -- prequel I know talk to these friends I talk to them all the time -- I know that. Michael and Showalter and David have been talking a lot -- writings stuff. Over the years we called and said it was last. Assuming. It wins. Really we hear Aaron if it's a prequel it may yet and that worked point where forty were old -- seventeen year -- and that were off to a good start. And you've experienced -- forty -- So as we move to the personal science and me cry what happened Paul had -- -- -- a big deal or did it mean I think it it. Eat it 20 a little bit. The sound of it the sound of forty. This sounds like some of these dropping a big pile of bricks force -- sounds that. It feels it it fields. Like there's there's wait there. There is -- there. But. For me the transition from I think beings did to being an adult didn't happen and I'm still. Wrestling with patented. But. -- be changed for me. Around the time I think having kids and then lost a parent all of those things and it happened gradually. I identified. In my thirties I identified myself as husband which was strange. But I got used -- and after I had my son. Years seven years ago. It took -- -- took a little White House or the way I imagine myself in my own mind is that of a parent. That didn't happen right away. But all of these things kind of combined with probably turning forty. I feel different feel different -- it did when it was -- grown up. In some -- student. Not in. In the important but it didn't sit well let me guess you don't really want that if you -- wife Julie were here. What would she be able to tell us about -- we're not we don't know. That I have a massive collection hotel slippers. Him. He said that with motion booked statement if you don't have a right to whatever ago telling them -- Because I think. There's slippers are not -- he -- keep for a long time. Because it's if you think about it is congress but you keeping noise have a -- every time ago -- Now I just went in a -- -- you throw them out eventually you know just keep them we don't don't Wear them for if you really they're gonna have gone I as a closet filled I have a closet Philip -- -- I just we just did that. Press junket for this movie and you -- press junket normally in -- hotel and those -- would. Put them. You know how we ended -- now you've -- for me many times we've done. -- -- -- -- With the ground did row -- -- involved in in -- way and never -- something before we do it ran its Sundance he did a song about them. If you did -- now I can prove this sudden there's my way today that was it it was kind of but watt is on fire and -- how do you want to. To take a -- -- you've never done Tom Waits and you also professed to. Yes place. But I just wanted to come from your head I want this musical interlude that we go out with just bring. From what's inside there now. I am -- linemen for the county. And drive the main road and drive. Search. Sun for a purple. -- You. Saying and -- Can you you through them. And the which -- Is still on the La. An -- -- an audience is still llama La. A it's too early the fifth pick it is really hit that you needed treatment Glenn Hammond -- him well. That's a great song. It is and I was talking about it earlier and that's why we're -- just came out and -- -- -- it was tomorrow's summit karaoke earlier now and it's that mountain it's it's it's one of my favorite songs of all time. Paul think he's -- -- it like that.

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{"id":15786313,"title":"Paul Rudd's Reveals Dirty Little Secret","duration":"4:55","description":"Find out what the \"Wanderlust\" star does in hotel rooms.","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-rudds-reveals-dirty-secret-15786313","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}