Paul Walker's Father on Son's Death: We 'Lost a Spirit'

Hollywood actor's father reacts to his son's death as officials investigate what caused the crash.
3:00 | 12/02/13

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Transcript for Paul Walker's Father on Son's Death: We 'Lost a Spirit'
This is a special group. But then Cutler in New York with his ABC news digital special report two days after his son died in a fiery car crash. Actor Paul Walker's father is speaking out telling the world about his son's big heart. I knew he loved me. -- it both ways. -- -- -- -- always give -- kiss. -- -- Eventually. He may come to realize what that first he was. Two days in shock still very much. In line with the family's reaction more. On the walker family in just don't but first the latest on the investigation with NBC's brandy hit in Los Angeles and brandy what. Do we know what are police saying what do we care about the suspicion that walker -- his friend the car's driver. We're taking part of some kind of a race. That's all speculation right now -- the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department does say that speed definitely was a factor in this crash. They -- -- -- how fast the Porsche Carrera GT was going at the time -- what caused it spin out of control. Paul Walker is -- with a passenger in that car Saturday afternoon his friend pro racer Roger -- was the driver and people were trapped. They could not escape the mangled vehicle after it hit a tree and -- poll. -- detectives are looking at every possible cause right now they did received one phone call from a person suggesting. Another car may have been at the scene but they can't track the -- down right now so they don't know -- street racing wasn't -- involved. This street is an industrial complex in Santa Clarita and it's known for fast drivers who can also perform don't -- in the area. So they are really assuming right now that all the tire marks on the street belong to -- -- either. It's going to take a lot of time to get the bottom of this investigation but Altman. We're there to attend a charity event in Santa Clarita on Saturday when they took this high in speedster for span. And memorial continues to grow at the crash site where -- and ski team together as well. The morning this is growing as those hours are counting on from that accident but. Is far as the investigation goes have experts said exactly what specifically they're looking for -- -- you mentioned the fact that. If there has been times before that people have used this particular area for drag racing for street racing. But the same time investigators are they looking for tire marks are they looking for any kind of other strikes and other trees or any other kind of damage. I definitely they have forensic teams that come out and specifically know how to look at tire markings and what they can try to help from those -- markings. From where the car ended up to possibly the track -- that angle and the actual position of the vehicle on the street. The detectives are looking at all of that information right now of course -- gonna try that look at the vehicle itself it's kind of hardest. To determine if there were a lot of mechanical problems at this vehicles has -- you look at the pictures. You can just see how much of a mangled mess it is in of course there was an explosion -- car caught fire. And both men could not get out there were reports earlier about possible -- fluid that may have been left behind on the street. I investigators at the sheriff's department will not say. If there was any fluid left behind early on to -- something they have been leaking from the vehicle. There -- remaining very tight lipped at this point and tell their detectives can actually go over the entire scene. And figure out exactly what happened here. You look at the pictures and that car almost looks as if it just disintegrated to simply by the heat of the explosion and the subsequent fire. Have investigators that that is going to be causing any particular problems for them as they're gonna try to piece together a potential cause. -- -- definitely when you look at the aftermath of the crash and what's left of that vehicle that is not -- -- be the easiest thing for investigators to sit there and try to figure out. If there was any sort of foul play may be -- -- that the car had some sort of mechanical error. Involved but unfortunately the other thing with this is is how quickly and how fastest car could have accelerated in amount of time. You know witnesses -- say it was only a few blocks away maybe 300 feet from the actual charity event itself but when you look at the area. It's a giant circle. For the industrial complex so they had to be taking off it quite at fast speed. When this actually happened and the crash took place -- What -- what was the cherry that he was attending that day. I'm it would a charity event for -- two different things it was a toy drive there's also kind of fundraising for the Philippines disaster. And for those of us most of us know Paul -- as this stunning actor Barry -- man. -- the -- fast and furious franchise what a lot of people don't know what they're learning now is that Paul Walker when you hear his father speak about him. Was not the manned base on the movies in real -- heat when he was -- on the big screen. He was more focused on helping others hanging -- his friends promoting and and bragging about what his friends talents for. And also his charity that he launched a few years ago it was an international charity where they would go to Haiti and help the victims of batter Craig. He was known as -- giver and that's what his dad described in the in the interview today it was just a really emotional. Harper's father he was so proud you could tell. What he was doing and and the Paul Walker at that charity event on Saturday as well a lot of people want the rest of the world to know about he was a giver and that's what -- wanted to spend his life doing -- It was an image of humble this and humility that his father has been hanging up his son and I wanna play a little bit about some of his thoughts that he shared. In those moments after that accident. The last couple days have been hearing these wonderful stories about listen this -- looked at me instant. He got a minute lecture -- -- got a minute pieces. I was with in my family. Paul was down the hotel lobby. And I sit I got a seventeen year old daughter -- -- here it is the greatest thing policy let's go meter. So they will not. Bother -- it says. They get on an idea what you -- -- -- sit down -- daily shower. Is really important you know really like this can weather gets him -- me. He came that you get a towel -- and her hair was all wrapped in a -- she cannot she goes oh no. Paul looked over to Patel operated since -- get a picture. That was still work he did that -- still what he did that was so typical of -- the -- -- spirit you lost that person. Dead. Maybe is meant to be this way. I was I'm devastated and comes in who waved his bride just. But he. He had a way about him. And was told somebody I used to tease him about. Things get on his case just just rag on him he was used to. Don't stories when he was little bit. You always want to tell stories about his friends and things that they've done that -- so funny -- I was really close with my son. Glad to say less -- along with and we. We had a great. Very talk about how he -- to spend more time with his daughter -- In. Plans things he wanted to do -- Things he -- think it. And he'd like it when you get on a film where there was stuff to do when he was -- film -- Remember we get one of the Philippines here at the surface of goodness I don't know when your contract you couldn't serve. Then -- can't -- I can't think. I got a real goal number one goal -- I mean that's why you never Simon made his -- and good news and all that's not. I was not hill -- he regularly -- -- his friends and they took off they disappeared. In he'd like that you know. Very personal reflection. From a father clearly in heartbreak and grieving. And he's inching -- that sometimes in the case of Hollywood it is difficult to separate the person from the characters that they play in the roles that they take on but. But as we just heard there from his father though he. Did have a bit of a reputation. Of a daredevil. He can't -- -- like racing was involved in racing in -- he and his friend -- writers who was the driver and vehicle went to racing events together. And so at you know while the fast and furious movies of course -- fiction there was a bit of Paul Walker in that he -- -- speed and they were taking his car. For a -- -- people that we've spoken to -- last couple of days say this vehicle -- Porsche Cabrera. What is it's a very rare card it's actually difficult to handle but of course when you hear somebody like Roger -- his background as a pro racer you've been given -- -- be able to handle it. What went wrong we just don't know but obviously -- seeing -- speed. Was a part of Paul Walker's life and as you heard his dad talk about there you know. They were very close with their relationship and this was a man who was not typical Hollywood even though he had been an actor -- -- -- -- it Pampers commercials and stuff for the young child. He chose to keep Hollywood out of his personal life which is just really interesting. You can you can almost see there from a reflection from his father that he almost takes pride in that that he was. As sort of bucked the Trenton. Was outside of that Hollywood livestock. And when you see the people who show up that you know him at the memorial site that is just ground -- to a massive site at that the crash scene. He's Ty Reese his fellow you know actor and in the -- -- -- shot just devastated and the tears would not stop flowing. Friends knew him as somebody different than just an actor's Hollywood or just movies they knew it seemed like a heart Paul Walker the heart that his dad was describing in -- -- A loss a loss certainly in DA BC's brandy hit in Los Angeles -- thank you for that. We do have a complete report were here -- For -- -- down Cutler in New York. With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21073910,"title":"Paul Walker's Father on Son's Death: We 'Lost a Spirit'","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood actor's father reacts to his son's death as officials investigate what caused the crash.","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-walkers-father-sons-death-lost-spirit-21073910","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}