Peter Traver's hopes for no more 'New Year's Eve'

Star-Studded "New Year's Eve" one of the years worst films.
1:50 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Peter Traver's hopes for no more 'New Year's Eve'
OK I have to do a rough cut movie that I've seen that I wanna take my changed two and destroy. It's called New Year's Eve you know. This might well be deceitful Valentine's Day because Garry Marshall directed at both of them with all these stars decide to give three -- four days. -- -- -- -- This is the holidays. To you so we're Yorke Ryan Seacrest is hosting the -- is gonna fall in Times Square and all these -- -- -- Their career crushing war I mean really. Can you stand to sit there and what -- country and -- Elevated together wondering whether she can get to Times Square on time in back to Jon Bon Jovi. You -- does anybody care. He'll fight for days and record company president is -- who quit her job and -- -- outside Manhattan she falls into a lot of garbage. Is -- metaphor for the movie which is a lump of carpet. -- yeah -- Hospital bed dying of cancer and decide his -- which is to see that ball ball one more time. How shameless can you -- can make a movie this awful but everyone who's in this movie thought. It there's no script it's awful it's made with pure cynicism and hatred and -- New -- you wish for New Year's Eve. If delegates at stake through its heart and is forgotten for.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Star-Studded \"New Year's Eve\" one of the years worst films.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15124940","title":"Peter Traver's hopes for no more 'New Year's Eve' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/peter-travers-hopes-new-years-eve-movie-2011-stars-cast-films-entertainment-15124940"}