Philip Seymour Hoffman Admits to Being a Little Nutty

Why he enjoys playing less serious roles and how he values his friendship with P.T. Anderson.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for Philip Seymour Hoffman Admits to Being a Little Nutty
-- big time. I'm not looking. Text. Parts that aren't -- excellent time for us I mean it's not -- -- assistant. Assists. -- only go it's mean. You don't understand -- Under the party. Means big thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- 44. We're in for a good time to death in 2000 -- -- -- undated -- to. Made easy easy time after his front line winners. I want to talk about this he talked a little bit about your friendship with -- them. We keep calling PTA. That you go and then he's just all these -- apple -- and -- The wind that had -- when its stock. How hardee's -- and -- for him was right now the first -- is on in a casino in Reno. Crafts you meant crops they're going -- early that day we do offending or something that I shot that nine. Off. I want to LA like about two weeks later and he was there. Racecar around. And we just became fast friends -- -- -- Paul work. You know -- met people who like people -- -- -- -- In president. He still -- that was so many people you know he you're in five of the six when he -- -- what the hell is calling on the -- during there will be blood. I sin no more had enough. Mean -- -- Lewis cannot. I'm -- who goes. The not there's not enough room. They know I was. He was this that are really punitive -- and there was an army that I mean he year in part I mean I couldn't live Q and -- -- can you. Looking at wonderful book all. Old time you know I don't wait for old people it. It's. -- figure I don't know what you mean. Do that the replay. Those. But again. You -- again but. -- in ninth. Is the wonderful movie with dean after seeing but everybody remembers you and you buy it there -- well -- there. And then. It becomes -- have -- yet I'm. So why is Paul Thomas Anderson me. Well I think he's. That he I don't know visas for these parts in the and that's in the and -- that was part you know I wasn't coming we're her. Even however Gregory helping about Ribery -- -- performances but. I think he's always looking for that upended and find him and that's and -- hope it is. The idea what's happened is our friendship is the power. -- -- -- -- And so I was never. Before the vote no in we obviously you know meaning night. I've -- five but even that they everyone else you know -- get and other you know immediately. The people never abandon one of his movies lately. -- -- room. -- been -- -- view it that have been given a lot from -- And I've given no law to have films you know it's very pleasurable but the great thing. But our friendship that the board it is important today. And I'd rather keep that before from -- worry about being in films what. -- magnolia seemed to be your and a nurse and -- and I remember always. You wonderful things introduces this movement. And where you gonna help this guy. I thought as you know if this is this this is going to be the thing. When you are talking to him about. Doing this kind of that is that just the basis we're -- and that you work it out together as -- all written. It's written is quite -- -- group right there -- like. That scene was written -- many scenes you do with Paul that are -- doesn't mean we go there's not a -- because that labs also -- that it. He's a filmmaker first foreign policies of filmmaker you know and is looking for life you know. And so he tries to write really good stuff but he doesn't Zoellick you know senior -- -- -- all the things are written you know and and the wonderful -- the people. And that was thinking of punt for a club where -- -- again you're on the phone he's on the phone he screaming there's millions and coming out and you're seeing. Shut up shut up that's written that you could rip off the there's that is like three shots those like -- that protection everything but but that. But people do that you know and he did -- -- like no that wasn't me that's why it's so. It's so deliberate. That will make them so far should. Chip you know that he wrote Floyd I knew it it was -- -- Should she should she should not. Did she. But that doesn't mean that there are things that have been problems films -- -- -- that's always together. And happens again you know -- if it doesn't work in political activist could give up -- you know he's a real -- he really respects the work and. Thank you enviable that you have that relationship just -- you do -- Bennett Miller hasn't made securities yet to put human medium heat Capote with you and then you do money ball I think radar. Yeah. Really aren't -- -- -- there aren't but not a great time grip on her art. Has really apologize. It's thank. College it was -- are those written. We think it -- as a -- You know just -- that it if you on the cover of the year Huntsman. Yet that it's very. And you're kind of -- not. You know English. -- -- that that happens -- -- good and died in nature -- salute. When you take what I would call the guilty pleasure kind of movie when you're the villain in Mission Impossible to -- you do and -- you think. He -- these things need to break I just think that's going to be fun to be seriously. -- a lot more me. In those movies that people I think. Realize you know what you're -- -- -- the fund them by Obama and part of it you know wanting to have a good time. Meaning that there isn't that the character study it is really. It is three dimensional offenses -- it's gonna get in those movies you know that character and mission possible. Was only so deep unity but there was a -- of the energy about him was there was something the -- plays at the plate. Quite well what we've played it would ended with the dedication and about who back you know there was a role as a job to be -- And it was fun to play that role without having to kind of it was a remove -- way through it. I can say that -- certain. Jobs that you take sometimes are on the visceral are very imaginative. Than. And they -- exciting but they don't have the emotional -- And sometimes that's not a good thing but sometimes it is okay because of the kind of movies. And the kind of story. And utes have a lot of fun playing it and people along for the Washington. Walt -- -- well you know in the end it's so we thought. I'm don't think it means we -- rigged game when it was objective. And yeah I know you don't ever like. But I'm guessing -- only that's wrong because people who feel -- There will no I don't I don't -- -- -- I ask if this is a need in the method that I love monthly that little bit. It's on a slow boat to -- on you know why he he did. Simple thing if you don't don't. I don't think I'd likely yes. Us quote that shot but if he. What you want to. When no one -- and I didn't go look among them -- allegedly the act so's your little world the comforts of ivory do that. They are Hoffman's view. The fifth -- the year -- and load it we can't do that I mean in. When you won -- you'd get a little -- Mars which is still need. It was just like you. Earlier love love love love love to -- from multiple -- -- I'm countered that -- this woman. But that the -- loved loved loved loved loved what. If not slow -- to cut those secrets on and I hope that you -- Ship but anyway. The theme. Is still a pleasant view our pastor and you're not and get me to -- -- -- That. I think. --

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{"id":17230026,"title":"Philip Seymour Hoffman Admits to Being a Little Nutty","duration":"3:00","description":"Why he enjoys playing less serious roles and how he values his friendship with P.T. Anderson.","url":"/Entertainment/video/philip-seymour-hoffman-admits-nutty-17230026","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}