Philip Seymour Hoffman is Exhausted by Political Double-Speak

Oscar-winning actor on what he would most like to see change in the current political climate.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philip Seymour Hoffman is Exhausted by Political Double-Speak
Well I have to bring up too because we talked little about this war about the last party -- documentary which was Al Gore and George Bush. Now we're in an election -- talk ten how are you are you -- bogeyed it politics your life. You know it's funny because after into the philosophically it's it's it's Tuesday after the film I've -- became kind of -- with -- obsessed of polygamy but -- was really interest it. And what was going on. Readings -- couldn't take yes what's that could have and still like that way but it is is over it is a long now I mean there's so much public all the time. I think a lot of people -- Feeling this way you know you this time. Because lock coming notes -- not a lot of that means that. And I think that -- started -- think that. Dangerous to say anymore I think that's kind of the that we don't have people have been -- on Saturday they give it hurts anybody's feelings anymore if you -- -- is -- it's is this is true you know and and so you are ever -- the is kind of waiting for -- for something someone. To say something -- with the idea here that needs to be said or that is going to go against what's obviously happening which is just. A lot. Of news to a lot of stuff a lot of words a lot of talking a lot of shows a lot of you know there's a lot of stuff. That -- to skirt the issue that doesn't that that hasn't you know. Changed. You know if something you would want -- -- it's the same political world they've political games being played well we're glad that I'm that nothing's changed and that always Licata the -- two of -- these chains and then -- had been mentioned yet. I thought I'm doing a little bit of -- but I care -- deeply. Yesterday and that's why is there anything that I mean that is in your head that you would like -- -- changes that. That that decry political political -- the political process the political discourses just -- If so you just don't believe. Me though. It's hard to and I know -- laws market many people -- behind. You know or working for us never had -- -- you know I've met them. And but when you see them orbits -- over the news over the media's very hard to producers. Because. Nothing seems to -- do you see them acting politicians I don't know I'd I'd probably been in. The -- that. My thing -- a look at the where you start to see something real happen. And -- -- -- things belong Thompson's mussina and Andy consistent level here once -- awhile we see something. You know once off someone says something comes up with something right something -- we read it. But anybody's and a high profile environment and there are -- in a politically. Is part of -- this course of I think it needs to change it into but he knows the public that. That's news I think -- via line. The top of 14.

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{"id":17212245,"title":"Philip Seymour Hoffman is Exhausted by Political Double-Speak","duration":"3:00","description":"Oscar-winning actor on what he would most like to see change in the current political climate.","url":"/Entertainment/video/philip-seymour-hoffman-exhausted-political-double-speak-17212245","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}