Pia Zadora Reclaims the Stage

Entertainer talks new show, Twitter and Frank Sinatra.
4:09 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Pia Zadora Reclaims the Stage
She is a Hollywood icon -- gifted singer and actress on both stage and screen and now he is a -- has gone back to her roots. Here she is currently starring in. So we could chat about the show because I know that you run at breakneck speed he had and it's so great that you could stop by today game it's at. As our show him to lead. -- eggs any case out of -- Robert. The sap is probably not happy to hear that they're gonna. Loosen the sales but tweeting you have brought it right there ever -- with the -- with give a Twitter -- -- really identity Dee -- so officers and Nina. Tweeting. -- -- -- I -- have you embraced that Doherty is overwhelmed by enshrine that scares me BY. Hash tax. Tax tax -- seriously -- like I don't know hash tags are at. Or email when -- there but I'm trying we should go to like to a Twitter 101 education -- together right. -- always will be study buddies maybe we can do that was together that's still. But the show hot -- this even come about because I mean you've had a miraculous career and to come back on stage. From the age of six. -- stopped working for fifteen years. Because I needed to raise my -- -- winds and two young kids pregnant with my parent. And I really needed to focus sending him on because I started as you said when I was six. Basically had no frame of reference of the normal life. Still my kids didn't neither. At that point I took my daughter to preschool. And picture faster how when she said -- great mom we went outside for intermission after we learn the alphabet. And mean you know issues like. All skewed. How will -- what brought about that change to take those fifteen years off because I think a lot of actresses. As you said from from right from child -- -- you were a child from Broadway. Never get that kind of sense of wait a minute this is not reality -- this isn't what a lot of people have her traditional parents teens and roll -- What what triggered that. I had to do it I can see I had to do. I just couldn't you know I I had a focus on being a mom it was a responsibility that I didn't realize until. I knew -- -- an ailing back. And now you're back it's the extent. -- tell about the show. I've heard that it's been likened to all of the great ballads from the great American songbook what are your face -- -- doing all the stuff that's in not Chara. -- -- -- -- -- And when I toured with hand. And the standards their classics they're wonderful songs they're tying Lance. I feel them now and I'm having a great time and do you do you still hear him in your head I had seen every night before -- on stage. It means -- hands looking straight in the eye and say he Dallas airlock. Share that with -- ever and I can screw who moved ever happened there happened why. Was or was there ever a moment that you -- upstage me but that might not have been my best reform yes. And it was okay because he was like his father and I can mentor. He you know planted the seed of don't screw up -- You know. -- it's a cutthroat business though because it can you have too many of those performances where there might not be at the top of your game you're not going to be able to be. Re booked and continued to have worked absolutely that's pressure that stress that's graying hairs that. You know why are on drugs -- -- -- -- happy -- NN. Perhaps later learn eagle -- alcohol. And political and -- drug. Also you work with Bob Mackie and some of the -- and stay he's -- castings for years what kind of direction did you give him on the design. An agent who may look good not make me look here is -- Plain not elect you know sing land -- -- his irises are NATO thank you need much help I think that you can pretty much carry out anything that you like to carry out although that is a beautiful dress. Think yeah. -- -- -- Bob -- that he has -- -- continued success to you we obviously will be checking now the show think again.

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{"id":18444611,"title":"Pia Zadora Reclaims the Stage ","duration":"4:09","description":"Entertainer talks new show, Twitter and Frank Sinatra.","url":"/Entertainment/video/pia-zadora-reclaims-stage-18444611","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}