Pierce Brosnan Channels Dark Side

The actor stars in Stephen King thriller "Bag of Bones."
5:26 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Pierce Brosnan Channels Dark Side
He's an actor a film producer a world renowned. Heartthrob. Pierce Brosnan has played James Bond Thomas crown and now in his latest project. He reaches to the dark side for -- and novelist who is haunted. Literally and figuratively by the ghost of his past here's a look now at Stephen king's bag of bones. -- Can -- this time. -- -- -- And -- suspense right there Pierce Brosnan joining us now via satellite from Los Angeles to tell us more about this. -- -- thanks for being with us today. There it's a pleasure Dan thank you so talk about -- -- -- -- Mike -- what drew you to this role. Stephen King -- wrote to Stephen King whose stories. He's so prolific in this particular one is a much loved book aren't -- -- my agents at the beginning of the year I wanna work all year I don't wanna stop. So I just finished a film and Italy and this came across my desk. I read it I loved it and. I said yes -- it. And that I found myself -- about two weeks preparation. To do it -- kind of scared the pants off. And then I realized how old. Much this -- was loved by people. And I looked -- all his films I spent the summer with my boys and we look devote all of Stephen king's films. And that was in -- and entertaining. And I realized I had a challenge on my hands to two to play this -- the first three weeks of filming it's just me in the house alone. -- -- -- rights Michael Noonan -- man at the top of his profession. As -- also and using new York -- -- book signing and his wife goes across the street to. The pharmacy to buy something surreptitiously. And his she's coming back she gets obliterated by a bus. Which puts his life in a tailspin. 100 this script was just so well founded. And likewise the book but -- that the script in particular. That I thought it -- it would be a great -- to be part of. I mean it's got to be a huge challenge because as you said I mean -- -- just keeps everyone on edge with the way that he writes. As an actor I'm assuming. You must have -- is someone about pressure put upon you than to be able to bring that same kind of intensity that he can put into words that you can put on the screen. Well it's pieces you do it piece by piece. The overall peace can be overwhelming. That you start at the beginning you start with day one and -- the task at hand. And news. You have to commit to this world -- cannot. Second guess yourself when you cannot hold back within -- Stephen King piece you have to engage. Whole heartedly. Emotionally physically. To -- to the right team to enter into this. Into this domain that he is created. -- says sounds like an intense role what they say you said that you said that you didn't wanna be. Sort of not busy this year and we've been hearing rumors about a possible Thomas crown sequel in the -- your production company of course produced the first one. Can you tell us anything about about a potential for a sequel. Will we have wee Herman. Number of scripts written we have three variations on this story we have to whittled them down when doing that as we speak and we have a director who's. Very interest is in it. If he commits them would go. Good full time go -- you you don't have a lot of very pleased fans to hear that. Well thank you thank you it's it's being the number of years waiting in the wings to do -- so. I hope in the new year with that we'll be able to announce that we're gonna go ahead with this film of Thomas crown. In the meantime I have other projects I have TV projects with my company about half hour shown in show. So -- that this. You know. I've done this. Game for so long -- I have to pack my bags that -- time and go often make movies is upon me to legislate to stay in Los Angeles and and walk. You knew I could do that would be to do a TV show so we'll see there's -- a number of options here -- good to have choices. And and what can listen maybe we'll see a return from where it all started from Remington Steele which so many people love you for that double 07 mom and I mean the list goes on and on mean -- Your credentials. Impressive to say they're very very least and we wish you obviously the continued success witness -- its work in program -- and term long may it last. -- hope you enjoy the show thank you Stephen king's -- about airs this Sunday night on AME Pierce Brosnan pierce thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you --

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"The actor stars in Stephen King thriller \"Bag of Bones.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15106321","title":"Pierce Brosnan Channels Dark Side ","url":"/Entertainment/video/pierce-brosnan-channels-dark-side-15106321"}