Piers Morgan Testifies in Hacking Scandal

CNN host is questioned by British ethics inquiry over his role as tabloid chief.
4:46 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Piers Morgan Testifies in Hacking Scandal
-- the nineteenth of October 2006. -- -- it's quite. I'm. -- -- Headline read some doesn't -- I'm sorry Matt -- introducing you to this monster as. You know we've got our bearings that. -- -- and what you say at the south of this pieces that he reviewed introduced. To -- McCraw -- two at a mills that sun that's what you say isn't it. Yes. Com clintons gave miss out some relevant policies you don't mind -- this you want me to read amounts. Which do you explain that you introduced Heather Mills to -- off with a shared. -- we know what happened next as it -- I'm going to cut straight to the quick. Right in the middle of this page stories soon emerged that the marriage was in trouble if you have -- sentence yes. Idea -- one stage I was played a tape. That message poor -- left to head -- on her -- about saying. -- can you remember the circumstances mr. -- Buck -- just where I was but it say who who inflated because he's will be seek compromise missiles like I'll be. But I'm not sure about that this to -- you can you can discuss in general terms. Where walls constant. -- -- -- It was a type of a voice mail message wasn't. While Butler discussed. Well right -- related to me for the reasons -- discuss that I think is right back inquiry. Who were restated to -- don't expect me to other fossils it is. Net and on high. I think we do expect you to identify what -- is obvious to anyone reading this. Is that you listened to a tape of the voice -- message is that correct. Unless it's an exciting message. That it was a voice mail message wasn't it. Are believed it was yes. -- that use retail and multi -- -- with what you to. He was -- breaking the coupled together tiff Heather had fled to India and -- was pleading with to come back. Many even sang something into the -- society as you said they tell you listen to -- that did did you know that that was unethical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doesn't necessarily all of this into. Somebody's feeding somebody else is unethical. But -- on the type of a voice mail message he didn't think that was unethical. But it -- -- those substances when jewel does things. What can you tell us something about the circumstances with my. He has to think that it was not unethical. -- a moment and I think that -- and puzzles. But -- also would only be someone who was participating in the same unethical activities you is not soon. -- you presuming it's unethical. Well let's give it this way mr. I think about it this way mr. Morgan. Without identifying -- all souls. The only person who would lawfully be able to listen to the message. Is the lady in question or -- -- -- Authorized on her behalf. To listen to -- Is not right. Possibly. Well look. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll avoid another possibility that as -- and I think. -- -- I'll get -- these without compromising missiles. -- bacteria. Well I am perfectly happy. To coal. Lady McCartney. To give evidence. As to whether she authorized you to listen to her voice medals. If she didn't -- him. If she didn't she may say she did -- in which traditional compromising -- about it but if she didn't. Then we can proceed on the premise that if somebody else can't -- To. Oh five Leahy Heather Mills -- -- is -- inevitable straightforward obviously it is a fact that she attacked. Recorded their conversations -- giving -- -- media.

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{"id":15198128,"title":"Piers Morgan Testifies in Hacking Scandal","duration":"4:46","description":"CNN host is questioned by British ethics inquiry over his role as tabloid chief.","url":"/Entertainment/video/piers-morgan-testifies-hacking-scandal-15198128","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}