POPCORN: Ben Stiller Turns to Life of Crime

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy team up on 'Tower Heist'
7:11 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for POPCORN: Ben Stiller Turns to Life of Crime
Running things -- and a man this you've got coffee -- -- -- is he doesn't have it all the kidnap a man with the gun he's understand what man's who's trying to accomplish here rightly talking Liggett. You're talking like that -- and I talk like that. Okay everybody just tossing from tower heist with Ben Stiller and I've been very clever to invite and -- to the show right -- he -- You -- are still fuming. And I am I've shaken off -- care -- now. Take about a month to two months -- -- character will literally. We really need to go to definitive -- like. I because it gets your body -- -- person -- me me. Really wanted to -- and manage it corrected if high very high and our condominium and yes if it really we'll tell everybody who it is that you. -- -- Josh Kovacs who's the manager. The tower which is electron like tower in new York and very much like we did we shot at the term. -- -- -- the building manager and -- all the plays. This. This investors. -- made off like a guy who ends up -- -- -- fund and instantly. Instantly it often. We have no recourse so we decide. Terrorist -- She's in kennel permit on CNN we're gonna seek like this is -- strong box -- it was a -- -- -- that Steve. When -- twenty million dollars we could be would now Eddie Murphy's on the folks there with you yes but. Is it like working with talking to you really really didn't -- And he is amazing energy and the first thing we did together. The scenic or together and I just -- energy and focus coming in Maine and McPherson was like -- watching Eddie -- market humor in the movie. Only him right next to. And it's great and it's powerful and then you know and it's right there so it's. Challenging that you -- it started the year be -- responsible. And keep up with. Well I think that work but what do you two guys talk about when you're not doing anything. Well here we don't really we didn't really know each other reserves against knowing that we talk a little bit about. TV shows that we like we're sort of the same age appears to -- so we talk about like start track and respect and -- And actors to each -- and we would not -- characteristic I would sometimes peek at something -- he -- and that's an hour. Molecular character. That prison poet guy kill my landlord hill NC ILL. My landlord. I did that for him once and he threw it to me when. What did he do for you be -- -- You know we've got girls Zoolander. He likes to manner in. And we talk and we could be -- Booth deal he he. He did it was still morning interviews you did together which was excited. He called a black tires. I was on a job a few days ago when my -- got shot in the face just kidding. The -- and had so you can shut your case to check you'll face to political going -- -- and cut up the -- your character is doing something which. You have a real gift for doing I think in -- movie which is to root what is comic about it in something in something real. But you can we cannot identify whether it was burn me up that scam that's so we just got scammed -- this this. Yes and I think the Robin -- theme mr. universal thing you guys gotten ripped off and and it's unfair. But you know for me this movie whereas excited doses it's -- heist movie -- never done that kind of movie. I love those kinds of movies growing up watching is the seventies. New York Heisman which wanted it. I love the hot rock. Robert -- -- -- that -- advisor Robert rep for George Segal. You know the humor in those kinds of movies was based in reality is -- a cool action. Drama reality with humor or even the original taking of -- 123 my dad is and I'm ultimate test -- in Matthew Broderick status and that to play he plays James Broderick plays the -- -- that movie is like a cool action movie but it's really funny. And it's and there's humor through that it intentionally. You don't really see that anymore so Brett and I talked about that the idea that sort of -- them and Eddie came on board. You know his sort of the history with action comedies you know sort of creating that -- -- in the eighties -- and so. Of course -- audiences expecting comedy and at the end of the day you know it's that's what the movie. Is delivering but. I personally am not looking at Atlanta on what -- just like a movie that works and and try to you know have that reality of -- -- and hopefully. It's -- New York wouldn't it -- and you've come back. Yes you've come back to. Year -- you have left and -- expect that. And we've -- I to a lot of my way out what made it happen. Really having kids see my kids grow up really quickly just happens very -- and money and -- before they were -- -- experience of being on the East Coast. And dismissing it personally -- -- weaponized one at that changed and it changes it. You know just to mix it up a little bit and but -- -- -- that have been almost a year we've dealt with you know snowstorms. And pre Halloween snow storm -- moved in the dead of winter -- when we start shooting -- last year. And just like full -- you know whether whether witches. Something you don't get as much Los Angeles now there's my children would simulate what -- might have experience. I can't understand snow -- it's slowly visited Letterman how many -- -- had. -- -- -- I saw Hollywood reporter -- restoring it says something like this serious life. Of -- written. Com yes I get that in the contract if that's what the name of the charities but it's -- always say that I don't know why they go with bat but he says what you feel that -- -- I don't -- I -- that make you wanna run amok you know it doesn't you know what. If I -- -- run -- actually meant. I'll cut -- he -- figured out it's just -- sound of the word -- mock up I don't think it's just an explanation because you're doing it and stellar run -- my. Now it's. Whatever they're gonna put that whatever title they want a product but it doesn't really relate to me I don't think in somehow I think about life. But we have this idea. People who make flat screen and he. I think there are people who were naturally funny this is on -- -- and people are naturally funny. When -- around them and I I appreciate those kinds of people like them don't like I'm that -- like Albert Brooks -- -- to hang out and he is just genuinely funny. You know in real life he's just he's a stand up comedian Pittsburgh comes it's never been that -- that has never been that -- In you know in light so like that pressure like that's what made.

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