POPCORN: Growing up 'Stiller'

Ben talks about growing up in a show business household.
7:43 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for POPCORN: Growing up 'Stiller'
-- -- -- We can't we you're directing state tropic found. Very successful movie really funny you're in it and you're directing your stuffing god Robert -- -- again. Wouldn't say if you think them. Could be funny tech as apple really should just sort of land that line wouldn't -- Honestly those guys are so good as a director all you try to do is bring the best out of them -- become an audience I think any good comedy director. Is appreciating what he's seen trying to get that bad performance so. For me when I'm doing some like that I'm -- join with those guys doing -- trying to guide them. In -- -- -- and I know it's an actor I want to directories giving me some sort of opinion and say -- go for this -- -- you have to know that it's not because there's no idea right there's nobody entity that's -- you are you're the audience in that moment when you first do meet the parents with Robert De Niro. Known for being -- but see he's a guy I think -- always been funny even serious roles and and you've been raging ball a -- back east at three attacks the drive. If this is to cut up he in the -- Friday as that the bureau. You but I do but he is about like -- that you know we we watch them and we enjoy the series -- that's what's so great about it is that twinkle is something that is all there's always something by even -- there is funny moments ago it's guys so we entered its funny. -- so he has he has a sense of that. But then we have people theme dollar. And me well. Don't know is that -- public anger out there they just all been renting. And yes I think looking for an anger you know they're looking for something directly this kind of boring like mr. guy in -- area particularly because -- all there yet you know. You grow up in New York right. With pat who -- right. Yes a lot was this helpful when you were having dinner we've sitting assistant leeward chain to the -- All we get an apartment late that went in under the power -- -- on this isn't. And it's monitoring the but not have -- that I thought it would just be me. -- Jerry Stein -- here carefully -- If people out so I think and I mean you can say now they did. -- they were great it's like that for -- out of Atlanta have been. And they -- if something happened at the table and -- that hopelessly and that was a table. But with. Download there was there was counter and their Chinese news from the great Shanghai 505 and Broadway got that -- -- elected Baghdad. They it was a -- -- councils that they were there really was a lot of traveling in. You know we go on the road with -- from Lawrence school -- -- if we stay -- we stay with our housekeeper hazel who take care of us but. You know it's your parents when their parents you don't think of them but my kids you know I'm not just their -- you know and -- -- hear your tires her. And -- -- funny. You know your funny. With them when you're funny in the -- -- playing with their kids -- It has the seventies when asked it -- -- past we -- transcendental meditation is -- crazy stuff. -- -- -- -- It just was like you know we're going -- -- line. You know and a lot. It's crazy stuff happening what I have in China. It is. Anyway -- -- Maybe it was fun it was fun. That that is the fun -- it was going we'd love seeing and then go to things like going to the Mike Douglas -- In in you know they did Mike -- -- Philadelphia -- take a limousine. It was like a ritual and lobster -- miners do Mike -- -- -- co host. And we go on you know we that was exciting and it was fun and then it was -- I think because they were doing their. And to wait they're acting at they were self creators and the man on itself and mentioned and stress that's serious stress yet have to go and and -- -- -- forty million people watching him like you and playback and acts did the university to union sister. You think we -- on. You know they're always working together and trying to -- -- -- would rehearse in the living room. So we would hear it camera person. And sometimes -- -- you know they were doing -- sometimes like they do like an argument sketch we think you're for real. That's an -- -- -- go to the -- that. Now. -- Wow. Gas well that's the reality lives blurred line let's talk about the driven part of that we've -- -- -- With -- I have added a full time driver were able to hit that I find it helps -- stress level if that can -- emails. -- and it just keeps getting phone call and written by Matt -- minutes and other cities they get some. -- -- -- You're making a movie now in Atlanta called neighborhood while -- which is ailing including the neighborhood yes right that's it and then playing maybe David Selznick during has gone with the wind here a -- had driven. -- what what happens where you decide let's let's get Ben Stiller to claim this producer of gone the way. You know. Or in government and wrote this amazing script and it was his idea really he's just I just think he's a great writer and he also wants to take chances within that mr. straight ahead -- because who really. Knows David Selznick as you know as a person -- an idea you know what a producer what Hollywood producer who don't have made gone with the wind. So what he sort of -- does he was a very there's a real economy lots of things going on the back. So that's that's -- that. -- -- in this is as it's always the last question yes it's always in song. And -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- everybody and it doesn't matter withers could be eastward cooler with a view or somebody who things I just need to hear a song that in the head totally. My blog about it because otherwise you just -- said -- -- not doing that show allowing them at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- I that would place and like. They and it kind of respect like his investment stuff why won't. -- -- that -- we don't put the great company thing about being here are this news Tuesday. -- couldn't. It's very clear here. I'm -- here to Stanton. Not for a year but forever and obtained. -- -- adult in the room that Travolta become there are only made up claim. Is he -- -- Wednesday and he tell me if -- air about it. I wasn't -- -- in the beginning but now I am I'm you will edit out all the notes and had to go to those -- and that will be it will live forever on YouTube. Then he hits of course it was. And still -- saying fourteen million head you and I. It -- it.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Ben talks about growing up in a show business household.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14884036","title":"POPCORN: Growing up 'Stiller'","url":"/Entertainment/video/popcorn-growing-ben-stiller-show-business-household-tower-heist-movie-2011-entertainment-14884036"}