Richard Gere on 'Arbitrage': Every Scene a Challenge as an Actor

Star joins Nate Parker and Nicholas Jarecki in chatting about the anticipated film.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Richard Gere on 'Arbitrage': Every Scene a Challenge as an Actor
You told me girl's gonna make this right. Rob you know want to -- -- things you did for us for my father. -- -- -- -- -- -- No charges that'll walk away. Just want to know what went pickup. The situation. You put me in this position. Can -- just hang tight. Can't you. Just a little -- -- -- -- the deals on two from 24 hours. After that -- -- the case. The most -- we won't lose. And I'm just wondering because you wrote that book about other directors and how they got started yes. To you learned a lot of lessons in. I learned a tremendous amount from them. I I learned to two things -- -- doing that book I mean one was the dedication and drive. And for the most part that over half of them wrote the wrong scripts and that was her way and but I also learned about -- And I paths -- so you know. I can't say it was a bubble I mean we had complete control. Final cut do whatever we wanted and we had a certain amount of money you know that we had to use but it was enough to get done what we needed to get done genre work a lot around New York which is an easy actually New York opened what's in the Plaza Hotel gave lists their ball and basically for free. The courts let us come and we were the first people -- film in the grand jury room. Where. -- needs Erica wasn't in the next day in reality Dominique Strauss on was coming inning and night. So we had its tremendous support from your community the filmmaking community when you have a commitment and enthusiasm. It grows in the whole team -- and then you know people we were trying to get stuff from Adam Eaton and help that some believe in the movies -- inspire. But you're -- you are unraveling -- In -- way. The model for an actor. It's to be related -- our -- precious to control. What about the the pointing -- what we've talked about for the hoax. Not to -- -- a little more center that to me is that it's that guy -- in a pickle. He's been a problem I think on its feet constantly going to be -- -- occur. And if he makes wrong it's a disaster. And his whole movie is that I gotta -- had. So many different forces on different levels that are pushing. And challenges. We've seen. Great wonderful -- Working with -- -- this -- makes -- call him he's the world exotic flower and it. Is. -- there while. He emerges. Is that -- he's he's he's when you like. -- It was -- -- listen -- with the audience -- because every time he spoke from the street from the voice -- reason. The audience responses. Identified so much with. Mrs. -- -- -- -- Joy to -- If this is the rears its. I think when me just say when they did in this -- -- -- remodeling was another of our leads them she says her more when -- them you know. Me -- -- integrity. And that's a big part of challenges character was to speak truth to power. In a way that was not patronize and audience and didn't underestimate them and just was real from a place of character that's something we talked about option you know. That you found that you found it was honest and it wasn't mall that was just. Because the related to your predicament of pain and is my light what was happening don't write notes to -- -- It felt like you didn't have to -- -- anything to get to this person. To -- other characters. There's this it's as strong exteriors they developed and built over the over the course of realized they hadn't -- And you have -- -- -- care that he is. You know he -- -- honestly -- that. And he's an -- and when everything he sees like you guys crazy this is happening hey do you see this this is happening right now and it's almost like their there's so. In reality. They can't the -- for the trees in the market I'm like I'm everything moves you know so I think. It really felt like I was an outside looking in but it was like I just couldn't understand. Why these sophisticated. Super intelligent super powerful people. Couldn't understand this one simple thing like and -- You know. At all that so. I -- you know -- this you know working working with -- Gained -- trust and walked into his room in the first rehearsal. And -- apartment. In the whole wall. Was full pictures not just pictures it was you know -- the inspiration sports but it was corps and coast and that was directed. I'd never have what is he so -- -- the code 14 and its Golden Globe this way in this column because that's -- I'm looking like. It was just unbelievable -- -- indeed field came into -- instantly. -- trusted him I think as an actor as a young actor -- I've learned that. You know I feel like performances are based on -- relationship with my director you know I don't ever elect kimono -- and he knows what you want and know. -- he's going to be able to articulate and -- And then this happened. -- -- -- You know I mean sometimes in the -- you look over or he's you know keep doing its senior missing -- -- split second -- and yet. And the public 80 yeah. You know -- pretty well. -- I happily go but I'd moment anyway. But you really got me and everything goes his plea and horrified. -- torturing they do it through the I think it's wrong. But I'll be killed by other people that this doesn't happen I don't I usually in every interview. With -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would be -- song that would be. Get. It yet. -- -- -- How can they thought he was he went in. Is that not the means. -- I think. I want to also holding the sentinel would give if you keep notes and do you -- don't know no know -- The ladies and gentlemen give the without ago Brad. Other I did it I think. That was it I was trying to make you guys -- thing but you just had to be here. We're -- errors in large so long as it moved it --

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{"id":17292198,"title":"Richard Gere on 'Arbitrage': Every Scene a Challenge as an Actor","duration":"3:00","description":"Star joins Nate Parker and Nicholas Jarecki in chatting about the anticipated film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/richard-gere-nate-parker-nicholas-jarecki-arbitrage-scene-challenge-peter-travers-17292198","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}