Anna Kendrick is 'Pitch Perfect'

Hollywood's busiest actress talks about new movie and singing a cappella.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Anna Kendrick is 'Pitch Perfect'
Eyes deceive. -- bella. You're one of those are -- girls move Zarko boys we're gonna have our children. It's inevitable really turn you now I don't know -- and it undervalues Larry okay -- yeah. If you ask for credit. -- -- -- -- -- Right back. -- -- -- -- needed to -- I think you need to get this level. Hi everybody I -- Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and if you go to the movies almost everything do you see. Will have Anna Kendrick it. You know you've just seen a scene from pitch perfect but that's just one -- -- Anyway we shrewdly have -- sitting in this -- Ever come home what outcome too great to see you and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- movie. You're. -- cotton the end of watch. Knows what other -- you're doing and just like under the radar because your every. Let's start yes pitch perfect a startling -- Oh c'mon tell me that really born in an a cappella group. Now now I -- I mean when I write up a -- men like a barbershop. You know kind of you're behind in -- -- -- Barbara. -- choir and you know which was occasionally impala but. Prior to -- -- -- -- just to LA. And -- how to crash. With Anthony's. And so I -- -- -- Me. UCL -- UNC which I guess it's like a bitter rivalry in the capital on. Later in the world yeah and it's -- this stakes couldn't. Well. -- just -- -- and and and -- like on. I hate -- people doing pilot wanted to eat -- -- star struck and you know it's that was certainly something that -- -- is he -- -- that something from the outside. Is aggressively -- You know on the inside its its own -- -- subculture and within that subculture that there's like hierarchy there aren't there we and others culture and that god and -- rock stars subculture. I was reminded like that documentary King Kong where. You know being a world champion not -- to most people is not an accomplishment. And -- -- collegiate appellate him it is not necessarily an accomplishment to a lot of people's minds. But -- world -- it means everything that was inherently just here. So did you laughing while you were interested in -- to say I want to be part of this this is my next step and get these are nominated movies. I wanna be -- Alan -- wrote. No I mean if anything I think that singing half that it -- -- hasn't you know it is done. It was a little nerve racking. It was actually Kate Andrews who writes a thirty round -- Com about the script I think -- -- the best ever so I -- really feel that voice and you know just when I kind of felt like. Okay I like I know what this character as I know what this relationships and here an eyewitness -- -- -- she would really surprise me and really turn. Things on -- -- and it -- like she always ten steps ahead of me as you know what history and it's just really excite. A when you are reading and seeing what it -- because you're the one your character Beckett she's not. Meaning that eager to join the Belle -- and now -- he got this. Really out of it each day -- -- -- -- music producer. And that's what's funny to me is that the -- -- late this girl thinks she's really cool and really act and should really not yet -- has no right. To be looking at these girls looking down and she thinks that there Mary. And I loved. And -- any chance that I had kind humiliate her break her down because I think you know that's. Where she becomes likable is -- she embarrassed and uncomfortable so. At every opportunity I tried to you humiliate my character which was -- -- And I think that's when -- -- it comes around her to because you can't just be told. That this this is the cool character you're supposed to like her -- you know you come around her when she's not will decide yes. And I think when she is when she's like wrapping. In the middle of this. You know pool and there's all these people around watching her and fat and she -- herself I think you know -- when those those -- start to like her. But you know he -- rural power women and. And I love rebel Wilson -- -- with that of his love which you can read -- line some -- -- it. Yes she didn't seem like anything and then it happens but did you all -- together and trying to learn -- -- together and why is how long did it take. We had about a month of rehearsals and a lot of that was on the kind of dancing because I'm not a lot of us where. Answers so that was humiliating. Injured wrist it's. By lightning -- Personal -- -- -- -- -- like three inch heels and easily protect and stared at night deal -- again. Oh and we had to rehearse and heels went with. That torture. I kept kind of trying ultimately. We all they are not -- -- -- they can't make ends. It's great for that you -- pattern me. There's a scene. Where you're basically auditioning for. Just you cross -- -- -- With what has this -- this cop to yet. Basically. There isn't -- that I saw on credit -- on that. If these two girls doing the same thing at Exxon and watched that and because I am a huge -- -- and I sat at the best spent -- afternoon. Was -- watch these videos and learn that it. And -- mountain director found out that I can do that song and do things he you know. Insisted that and in the which it is because it looks unthinkable. Can do it now you may be due in 2004%. -- I don't now I guess lots I am right now I think that a couple. You grew up in me right important. So it wasn't that moved him wasn't -- where. Everybody had their own indie cinema to go to you know it's funny there were actually. A couple. Little places. When I was -- -- show. In the mountains one in particular that was just one screen and it's where it -- -- in it were. But that's where and it -- ever acts either with control. And and -- has -- closed which is very. That there is still believe of the airport that's like the story has really -- cool. Is there is out fifteen just picking up a copy of the chat and not ruling -- -- -- you know. Clinton in Washington and it was great to grow up in a place that all -- here is small there are pockets that people were committed -- Are committed now. And so that you can accidentally watch. Great jobs. However you get to do well that's a great thing you know -- talk a little about -- coming from that suddenly you're in me. Where there isn't all this and you decide I want to come to New York well I mean what is very EA you know this is before. I was like twelve years old -- keeps you need to reach out yeah that was high society that I was there you got a Tony nomination at the -- -- was Baptist art you're diva hood you know -- stuck on the monster. Haven't looked back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wake up my pool play gives --

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{"id":17405892,"title":"Anna Kendrick is 'Pitch Perfect'","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood's busiest actress talks about new movie and singing a cappella.","url":"/Entertainment/video/popcorn-peter-travers-anna-kendrick-pitch-perfect-17405892","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}