What's Left for Anna Kendrick?

The actress and her dreams of becoming the first female NFL quarterback.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for What's Left for Anna Kendrick?
I have -- it's. Only got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- together of your vocal -- and above average -- about traffic leverage patient he said and you went head and shaking and -- people. Why would you keep you happy. I want to get pregnant lady doctor to -- -- to have sex for six weeks and I didn't you should really listen to your doctor. The key is early Agnes -- I am living with -- But I -- just a nightmare. I just have to pull back. Because I limits and because I have -- Certainly this is horrible. Loan at least it's not hippies. And jeered -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's. Ever been before -- denying them. So I don't know -- African Ian. I think. We. Won't do it for us. That felt like movies have -- and so -- -- just completely blown away to finance an accident scene this. -- and there -- people. Like. But I will never forget and I still think you were cheated an Oscar for that moment where you basically. Poison your rivals so that you can sing. Ladies who lunch. And the immortal line when she's throwing -- and you just say. Chief and many. And -- practical line collect cracking shambles. -- -- T sixteen yes that's. That's perfect that's -- you've lived that life span. The people that you must have you know decide. -- under way at the top -- -- -- it and almost every -- I mean we're one point suddenly you're in twilight now c'mon. Then it's like up in the air its action. Yet. Doesn't that -- -- a lot of stuff for there's. Just. I don't know what -- that. Take 55. I remember when you work out on the talk show circuit then went on to generous and she tried to sit in jail. She said YouTube will need to be together that were -- You know we and other as -- I just -- he added Leon's. With none of that. -- -- it's just well now it's exposed in it's over did. I thought I'd -- -- the -- -- -- Q you've heard it first went. -- a glass all into. You've been to the life and lived it and that's where you can leave the empire hotel at one point and -- now. I'm on -- So you're not watching any of these just the rest of us we're all going to see -- Every minute that's there so why. Why is that mountain you still need to -- I -- -- yes there's this whole -- Tony nomination Oscar nomination all these things have been done. If not you you're gonna turn around and say what's what's next -- -- here's a peek at a cappella. And what isn't what is best thing you need to do first email -- I want to create what we -- I don't wanted to -- -- -- urgently. Why -- you have. I'm just you know I'm just in great shape it's. Just do I can. Things pretty well I'll hit wall sell on halfway there -- -- -- could hit -- -- this -- -- and I don't know when I'm and -- -- now. I'm sorry I didn't do that but I was getting -- and roundabout way -- the -- typical day in the life. This. Yet a pile of mail have. The pile of mail in the -- instance. I'm not buying habits they're texting him and you're getting piles of mail. Oppose I saw this thing in Grand Central station. You on the cover me and -- Well -- like -- and and lethal you know it was very looking -- -- -- -- -- We do that can -- me. -- I advocate that -- what. Happened. You know. Approachable. And haight -- eons. And not is that what you wanted to look I guess they that's what they. They -- it. We know you that -- Doing. Not Peter tonight is no I now. You've heard it -- the -- the next movie whatever it's going to be now -- -- now. Telling me because you don't tell -- certain things that you do. -- -- Say I'm not -- -- And I get when -- asked what a day in the life and. That I opened -- There's only make you feel you army. Must do -- how do -- combat plane I just I wake -- -- -- like -- famous. And you know. And. That was honest it's you know I appreciate that and I don't think right now and eagle lifting whole -- in the care but. On the one we. Know everything's friends -- that what. You know and we always end this show and solved. And it can be anything. Last time you were here I'd take you to do -- election told me go to -- and I wasn't really felt that you know because I think to myself on the way home. Pitch perfect is a cappella and it brings so many things and you could do anything we can -- the -- any song even if it's just snippets because we -- agency we have money. And it doesn't. You can get -- -- -- -- object forget it. And it would have to be a -- because we have -- extra not my hope I think I could I I can mean you know I don't have -- -- That everybody will do -- you'll hear voices. You know. He built. -- drunk as well. You know so I was watching I think if you and it was right after -- -- Tony nation and you work with. Women he looked like they were in the -- -- how they were they when you hang life upon the -- -- and in. -- -- -- What it was I I I remember that line act needs and it truly is I've ever. Polite. -- -- -- But. When you threw up. -- And then you can do song that tonight. I thought -- it's day gain ever. Stage -- that aren't raging all you hit him and well. -- Not something that is that -- not me live in. Wiki page -- -- community is for you. So we thank you for going and I do I just personally one line maintenance we don't really care that's not about where emotion and honest. -- -- --

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{"id":17405961,"title":"What's Left for Anna Kendrick?","duration":"3:00","description":"The actress and her dreams of becoming the first female NFL quarterback.","url":"/Entertainment/video/popcorn-peter-travers-left-anna-kendrick-17405961","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}