Popcorn: Taylor Kitsch Is 'John Carter'

The classic book becomes a Hollywood blockbuster.
14:59 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Popcorn: Taylor Kitsch Is 'John Carter'
Phoenix. The earth. -- just Johnson. You -- Boston. Joan Collins. Okay. Okay everybody you have just seen a scene from John Carter. And we have John Carter himself right here Taylor kept. And looking like you can control the world. Yeah I looked earlier right now you know that okay if I think I did -- but I pretty powerful -- like -- Angela. Moving -- -- I mean it is. He does have that responsibility. For spare me the jumping. Yeah. The jumping the sword fighting -- you could just leave. -- -- 150 feet it's been awhile what I could do it. -- -- I think that's like yeah I think there's a button on the whole interview that's -- -- we don't tell you what the real button is waiting to. Everybody gets to different reaction -- But let's start by -- by being sensible. And not lose all traces of Stan OK here but let's explain what John quarters to those. Joseph Carter's a guy that when you first -- and I don't -- they go. That he -- things you know that John Carter. I think it. Yet the guy that's lost his causes purpose and -- -- during the civil war era. And he left to protect them and he's paid that ultimate price in losing them for that and he cares that deal -- And through these increased humidity -- -- work marks. Basically the people he means the creatures he means. He when others can't get. -- -- -- And -- here at the idea that. It and that's our hearts -- hands all of these. I mean you -- -- to foe playing the leader of the nomadic tribe. He's four arms and on all. Your comments featured weekly. That leadership them. Sam Morton -- his daughter. In you can caller Sam. -- them. Really yes I have you really that's an honor that that's how. Again. And then you -- guys that -- strong and you know all the Bryan Cranston come and it could be you know but how did you guys squeeze will on the following nine foot -- arms quite that would like it was quite the bodies in shape now. Stretching -- his voice sounded exactly thing. Weird yet I don't know -- that's That's Hollywood -- he -- -- the magic yeah. -- -- -- I have to say -- -- -- he directed by interest Latvia who is known ward. Genes work and answers here Finding Nemo while -- -- Toy Story -- he's. Just little things if you try to enemy you know. Thinking that I don't know I would be very curious if he did actually draw some me. But no he did not try to I mean I'd love to do one with gamers -- It was a honor to work for America -- and work with. In that first meeting was incredible. With. And to walk out of that room being rated very. This. He's a great great feeling. I'd love to do it again. -- Well what's amazing about the movie -- that hate him just like. -- and it's of the world news and we have to remember that that book was -- like contradict. Literally so everybody that might see this moving -- -- he reminds me that Guitar Hero start here. It reminded all of those people that made the most news yeah they read John -- yet and they grew up with those -- in this game. And you know camera did you did you have any had foreknowledge had you know it was that first meeting while they're going to color. No ideas Harrisburg. And then literally went straight from that meeting to the bookstore. But you wouldn't Google -- something that he's ours and right. Now now I didn't know it was just a general meeting when I get the call from the team it was just like hey you wouldn't you know and expand or dislike and Jeremy. Rhetorical question seniors take -- I'm sorry and now people -- are now go to a party. And it's not happening. I just mean by Google anymore Internet -- that we live in this world of -- the Internet thing. Why can't John Carter why isn't John Renner -- -- and -- have active ones that we earned it. In -- -- I think everyone just needs to chill out be patient be opened the Internet doesn't -- It hasn't yet met Kelly and Ingrid no reason yet it's just it's -- So cynical. -- and stubborn and they say you Payton spent 2115 million dollars on that movie did it can all go to catch. You know. What is -- issue one thing. That got so how do you. To keep people reacting to criticism when everybody who -- that you see. Then everybody has their own opinion which is which is fair totally do you see that fail but you've got the whole world thing now -- -- have been if it should have been that. What he did going to denial. Not -- you patiently. Album look walks the film. He opened two. What are you doing -- -- that doesn't work in. I don't know that's what you do you be patient you're like we earn that title -- important story. And so it's it's. Comes full circle. Again and -- -- do it will be -- Carter would mark. The you know then we get that title in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In June Carter. -- -- yeah yeah. You don't even com and who can he. -- can hear complaints this civil war confederate here -- -- in color and not just. What the debt where you woke up and British Columbia and -- itself Taylor. You need to act this is what you need to do what was that -- Go back to that Yahoo! go back again tiger with me right and -- -- -- -- here I want to be your head what had happened. You can do it. Criteria and I just grow up -- -- -- you know bring in -- I think. I think that the -- games and that it you know excess of escapism that we have now. And it was very simple. Doors and imagination through -- And it would be outdoors eight hours a day now lives in -- hot I did the they stared took me. True. But I loved you know I grew up running through these apple -- with these potato guns. And changed my best friends -- Stealing golf -- that the local golf course and sell them back to the people thinking them like. Incredibly intuitive and Smart. It's -- wind up being everywhere I'm and he never -- criminal act -- yeah it is that reportedly darted back go back about it. That was that I'm -- now -- back if I can trick used for buying your own golf balls. Actor. The Oscars just a few years right -- you know that's the way -- -- there are so. But you you're doing -- -- their mind asking what's the option from. This guy we needed Warnaco anymore and had an opportunity to come in new York and study. And just you know kicked that door open. And and -- studied here for years and struggled. Every acted in New York. And then. You know through all of -- I think it comes into a lot of people to use a few people coming your life it. You know take a risk and believe. You know noir thing. Okay -- -- -- like hockey anymore I'll go to new York -- that he acting. Obviously the next step BS anybody yet so delayed. It was simply admit there's like no question about it yet or that's what -- -- Nobody in the family -- I don't know prevention in I kept saying you know I don't -- drugs that it. You need to get at nine. And now it was I mean my mom was obviously as a mom -- their concern -- left homeless fifteen I think that's the thing. The it is the gift was let me go explore make mistakes. And work and -- where she was just you know yeah -- fat. And how -- fifteen years with me literally get out. Well at the top one area yet but your life that -- to be it's on the verge of changing as much as. I'm and read my best friends. Love -- We -- the only one. -- and by the way you got -- -- next week next that was basically it there was nobody you couldn't even go to DirecTV didn't matter. They want why can't -- -- now and now. You're in this thing that's going to making him -- -- What is going to happen to you can keep -- head straight. Are addicted hard drugs. And -- -- He had all those parties. It's gonna get and yet when you hire a publicist after that that's just four awards. That stated that the sign it will that's so I want to -- award through display in the game yet just in the arm don't -- matter what you -- an occupant of that. -- Can when you look at it said -- brilliantly he theories. Honor gravity. And bring. When you look at John -- -- residents want moment. I mean something to you doesn't need to being written puppet thing to do although. It had to be jumping I don't care he destroyed me I think -- Right. That three and watch what you -- but what was the moment. The war seen. That you fight these bastard cousins -- -- -- basically gives him -- for princess. And he yet this line it's quite simple I think it in the tone -- I wasn't there one there won't I won't let it happen again when he vulnerable and he basically like this whole army -- the flashbacks. Civil -- YU's -- That ours. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The heart at the core -- there. -- -- loved that dog Willis will -- beloved man who stole it's all about dogs. If you are hit with it is now -- on going to get. He has this deal that ended duties got ten -- and Yang and and disgusting and he just completely up right yet so that's just the latest art it's called we'll like bush it's -- off. John Carter of anything John Carter of earth. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah this is the kicker this is what I asked everybody that's on Africa who they are and it -- -- song. I'm various years it's and the greatest singer lives so what I knew that I intuitive. Right but I -- on one issue. And I don't have for full song I just that it will not awful the war mimic phone you don't don't -- purple. Have to be something maybe there's a song that was in your head when you -- -- That's what I do -- -- that job. Like I'm already sweating and -- here in I don't know what. Can we must have finished song -- month. She's just beat me it was -- about seeking. Just waking up with the wrong -- humming. I mean. To -- -- You know that yet. -- it sounds like my nationality. -- news. Who knew him and. -- -- -- -- Newton. There that thought it Hillary. If ever. -- Canada. I would do nothing. They -- Carter where every. Nobody ever. I'm sure -- And I've made my day.

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