President Trump Defends His Executive Order on Immigration Amid Protests

Some feel Trump's immigration directive discriminates against Muslims.
12:26 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for President Trump Defends His Executive Order on Immigration Amid Protests
And there's so much happening in. If you sit right now is Lincoln nationwide. Protests erupted in response. To an immigration man from seven times since rob teen was quick to say. It's not called a Muslim man what Rudy Giuliani. Was not gotten that now. Take a look. But in the whole history of soaring when he first announced that he said Muslim ban. He called me up he said put a commission together show me the right way to do it legally and what we did was we focused on instead of religion. Danger. The error areas of the world that create danger for us. Which is a factual basis not a religious basis perfectly legal perfectly sensible and that's what the ban is based on. Send every clear he said Chung asked him about. A Muslim and I write my gripe is that what is illegal under legal right way to do it at me so. This is you know was one of his campaign promises but his team had to know there would be tastes whirlpool response. It's a best soul what do they think was gonna happen. I think the issue is that trump himself initially referred to it as a Muslim banner that if you remember during the campaign he had to walk it back and say no. I'm talking about areas that are hot beds of terrorism and in particular but. If you look at the language up the executive order it's not a Muslim that because he's talking about seven countries there's over forty Muslim countries that are not on the list. And he's talking about seven countries that were flagged by the Obama administration has problems at a gas but he never abandoned but let's just he didn't Obama did not ban anybody identity apart I'm Alicia Taylor on the list yes as. Being an issue and for me when I looked added it wasn't shocking to me that an incoming president would book and say. These seven countries are on the list for for being a potential problem let's figure out why. And let's put a ninety day hold until we can figure out why because the main issue with a lot of military generals have come out said. That it's very hard to to figure out when you talk about refugees can you talk about people who are coming into the country from hot beds of terrorism. The process where we whereby we figure this out we don't have the cooperation of those nations and some of this misinformation is happening so I don't wait for Leanne winner now that is less let me ask. You never miss all that much why. Because you know. If you say what if that if there are Christians common and they'll get. If they'll be able to get a quicker and you're talking about at Wilson concert. How do you not want to thank NASA Muslim that I mean you cannot say and listen where were opened for our. Jewish refugees from this Muslim country when not does is it we're looking for Coptic refugees from this country it sounds like. Where banning Muslims and other question I have is why. Why do you bet when and there was no proof that anyone in the last ten years as its sanctions 75 OK well for. But then that I'm thinking but something in the last ten years because people have a very sharp memory so let's don't ten years back nobody from another country. Has come and he act. For many of the week and tanks and spread not not a front not stunt is no one is don't know illegal it. Immigrant has coming here is shot anything ops it is all being homegrown terrorism and so why are we looking at bat but there are three countries that are not on the list ask a hat where they have come to this country yes and I put him on an area. They weren't different spots. How do you explain I can't explain it should not and united got company ideological because he has some businesses while natural habitats league and I will fight matters to find out. Christians and eighty jet can clarify this when I read about the idea of that is. They would give precedent to people that are being religiously persecuted which would be the minority religion but then why the let them they're wire name out yeah yeah this is hot and I view what I what I look at it really is a Muslim ban. Shrouded by. This national security rationales what he's done what he's done a backseat legal. Because you can't the First Amendment. Makes it very clear that you can't show preference for one religion over another at this hour. It's like what's gonna happen would be you know I was I was emailing back and let that would be this weekend I was horrified at what I saw. But I was so proud to be a lawyer this weekend because if you saw they were on the front lines they were setting up shop at airports I am. My former federal prosecutor friends are like if your license to be here. Go to this airports let me do this today it was it was really incredible. But I I think that lawyers now are going to go back to court going to go back to federal court and basically say. This is a Muslim band and this is why they're going to show Rudy Giuliani's statement. Yeah. Ted I that I have is. We have complains. Right they have complained on the right a lot of people sneaking into the country do people. So all these people who actually whip the right now. Green card got to always eyes and yeah and they can't comedy that no problem for me not is this is this is sloppy. And it has long much as they want yeah. It does not seem like they knew what they went towards that there are reports on not that they didn't go through the proper channels of notifying people lightly with you when you talk about green cards those are people who actually followed the legal net and I don't agree excited and he can't be there should have protections written in when you put out an executive order gasoline bishop a protections in for. People who had to bring cuts of those are people often times that are. You know I interpreter as any other people that are very valiant and he can't. Because there are some interpreter some people that have pretty much it would be a death sentence to go home to data are seen as traders did better by ear but instead of taking the time. To ensure that those people where say most people have been a lot of them have been sent back once sloppy execution of this which might not been thought through can mean convened a difference of life or death metal as these people and I know it and everything that Donald Trump is doing is making the world and less safe place. That hot. And this on a personal note I have been stress eating I gained two pap. I'm playing. Whatever it is he's doing the doomsday clock. I'm more at people in Canada now what going bizarre I mean there's no place to that we. There's not an hasn't eaten my question why does it not possible if if Obama administration sent these seven countries of as targets for travel restrictions as a class knowledge and that's not so different. Thing but they identified. As that I couldn't quite is set him up toward paying. And fight it if they identified those specific seven countries and you have a new administration coming in and saying. Let's find out why this happens hold onto that thought we'll be right back down. Web access. You're about to say something and I I we have got a brand he had no I was just saying that because when you have a new administration coming in they need access to information they didn't half before I'm just wondering if the fact that the Obama administration had listed these particular seven countries as potentially problematic. And these are the exact same seven countries that now he's saying. Put a ninety day halt not a band camp permanently ban anybody. Put a ninety day hold until we review what I'm wondering if that wasn't a factor in the decision and you know it all series it's not a lot of downloads a month it is miles and miles I don't like country belonging rant is is not all rights. You know I mean. It's a Muslim man Max and usually is any excess and how can actually went Muslims little one is we're gonna ban all Muslims you would ban all Muslims from Muslim majority countries and these are sadly as business interest of those country. Yeah actually the biggest thing I was curious about was how Saudi Arabia did not make this list a Patton back yeah. I don't I mean every turn next and he should not there isn't one they added this is the pen and also you know crime you know he's doing what he said he would do. This is a lot of grandstanding but the bottom line is it was about safety. Then lesson make America safe from within I agree because if yeah. Not if you want to talk about terrorists. We got a lot of home grown terrorists strip and that has men. Basically who's been shooting up. The school clubs and then. The you want any no no no beyond. You know where all that Wear those soldiers are basically all the way. Yeah goes that's all homegrown that's not anybody comments from anywhere else and whether you live chopper not that is a Adam and just to say about I'm shocked that they do anything that. You know Obama might have pointed out as you know they've not been very to bank. In the bottom line as well yes have you talked to that point about how unsafe he's been all of this. Banning that he's doing is recruiting more ice as terrorism that is the bottom line. And he's doing. Don't you think they using rats you know what's understand I'm using them I'm jealous. I'm sure they aren't a lot of people say that those people who are intent on killing people who stand for freedom might not mean Americans or any democracy the stands for freedom. Aren't going to do it anyway evidently couldn't Trenton has that there recruiting new model but so what are you I he has to be careful and not. Not blanket statement everything or religion and say. And talk that it targeted to appropriately but I think in his mind he got when he was doing because what they are winning it against everything we stand for what is being brought Asian Rell live the mock Simmons I'll have to work and comic extremists stand it when I went way way it went way way distanced. I can't hear anything anybody says so and so go ahead well I'm I'm responding to that say they attack us because they hate would we stand for. What is spent need we stand for freedom our constitutions and give a degree that's why they're attacking I think you know gradually on the witness stand for freedom than not attacked in the real or not attack anyone in France they don't attack anyone it's going on this is not an American problem yeah. I don't think anecdotal evidence about France or other countries in the world seven democracies that I'm not being attacked they act and I know they what happened. Free that the Syrian aborigines are not the ones attacking that's mine and I know that's got. That's not don't want that had to have people wide limit you know what I know what to do. M we were able to take some money. And courts. The people on the ground. Who can actually doing the work. Who can gold do the things in check that and really check fault instead of just doing a blanket but. Bank that makes no sense that well lawyer agents and people can check emails and people who can do treatment I know that we've been saints. There have been you know things that have happened but nothing major thus block. Nothing major crack on the list didn't we invade that country upset the whole country and now they are not allowed to Cumming area. I wanna see this former CIA deputy director Michael Morales was on on television this morning and he said that the travel ban will in fact make America less safe that he set up the roughly 100 people who have been indicted by the FBI. Ice is related crimes over the last three years 85% were American citizens. They cannot. I mean don't anybody for a lot of red. I want to add salute some Republicans Yahoo! are standing against the ban. Yeah after. Yeah. Lindsey Graham Bob Corker Charlie Dent just anomalies Dan Newhouse at least. Stepped chronic Brian Fitzpatrick and that Ileana Wilson plan and Carlos Cuba now that you because that's to me. You're not. We we. If you don't duet let's do what the right way and this was not the right way and no matter how many time. I'm his sting man and sends an arm and gotten was his mouthpiece it was the wrong way yeah. Handled it back. Eight and admit it and let's move on.

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