Prince Harry’s latest bombshell interview

Royal commentator Emily Andrews discusses the recent Prince Harry podcast interview and how it was likely received by the royal family.
5:25 | 05/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry’s latest bombshell interview
Royal commentator Emily Andrews Emily thank you for taking time to be with us tonight we know what's maybe most noteworthy about this interview is the timing that it comes on the heels of that bombshell Oprah interview then of course the royal family lost Prince Philip Harry's grandfather. And any deaths in the family can be a sensitive time. What do you think Harry is hoping to accomplish by speaking out now about the trauma he experienced growing up. Well Chardonnay you make an excellent point I mean I didn't it's climbing trees have been less raining off the death did you remember the queen. Still aren't screaming her husband's arms and the Prince Charles breathing. His aunt I think whatever age you want to news Ahrens is is Barry Barry is our Tri-State. Harry actually was to gained his jacket Indians. Yeah cost two acre Medicaid's. Perhaps there is we Winfrey which Crimea as its they've honored and the reason why he went on the console to my house in great mental how how are Ian out that he. Passionately outs. You know I isn't owed ninety minutes and I thought it was it was it was it wins on the whole. Range and it is that. Harry can how can Al. Dry high. Thought and his grand parents. Into the conversation. With pan am I an iron and with his own Cassell Chris isn't gonna made headlines around the wells. It is very hard to separate those two when your entire family is under that microscope and I do want to drill down on what Kerry was trying to express is I don't think he was necessarily specifically trying to call loud his father his grandfather was more talking about what it means to grow up with that royal spotlight he said it was like he was in his view and you can understand the frustration of being born into something like that without really choosing it. Can you elaborate for us what you think he meant when he was saying about the job specifically look at what it did to my mom. Israeli insisting that he reference is not adults in the instant view and he he so I was I was accident when he said. Autumn and I and I need a crystal and his son is prince Diana son's he's at times now. It is an asylum seekers trying to change the times in the US what he subtlety and US market. JC I think he genuinely does one city may k's mom crowds. What do you well it's really into staying CD's I get what he. Re continuing wells how people you know enterprise ties and be irrigation and hand. On the financial pain in burn Hal you know I would be doing hand man for he eat right and his is wished me a price of every single he eats. And incur costs is that I actually. I'll spend it is he is a great helping other people. Al's hand he's that you want it always is a long hours out includes aid and so we could he be any. I'm out trying to. He reference to operating and and tents being benched in China and being able to page out of mole within wrappers and I own face and it. Eagle in his life and saying wow your friends you know highest. Praise and bring in fact he spent it was a guilty agent and I was on her rent on time. And he was of course sharing his story as we all have the right to do but when year in his position it's going to make some waves especially when he's naming his father Prince Charles. And others specifically. It's a family get people can be very protective of how do you think temple are reacting to what could be may be taken as direct criticism of the family. Why didn't the real problem here's the criticism that the queen I don't think Harriman's it's not the last April and I think Harry. Doesn't think it'll only be I didn't speak already received it to the prism of himself. Criticized agreeing she's 95 she's gone crazy here in the UK she's sit on it any other means she is Karen well. Well isn't it. I'm done is he's raised and she's just a husband the 73 is it's so you really ethical content and I think it was carrying all thinking any and these things should get me out Rama and it's. I think this particular point in and perhaps what to feed. Advisable since it's a strikeout against queen and prince child even and he didn't in my opinion in an. In it and we'll way he should settle more out he was trying to sad day because it is Whisenhunt I think there are unable to mend. Relations Hari mega Atlanta's founder they had when asked that either the initial anger and and show you how aren't. Then why are all right crush. I think what is at. Suits hesitant to answer and Timonen and how to reopening. It but he didn't on the ball and sent out. Well if nothing else of this Stanley you can bet that the world will be watching thank you Emily Andrews joining us from London appreciate your time. And seeing.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Royal commentator Emily Andrews discusses the recent Prince Harry podcast interview and how it was likely received by the royal family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"77702893","title":"Prince Harry’s latest bombshell interview","url":"/Entertainment/video/prince-harrys-latest-bombshell-interview-77702893"}